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Summer Reading Challenge 2021

WELCOME TO YEAR 6 2020-21!



We start this academic year in a situation like no other, with challenges facing us all. However, Class 6 this year is not only a Year Group, it is also a bubble and we are going to work as a team, following school procedures, to keep ourselves and each other safe, to ensure we can catch up with any lost learning as best as we can and that, despite some hurdles along the way, we have a fantastic, fun and memorable year together!




Alongside myself, Class 6 is lucky enough to have Mrs Lowings, a fabulous Teaching Assistant, working alongside us to support with our learning.

Mrs Doel is going to be teaching Art and Music to the class on a Monday afternoon and Selena will be coming into school on a Tuesday morning to deliver the DARE Programme to the class. These adults will all be included in our bubble and following safety guidelines to allow for this.


Rewards and Sanctions


The ‘Good to be Green’ behaviour system will continue as usual across the school with children starting each day on a green card. Gold cards can be earnt by going above and beyond what is expected in work, behaviour or attitude and in Class 6, when a Gold Card is given, a raffle ticket can be put into the purple (of course) box. Each Friday the raffle will be drawn for the chance to win a prize.


Platinum Cards are awarded for going way above and beyond and for really wowing! A prize can be chosen on receipt of a Platinum and a certificate and pencil will be presented in Thursday’s Platinum Assembly in front of the whole school. House points are also awarded for Platinum Cards.


I also award my famous ‘Smarty Pants of the Week’ that I have been doing every week since my first year of teaching. A Smarty Pants certificate and box of Smarties is given to whoever stands out to me over the course of the week for being great!


Yellow cards serve as a warning for not behaving as expected and red cards will be given if this warning is not heeded. If your child receives a red card, you will be informed by a phone call, a break time will be missed to reflect on the behaviour, the incident will be logged and house points will be deducted.




For information on homework, please go to the Homework  link at the top of the page.



See below a timetable which outlines the structure and timings for the school day for Year 6. This is a guide and is subject to change but gives an idea of what a typical week looks like in Class 6.





We have lots of exciting themes to get our teeth into throughout the year. See  the Year 6 Curriculum Map below for what we are going to be learning.


We have lots of exciting themes to get our teeth into throughout the year. See  the Year 6 Curriculum Map below for what we are going to be learning.

(Word document attached below image)


Miss Bewick's Foster Cats

And finally, you may have heard that I am a crazy cat lady! It's true! I volunteer for a cat charity called 'Gracies Cat Charity Nottingham' which is a small local recue charity. I have been fostering cats for just over a year now and take poorly, stray, abandoned or wild cats and kittens into my care, nurse them back to health and teach them to trust humans so that they can be adopted and go to a forever home. Although I told the charity that two at a time is my maximum, over the summer, I managed to end up with two cats and then a litter of five five-week old kittens who were abandoned by a stray mum in a shed. I'll leave you to do the maths!

I'm sure it may have been mentioned to you that I talk about my rescue cats and kittens quite frequently, so for those of you who are interested, below are some photos of the kitties I've fostered up until now...


Magic                                                    Rambo



Tia and Tiger                                             Bramble and Crumble



Barry and Other Barry


            Pepper                                     Lizzie (changed to Lily)




Bonnie                                                          Jake



Callum                            Erin                          Henry





Year 6 Curriculum Map









































































































































































































































































































































Hey everyone!

I hope you're having a fabulous Summer holiday. I promised I'd check in with you all and give you a foster kitty update. So, here I am, doing just that...

So, I told the charity that I was happy to take on two cats to foster and so the first cat they chose for me to look after was Pepper, a gorgeous 10 year old girl, who had ended up with the charity because of a family breakup. She wasn't very happy at the foster home she was at because it was so busy and noisy so she needed a quieter home to become more confident. She settled in straight away and LOVES all the fuss she can get!

So the next was a 9-month-old kitten called Lizzie who had been returned to the charity by a family who had her since a kitten but didn't want her anymore because she was too timid. My job was to build her confidence in a quiet home and help her to recover from the cat flu she was suffering from. I had to pick Lizzie up from the vets after having her operation so that she didn't have lots of kittens and after just a few days, she had found her bravery and was giving me lovely, purry cuddles and charging round the house playing. She was desperate to cuddle up to Pepper, but Pepper was having none of it as, being a bit of a Diva, Pepper wanted all the attention herself. In one of the photos below, you can see Pepper cuddled up to me on the sofa and Lizzie has slinked up snuggled up to us both without Pepper noticing! When Pepper did notice, poor Lizzie got a bash on the head! Lizzie already has a new home...she is going to live with Tia and Tiger, who will definitely let her cuddle up to them, and her name is going to be changed from Lizzie to Lily!

So, I had my maximum number of foster cats. But then this happened... One of my friends called me saying a neighbour had just found a stray cat in her shed with a litter of kittens! The mum had ran off with three of the kittens leaving just two kittens. So I ended up with two more foster kittens! We named them Bonnie and Jake after the children whose garden shed they were found in. They needed bottle feeding kitten milk every 4 hours so I had to feed them throughout the night, which was very tiring! The vet gave them the all clear and they are doing really well and are now 7 and a half weeks old, are eating proper food and will be ready to go to their forever home at 8 weeks. They love Lizzie and are hissing a lot less at me now as they trust me more and more and are starting to purr at me instead. They are ridiculously cute!

Bonnie and Jake were being looked after really well and were thriving, but we were worried about Mum and the other three kittens. The rest of the neighbourhood confirmed that she was one of a few stray cats living in the area and that she was living under a hedge between some gardens. The weather was so hot and kittens don't do well in heat and in just a few months the three kitten would also breed and there would be even more homeless kittens. So the charity set up a cat trap to try to catch mum and the other kittens so that we could look after them, get them neutered and find them a forever home. A family in the neighbourhood helped y setting the trap each night. On the first night we caught two kittens. So, I ended up with two more! What shocked me when I got them home was how big they were! They are three times the size of Bonnie and Jake! So poor Mumma cat must have had a litter of black kittens then fell pregnant straight away and then had ANOTHER litter which included Bonnie and Jake (and maybe a few didn't survive) so she was trying to look after TWO litters. We named the two new kittens Callum and Erin after the little boy and girl whose garden we trapped them in. They are much wilder and more scared than Bonnie and Jake, being older so there is a lot of hissing and spitting going on and it's going to take a lot of time and patience to get them to trust humans. I think they are about 14-16 weeks old. They are gorgeous little black fluffballs with eyes!

A couple of days later, we caught the last kitten. The family whose garden we did the trapping in had a baby boy on the day we caught this last kitten. They named the baby 'Henry' and luckily the kitten was a boy! Now, Henry is a crazy little character! He is very wild and literally somersaults in the air, his hissing and spitting is so severe! It's just because he's scared so time and patience is needed.

So, my maximum number of foster kitties I said I'd take on was 2! Work out how many I have! My house is like a crazy zoo! Although at Gracies, there is a silly saying that 'kittens don't count'! If I apply that, I still have 2! We are still trying to trap mum so that she can have a better life and she could already be pregnant again! Here are a few more kitten pics, because they are cute!

Goodbye Class 6, love from Miss B xxx

Still image for this video

Year 6 class photo is here ready for you to download your very own copy!

Marvelous memories of your time at St Johns in pictures: Leaving Year 1 to go into Year 2 and feeling very grown up!

Marvelous memories of your time at St Johns in pictures: beach fun and lots more with Mrs Haythorn...

Marvelous memories of your time at St Johns in pictures: pics from Mrs Belton's archives...

Marvelous memories of your time at St Johns in pictures: Bear Grylls eat your heart out! When you're with Mr C, you rough it!

NHS Mental Health Transition Booklet Page 1

This virus doesn't stop our school being the 'coolest' school around! We enjoyed sitting outside, in our bubbles, eating ice-creams from the visiting ice-cream van organised for Mrs Charleswoth's 40th birthday!

Week beginning:   

Please scroll down for this week's learning....

Weekly Home Learning Overview for Week Beginning 6th July 2020

Click the document below to see the Magic and Mystery themed activities for the week!

Note: See explanation in weekly plan about this week's White Rose Maths being a repetition of week 1/2 and therefore an alternative has been set that has worksheets but no video.

Thursday 9th July - The Big Bubble Off Challenge!

Still image for this video

Daily Home Learning Menu and resources for Friday 10th July 2020

Here's Ellie with her last Locking Dance Class of the 3! 

Click on the logo on her sweatshirt to go to the link!


Week beginning:   

Please scroll down for this week's learning....

Email sent out from Miss Ireland to Year 6


Dear Y6 Parents and Carers


Thank you for completing the survey regarding Y6 return to school. As suspected there was a resounding majority that wanted to return which makes planning much easier. I have desperately wanted to have them back in school sooner and have tried everything in my power to get them in somehow so thank you for your support and understanding with it.


I thought it best that I contact you separately now to inform you of the details that you will need.


On Mon 13th July Y6 pupils will enter the school via the main gate on Vale Road at 8.40am and leave by the same gate at 3.20pm. The gate will close promptly and latecomers unfortunately will not be admitted for that day. The school crossing patrol has resumed so if you are thinking about allowing your child to arrive and leave on their own as they get ready for secondary school independence this fact may help set your mind at ease about them crossing the road at a busy time of the day. 


Children will remain throughout the day in set bubbles of 15 children in each, being taught by either Miss Bewick or Mrs Lowings. Y6 keyworker children will also move to these bubbles. Miss Bewick will inform you via text early that morning which bubble your child will be in. We aim to mix abilities and try to accommodate friendship groups to some extent. Children will not be able to mix between these bubbles, even at lunchtime. Children  should wear uniform or as close to uniform as you can get. I'm sure many will have grown and you do not want to be purchasing new uniform at this stage! Please wear trainers so that the children are able to take part in any PE sessions without needing to change clothes.


A set Mid-Day Supervisor will be with the same bubble everyday. Children may revert to their usual dinner preference. If school dinners are requested these should be payable on the usual school money system. FSM children will receive a meal and no longer receive the FSM voucher. This will resume during the summer holiday period. I have attached the interim menu for you to this email.


The children will be in Classroom 1 and Classroom 2 with Miss Bewick overseeing all of the learning for both bubbles but Mrs Lowings executing it for her bubble and Miss Bewick for hers. Therefore the children will access the same learning. Learning will be centred around wellbeing, transition to Y7, sex education that has been missed earlier in the term, and preparation for leavers assembly. Due to the nature and sensitivity of some of the content of these lessons, online learning for Y6 will stop from that date.


Children will not require bags, organisers or pencil cases. Only lunch boxes and a water bottle will be permitted in school. If your child does not have a water bottle we will not be able to provide cups like we previously have. Any equipment needed will be provided by the school and named for each individual child.


Children should attend for the full 2 weeks Mon-Thurs. Drop in days are not permitted at this stage as this would defeat the purpose of the bubble and we are no longer operating childcare provision but since 1st June back to educational provision. If your child is unwell in any way that is fine and children should not come to school if they have symptoms of Covid-19. They will not be admitted again until a negative test result has been achieved.


We aim to hold some kind of leavers assembly on Thurs 23rd July at 4pm. The reason for this time is so that we can hold the event outside with all of the Y6 class together and achieve social distancing when the rest of the school have left. At this point in time I am unable to invite parents to gatherings of more than 6 people so unless guidance changes we will record the service and provide you with access to it. I will update you nearer the time as to the most up-to-date situation.


I have attached the updated parental agreement for the current school situation for you to check over. By sending your child to school you are choosing to agree to these terms.


On a personal note I do feel disappointed for the Y6 children that their primary phase at St Johns has had to end in this way. However, the Y6 team and the rest of the school will do their best to make it a memorable time for them before they go on their journey to secondary.


If you have any questions please do contact the school for more help.


I am REALLY looking forward to seeing all of your children back on 13th July.




Miss Ireland

Well done, Isla for being chosen for the best 24/7 National Writing Day Story in Class 6 written at home!

Isla has been awarded a Platinum for making it to the finals where her story will be judged among the other finalists! Read her super short story below! Miss Bewick.


“One day, Earth will die!” They warned us; we didn't listen.

“Stop!” They told us; we didn't listen.

Now we're dying, we should've listened.


Look how many names are already on the Year 6 Communication Spinner! Email me and tell me how you are...

Weekly Home Learning Overview for Week Beginning 29th June 2020

Click the document below to see the Caring for Our Planet themed activities for the week!

Other Barry (on the left) is feeling a lot better thanks to his hospital treatment and antibiotics. He's starting to be naughty again, is playing and is bringing me toys and my hair bands to play with so he seems to be on the mend! He certainly gave me a scare last week when he was so poorly!

Obstacles on the path! That poor duck got a lot more hisses from daddy swan than I did so I managed to get past safely!

Josh has been 'saving our planet one rotten fruit at a time' by baking the most delicious-looking banana bread!

Oliwia's superbly presented River Ganges poster...

For Friday's Purple Time, you'll need some wool or embroidery thread and some cardboard for making friendship bracelets, if you'd like to!


                Thursday - it's Money Day!

Have a go at the Fiver Challenge!



See below for documents...

Daily Home Learning Menu and resources for Friday 3rd July 2020

Here's Ellie with her next amazing Locking Dance tutorial!

Click on Ellie's fingertip to go to the link!


Thank you to everyone I've had communication from in the last week! It's time for teachers to give Mrs Belton names of anyone who has been awarded Platinums, so I've spun the spinner and the winner iiiiiiiiiiiisssssss.........


Week beginning:  

Please scroll down for this week's learning....

Email to me your photo to go onto our Class Photo Page! Two of us are on there so far! Let's see if we can get a full house!

Weekly Home Learning Overview for Week Beginning 22nd June 2020


Click the document below to see the Dragons themed activities for the week!

Sign up for the Summer Reading Challenge!



Join the silly squad and get reading lots of great books!

All you need to do is ask a parent/carer to help you sign up and it is free to do!


Here are some books that I would like to bury my nose in...




Leo's awesome dragon drawing! WOW!

These are the names currently on the Year Six Communication Spinner! Come on you guys, get in contact with me and get your name on the spinner!

Mr Collins has sent me Kai's National Writing Day 24/7 story as the winner from his in-school group and it's soooooo good!

One day, looking out of my window, watching it swoop right to left, a dragon.

Midday I was above the clouds.

Best day ever!


Absolutely brilliant, Kai - well done! Definitely Platinum worthy! Everyone else at home - you have until Friday lunchtime to send me yours! You've got to be in it to win it!


The winner of this week's Year Six Communication Spinner iiiiiiiiiiissssss.....

Well done Isla, Ella and Olivia for communicating with me this week and getting their names on the spinner and congratulations to Olivia for winning the spin and earning herself a Platinum, which will be presented by Mrs Belton today!

I'm also going to mention Isla, who is on track for communicating with me EVERY DAY! 

That's still only 10% of the class I'm hearing from, so the spinner has been re-set for a new week and let's see if we can up the number of names on the spinner for the week coming! 

I'd love to hear from you!

How incredible is Libby's painting? Wow! I couldn't do a portrait to that high a skill level. It just shows what talents lock down has been enabling us to develop! I think that deserves a Platinum artist Libby!

Shaan and Isla did some super English work based on Romeo and Juliet. The ending could have been very different if the had phones and WhatsApp and in Shaan's words 'if only he got the message'!

Ellie's back with her third dance style. This time she is teaching you a Street Dance style called 'Locking'! Sounds pretty cool!

Click on Ellie's watch to go to the link for her first video tutorial and get locking!



Week beginning:  

Please scroll down for this week's learning....


I hope you had a lovely weekend in the sunshine and avoided the thunder storms and torrential rain! Savannah and family certainly did by going on the Burton Joyce Scarecrow Trail! Here's some of their favourite scarecrows. Which is yours?

Weekly Home Learning Overview for Week Beginning 15th June 2020

Click the document below to see the Healthy Lives themed activities for the week!

Class 6's Happiness Gallery! (I've chosen some photos to start it off. Email me more to add!)

Today's Key Stage 2 Assembly was based upon George Floyd, Anti-racism and the Black Lives Matter Assembly.

To find out more about this subject that has been all over the news, click on the image below:



Today, The Duchess of Cambridge spoke to all children in an online assembly to share the importance of spreading a little kindness for our mental wellbeing.


This assembly was developed in collaboration with the children’s mental health charity Place2Be and encourages children to explore ways in which they can show kindness, and recognise the benefits of kindness to others.


Click on the image below to view the assembly

Here's our very talented dance teacher Ellie, with the third and final House Dance lesson. 

What would be lovely would be for some of you to send to me a video of you having a go at her routine for me to forward it to her. I'm sure she'd love to see the results of her hard work!

(Click on her hair bun to go to the link!)


Blogging Computer Unit

Week beginning:  

Please scroll down for this week's learning....



From Monday 8th June, the home learning is going to change just slightly to fit in with more key worker children and teachers being in school in mixed year 'bubbles' or teaching groups. So that the teachers in school are able to deliver lessons to all ages in school, all classes are going to be set:


- BBC Bitesize English lessons each day for their year group

- White Rose Maths lessons (plus the resources uploaded to the class pages as we've paid a subscription fee for this) each day for their year group

- A new and exciting weekly Home Learning Theme Menu with lots of activities to choose from. This will change each week and will be set for each Key Stage.

- Plus any extra reading, spelling, times tables, PE, French work, as the teacher sees fit


Up until now, an easier differentiated option has been provided for each maths and English lesson. This will no longer be possible to provide, but if the work is a little tricky, please feel free to look at the lesson from the year groups below, which should be a step easier and more attainable. 


As outlined in letters to parents/carers, the class email will still be up and running for communication between teachers and children for sharing of work but responses may not be instant. I would love this contact to continue and am here to help!


Miss Bewick.

Weekly Home Learning Overview for Week Beginning 8th June 2020

Click the document below to see the Robot themed activities for the week!

Click the document below to see the 

Weekly Robot Theme Home Learning Menu

Kai and Harry enjoyed working virtually together today to complete the maths and English work. Have you tried doing that to feel more connected to friends that you are missing?

Kai got stuck into the new robot themed menu and built a Lego robot designed to pick up rubbish off the floor! Genius!

Click on the image below to go to lots of Robot themed clips and activities!

 Ellie is back with her second lesson in the series of 3 choreographed House Dance lessons, filmed just for us. Don't waste this amazing opportunity and give it a go!

Click on Ellie to go to the video!

Use my Robot Passport Idea if you wish! Document below to edit or open and copy...

Daily Home Learning Menu and Resources for Friday 12th June 2020


Ellie's back, with the second round of dance lesson's designed just for us at St. Johns! This time, we have a series of 'House' lessons choreographed for us to learn. Click on the pic below to try the first one!


Fabulous Sunflower Art done by Ava and Leo - well done both of you!

Barry thinks he caught a chicken!

Still image for this video

Yesterday, I left the kitties for the longest time yet and this is the sight that greeted me when I got home... (from left to right: Other Barry, Tiger, Barry and Tia!)

Hello from Miss B and Tess!

Still image for this video


Hey my lovely class! smiley I hope you all had a lovely half term, enjoying the sunshine. Can you believe it is June already? Summer is coming! Although it feels like it's been here for a while now, with all the glorious weather we've been having.


I hope you've been looking after yourselves and your family and have been keeping in touch with friends. Haw bored are you on a scale of 1-10, 1 being you're absolutely fine and you are happily finding new things to do everyday and never feel bored and 10 being you could die of utter boredom any second now? Email me and let me know how you're doing. I'd love to hear from you because I'm missing you more than ever! crying


Today, (Monday 1st June) is an INSET day - an In Service Training Day, NOT an Insect Day like we've discussed before! wink So, there is no work set specifically for today but there will be from tomorrow. I've uploaded the weekly timetable plan so you can see what's coming up.


If you'd like to, you could start having a look and get going at the '30 Days Wild 2020' I've uploaded below, along with a link to the website. There are loads of great activities on there to keep you busy, so no excuse for boredom now! cheeky


Don't forget, Miss Jackson is putting daily activities for you to do on the Sports Page, to keep you fit and active! yes


Weekly Home Learning Overview for Week Beginning 1st June 2020

Ella's DT tasks!

Leo's DT task!

Oliwia's been keeping busy with loads of baking! Delicious!

Savannah's very cosy-looking den!


It's the post-SATs half term and I wouldn't have set you any homework! You only instruction would have been to have had fun!

So, have a break and enjoy this week and I'll be back setting work for you again from Monday next week!

If you are worried about getting bored, or you would like to get ahead, go to:




BBC bitesize are not setting any lessons this week with it being half term, but you could choose any of the lessons from the previous weeks that take your fancy!


Olivia made a really cool Purple Time den! Good job it was an indoor den, as an outdoor den might have blown away in today's wind!

Oliwia's Ramadan-inspired Future Family Plans Jar...

                                                               Friday 22nd May 2020                       

Today is DT Day!

Below are the two options of activities to choose from to design, make and evaluate and WOW Mrs Bloom!

Click on the document below to see a larger version of the tasks!

                         PURPLE TIME!

    To make a den!

For Purple Time this week, have a go at making a den!

This was one of my favourite things to do when I was your age. I used to make a den under my bed and arrange cushions and cuddly toys to make a snuggly place to read. In the summer, I made a den behind the trunk of a big, old tree near to where I lived.


Savannah has already done this by putting up a tent in her back garden, making it into a cosy sleeping space and sleeping in it under the stars with her sister!

You could go to Colwick park and build a den in the woods. Make a frame out of large branches and then waterproof the structure with leafy twigs and don't forget to make comfy seating areas inside!

Or you could stay at home and have a go at making one of the Ikea lockdown fort designs. Have a look at the different designs by clicking on the image below to go to the link.


If parents would prefer you not to create chaos in their home with rearranging furniture and cushions, you could draw the design of your dream den. It could be a tree house, an underground den or a secret kid's cave, only accessibly through the bookshelf in your room by pressing books in a certain order with your fingerprints!

There's definitely a DT link here for DT day! Clever, eh?



Kai has just emailed to let me know that he has completed his 100 club! AMAZING! And what a great time to revisit your 100 club list, see what you've done and have a go at completing the rest before the school year is out. I've forwarded it on to Mrs Haythorne and I know it'll make her day!

If you're really interested in the RE, as I am, and would like to find out more about how Muslims are adapting to Ramadan in lockdown, watch these documentaries made by British muslims in the last few weeks showing us what Ramadan during the Coronavirus outbreak  has been like for them. I watched them all last night and they are really interesting!


These first programmes are a series of 5 minute snippets covering different aspects. Quick and easy to watch! Click on the image below to go to the webpage and get watching.



This next really cool documentary is called 'My mate's a muslim' and it is about two muslims who persuade a friend to fast (not eat in daylight hours) to learn what it's like to observe Ramadan and learn more about their religion. Again, I watched it last night and it's really interesting, thought provoking and funny! Click on the image and have a watch!



I bought a new toy for Barry, in particular, today as he LOVES scrunchy things like screwed up silver foil and will run around the house with it in his mouth and will even bring it back to me to play fetch; I think he thinks he's a dog! So, when I saw this toy, that was scrunchy AND matched his colouring, I had to get it. And he LOVED it. He pinched it immediately and ran off with it and wouldn't let the others go near it. Eventually he let his brother share but they were so wiped out by the excitement they fell asleep! (Notice they had also stolen and stashed two of my hair bobbles! Can you spot them?!)

Ellie is completing her current Hip Hop series of personalised dance tutorials choreographed just for us at St.Johns with the third session of three in this style of dance!


I don't know about you, but I have managed all the moves just about so far (although they don't come naturally) but then last week, when the music was on and everything sped up, I looked like a crazy thing thrashing around and everything went to pot! That's okay though and I'm going to have another go as session 3 and keep practising! I hope you are too!


  Click on the picture of Ellie below to go to the YouTube link to get learning part three and final of the St John's Lockdown Hip Hop Dance Routine!

How are you managing with the new government restrictions? I loved being able to go for a walk a little further from home at the weekend and, for the first time in months, see a family member (and Tess, the dog) at a distance. We also met a friendly cow! Keep adhering to the rules and staying safe!

Weekly Home Learning Overview for Week Beginning 18th May 2020

The swans and cygnets have been for a swim today to get some lunch!

Still image for this video

Isla enjoyed Eco Day by bird watching, making a bug hotel and doing some flower pressing!

For Eco Day, Harry has worked really hard setting up a greenhouse and is growing various fruits and vegetables!

Josh has had loads of fun this morning making bird feeders out of apples and stuffing them with peanut butter and seeds! I should think wildlife will find them in no time!

                                                      Monday 18th May                

                      Today is Eco-Day!

Mrs Bloom has planned a fabulous range of activities for you to choose from!

Click on the document below to choose an activity or, being older and wiser, think of something you could do that isn't on the menu that is eco-related! Email what you have done to me and I will forward on to Mrs Bloom! I know she will love to see what you have been up to!

All the time we have been in lockdown, mummy swan has been patiently sitting on her beautifully crafted nest on the disused canal right next to my house with daddy swan guarding her from predators. And finally, over the weekend...her eggs hatched and she has a nest full of fluffy cygnets!

One of the things I do to contribute positively to our environment is to have a nature filled garden full of bee-friendly flowers. My garden is over crowded at the moment with bugs, birds, squirrels, the odd friendly water rat from the canal (yes, Ava!) and now lots and lots of frogs!!!

Daily home learning menu and resources for Friday 15th May 2020 (SATs would be all over, as quickly as that!)

Miss Bewick's before and after lockdown nails - yikes! Hence the need for today's Purple Time Pamper Session!

Kai embraced Maths Day and got stuck into loads of the activities with his family!

Isla had loads of fun making an 'Office' (TV programme) themed Monopoly game! She also made a family monopoly game; unfortunately, she was beaten by her sister!

Fresh Raspberry Muffins made by Josh for Maths Day! They look delicious!

Thursday 14th May

(Last day of SATs, when we would have been doing the final Maths Reasoning Paper)

Today, is Maths Theme Day!


(Yes, I know, I know, Miss B got it wrong on the weekly plan because she doesn't know what day it is, who she is or what she is during lockdown! wink The weekly plan lessons will be carried over to next week!smiley)



Open the document attached below to see a bigger version of Mr Seaton's activity suggestions and resources to help you.


How many can you complete?

Ellie is back with her second lesson in the series of personalised dance tutorials choreographed just for us at St.Johns!  Click on the picture of her below to go to the YouTube link to have a look and get learning part one of the St John's Lockdown Hip Hop Dance Routine!


Miss Bewick's new purple toaster (and matching kettle) ordered for delivery later this week! See English work for relevance!

Josh really got into the spirit of Science Day!

Science experiments - growing a rainbow! Why don't you have a go! So much fun!

Savannah has being doing all sorts to prevent lockdown boredom, from camping in the garden to VE Day afternoon tea celebrations to playing online 'Go Fish' with Olivia!

                                                  It's SATs week!!!

It's weird isn't it, to think that this week we would be doing our SATs tests! How things have changed!


Email me if you'd like and let me know how you feel about that. You may feel happy, relieved, sad, disappointed, overwhelmed, confused, a mixture of every feeling you have ever felt or you may not even know how you feel about it - that's a feeling!


Even though we're not in school, taking tests together this week, we're still all in this together and we will remember being together through this together! So keep smiling!



Weekly Home Learning Overview for Week Beginning 11th May 2020 (SATs week!)

Monday 11th May

Today, we WOULD have been doing our SPaG and Spelling SATs test!             

BUT today is Science Day, organised by Mr Collins,  instead!

Click on the image below to go to the link to get experimenting!




Science Day Dyson Challenge Cards

Congratulations to Oliwia, who is now big sister to baby Dawid! Ahhhhhhhh!

                     TODAY IS VE DAY!

For our history themed day, along with the rest of the country, we are going to be celebrating VE day. On the 8th May 1945 (75 years ago) the Nazis surrendered and 'Victory in Europe' was declared. Sadly millions had died, but the millions who had been saved were able to celebrate the end of a six year world war and the VE Day parties went on for quite some time!


Start by watching a Horrible Histories clip by clicking the image below!


Now, have a go at some of the fun activities planned for you by Mrs Haythorne. 



Attached below is the document with all the links.

Imogen has written and recorded her parody for Mr Seaton's Music Day Challenge and it's BRILLIANT!

Click on the image below to have a watch/listen.


Don't forget you've got plenty of time to write and record your own (one week) to enter the competition. 

Maybe Imogen has inspired you to give it a go. Be brave!

                Thursday 7th May 2020                


Have a read of Mr Seaton's letter, attached below, explaining the day!




Here are some examples of some brilliant parodies about lockdown and the coronavirus to inspire you to write and perform your own! Click on the images to have a watch and listen! Which one is your favourite?


This is the first one that went viral, performed by a very musical family, based on a song from a famous musical.


This next one was written and performed by a pupil at Mr Belton's new school, Jesse Gray and is based on a song from the musical, 'Grease'.



And this one is written and performed to the song Bohemian Rhapsody, by Queen.



I can't wait to see what brilliant versions you come up with! Get the whole family involved and have fun!



Here is the link to join in with drumming lessons with Kyle and Adam from Rockley Music




The access code is 8ux7mk

And as if that isn't enough to keep you busy, I've also found some really good music games and quizzes you could have a play with. Click the picture below to follow the link!


We have something really cool for you to keep you busy and active over the coming weeks! Ellie has been working hard to put together a series of personalised dance tutorials choreographed just for us at St.Johns! Told you it was pretty awesome! Click on the picture of her below to go to the YouTube link to have a look and get learning the moves so that you can perfect her dance routine!

                                                                                                                 Miss Jackson has asked me to remind you to keep active and keep singing!


She is regularly posting exercise onto the sports page and singing onto the choir page for you to look at and use as you wish. See the links below and enjoy!

Make sure you have viewed our video, put together by all the staff, just for you, to let you know how much we are missing you and thinking of you and how much we care!

(Follow the link below)

Isla had a go at the volcano experiment for the themed work and this is the result...

Still image for this video

Savannah spotted some incredibly cute ducklings at the weekend plus a crocodile! And she managed to completely tire Kitty out!

Weekly Home Learning Overview for Week Beginning 4th May 2020

Have a lovely weekend!.mp4

Still image for this video

Harry has been making some pretty cool origami dinosaurs and for Pyjamarama day enjoyed breakfast in bed with his sister and Dennis the cat for company! Life of luxury!

Olivia Smith managed to draw the negative numbers crossnumber AND get all the answers correct!

Kai is having loads of fun playing maths bingo with the family!

Still image for this video

Purple Time Activity


Make Your Walk Magic!


I go for a walk every day around where I live and I love that people in my community have done little things to make my walk feel magic and like we are in this together and I am not alone.


On my walks, I have come across an art tree and a gratitude tree that some people have started and so many people have obviously enjoyed adding to. I certainly have! I now walk past these trees every day to see what people have added.


Have a look at the photos I’ve taken of these two trees. Do you have something similar near to you that you could make something special for, or could you be that special person that starts something so lovely?


The Art Tree




The Gratitude Tree



Perhaps have  a go at making one of these 'God's eyes' or a pompom, like Nathan did. 



Tomorrow (Thursday 30th April) is Wellbeing Day, organised by Mrs Belton. To find the video, activities and resources that you will need for the day, go to - Class Pages - Useful Links for Children - and you will find everything you need there. She would love to hear via the Wellbeing email what you have been up to, or you could email me and I will forward on to her. Let's look after our minds as well as our bodies during lockdown.

Some of the fabulous poetry written today...


 If I were King


 If I were King,

      I’d get my soldiers to build me a swing.


   If I were King of Fiji,

      I’d get my family to come and see me.


If I were King of France,

I’d pull down my dad’s underpants.


If I were King of Greece,

I’d build a masterpiece.


If I were King of Thailand,

I’d build my mum an island.


If I were King of Congo,

I’d learn to play the bongo.


If I were King of Canada,

I’d adopt a baby Panda.


If I were King of Ghana,

I’d have my own piranha.


If I were King of the Universe,

I’d put World War 1 in reverse.


Written by Kai


                                                     Written by loud Oliwia!


Miley has been researching the history of the NHS and writing a project using the information she has found plus making breakfast and lunch everyday including 'Eggs on toast Miley' Style'!

                    Online Safety Tips for Parents/Carers

Please ask adults to watch this online safety advice - a bit of home learning for them! It couldn't be more important right now. 


  Click on the picture above to go to the link.

New computer challenge from Mrs Belton

Still image for this video
Morning everyone, just a quick message from me to set you the next computer challenge. Hope you have lots of fun creating your own blogs. Ruby and I can't wait to read them all!

2Blog Instructions

As promised to Isla, like Chernobyl, animals are reclaiming the world during lock down, as you can see in this video that has gone viral...

Click on the picture above to visit the link.

I thought it was time for a foster kitty update, as I've not posted photos of the craziness in my house for a while! So here are a few pics of the ever more confident Tia and Tiger and the getting bigger and longer and lankier day-by-day Barry and Barry! (I'll post some naughty kitten videos in the next couple of days!)

Savannah has been busy creating some beautiful rainbow art using pastels and she has also been cooking Chinese egg fried rice, which she managed to eat with chopsticks! Who else fancies a Chinese meal after seeing how scrummy it looks? I certainly do!

Weekly Home Learning Overview for Week Beginning 27th April 2020

This is Kai and Jessamyn's friend, Laura. She is an army nurse helping out on the COVID-19 ward at James Cook Hospital in Middlesborough.


Laura took the pictures that were drawn and sent to her by Kai and Jess to work and put them up in The Red Zone, Ward 6. 




The picture above Laura's head was drawn by Jessamyn; it represents Laura herself. The rainbow picture was also drawn by Jess and the picture below with the words "Thank you" was drawn by Kai.


If you fancy a chuckle, read Isla's fab short story about Toby, the wrestling toe!

Message from Miss Meow!

Still image for this video

Pjamarama Day!

Fabulous feather drawings from yesterday's art lesson! I'm so impressed! Send me yours and I will add them to the gallery...

Imogen has been creating art to thank the NHS whilst getting on with her sister! Are you still being nice to your family members?! I hope so!

How beautiful is Isla's walk? She even stumbled across a secret garden...

Master baker Josh has been baking again - this time heart shaped scones, which I'd LOVE to eat!

It's St George's Day! (As modelled by the beautiful Miley with her fabulous piece of themed artwork). See below for alternative St George's Day learning activities.

Kai has been working hard at home and has created some fabulous art as pieces of history to remember this time including framed family hand prints, Harry Potter broom sticks and stick love heart! Amazing!

Miley will be over qualified for Masterchef after lockdown with all of the cooking she's been doing at home...yum yum!

Have a look at the pompoms made by Nathan! I bet you can guess who would love to get their paws on those!!! Way too good for a kitten toy!

Harry has been keeping active! Let me know how you have been staying fit and active during lockdown...

Josh, gutted to have missed his cruise, has completed a World Cruise Ship Itinerary Project! Rated 9/10 by Dad, rated Platinum worthy by Miss B! Excellent, Josh!

Ella's Easter cake...yummy scrummy, oh how I wish this was in my tummy!!!

Ella did an eggcellent job of the eggxperiment I set as part of the Easter challenges! Take a look at the videos to see her attempts!

Still image for this video

Attempt 2!

Still image for this video

Attempt number 3

Still image for this video

The final attempt! Look at this genius engineering design! (And a chicken near-miss!)

Still image for this video

Ava (and Oscar) entered the Forest Football Competition and, although they didn't quite win, this was their fabulous, platinum worthy entry! Well done, guys!

Still image for this video

For Thursday's Art Lesson you will need some feathers!

So, when you are out and about over the next couple of the days in your garden, on the way to the shop or on your daily exercise look out for feathers! There are lots around at the moment. See if you can find up to 5 different ones!


Look what I found over Easter nestled on one of my flower pots! 

I think it's a Blackbird nest. They nest close to the ground in undergrowth or bushes. There is no sign of any eggs in the nest, but it is very open so they may have decided it is not the best place after all!

I am leaving it well alone so it is not disturbed just in case!



I live on a disused canal and am so lucky to have ducks, coots and moorhens right on my doorstep! Very soon there will be cute little babies as all of these birds are busy making their nests in preparation for egg laying. My favourites have to be the swans! Did you know that all swans belong to the Queen and they usually stay together for their lifetime - very romantic! 


This is a picture of the Daddy swan having a rest on the riverbank from collecting nest material and a photo of Mummy swan who is sat on her nest of eggs a few metres away from my front door! AMAZING! 


So, I'm going to be feather collecting for the next few days.

I'm going to see if I can find 5 different ones before Thursday! See if you can too!


Congratulations! You have been awarded a certificate of achievement from the Lord-Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire! This was sent to the school today! Wow!

Welcome to The Summer Term!

Still image for this video

Weekly Home Learning Overview for Week Beginning 20th April 2020

Resilience - This Half Term's Christian Value

Welcome to the Summer Term!

I hope you all had a restful Easter. It might not feel like it, but the Summer Term has started and there is so much to look forward to! Miss Jackson has the Summer Show written and ready to go so we HAVE to be back for that! Fingers crossed! I'm busy planning lots of home learning for you to do, if you choose, and I'm communicating with Secondary Schools to tell them all about you and how fantastic you are. Despite what is going on in the world, rest assured that all of that is still happening! 


We are going to be carrying on with our English and Maths learning as we were before Easter, with mostly revision of what we have already learnt together plus a few added new bits dropped in. In Science, we are continuing with our Adaptation and Evolution learning and Wildlife is going to be our Art and design focus. We are going to be starting a new Geography theme looking at Natural Disasters, which links very well with what we are going through right now! Very topical!


So, keep on being positive, make every day count and remember that we are a team! Just to remind you of that, I thought I'd share with you the photo you know I have as my screen saver and that I took on our first few days together. Look how young you all looked compared to now and look how far we've come TOGETHER! 



            HAPPY EASTER CLASS 6!

It's the Easter holidays. Yes, that means that you have 2 weeks off school to chill out at home, relax, slob in your PJs, do what you want when you want.....oh! That sounds weird now doesn't it?!


But nevertheless, it IS Easter time and therefore for the next couple of weeks, I am not going to be setting you daily English, Maths etc like I have been. Yay, I hear you cry! But I'll be bored, I hear you moan!


And for just that reason, I have created for you instead, an Easter Activity Menu with fun learning for you to choose from, to prevent boredom. Remember if you are bored, then YOU are being boring! ;-)


This is what the menu looks like:



You will find it attached below. Also attached are a few additional resources I've found that you may want to have a look at and use as you wish.

The usual daily home learning menu will resume from Monday 20th April.


I'd love you to keep emailing me to show me what activities you have chosen to do, along with anything else you have thought of to keep your brain and body busy, whilst staying safe.


I'm missing you all so much and thinking of you every day.  The last few weeks haven't been easy and we've been separated from each other. BUT, we are going through this together, and that will always bond us and no one will ever be able to take that bond away. 


You may have joined in with the clapping for the heroes that are playing their part in this Corona Virus crisis. But I think that EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU ARE HEROES. You are certainly MY heroes.  


You have dealt with this brilliantly and it hasn't been easy. You have carried on, you have been brave and you are playing a massive part in saving lives by being at home and keeping yourselves and others safe.


I just wanted to say that I am so proud and I think that each and every one of you is AMAZING:


Shaan, you are AMAZING! Gracie-Mai, you are AMAZING! Ella, you are AMAZING! Imogen, you are AMAZING! Max, you are AMAZING! Nathan, you are AMAZING! Jessica, you are AMAZING! Leo, you are AMAZING! Oliwia, you are AMAZING! Olivia, you are AMAZING! Savannah, you are AMAZING! Shelbie, you are AMAZING! Jack, you are AMAZING! Will, you are AMAZING! Nikita, you are AMAZING! Finley, you are AMAZING! Milly-Ann, you are AMAZING! Lewis, you are AMAZING! Ruby, you are AMAZING! Libby, you are AMAZING! Jesse, you are AMAZING! Kai, you are AMAZING! Miley, you are AMAZING! Harry, you are AMAZING! Roxie, you are AMAZING! Ava, you are AMAZING! Poppy, you are AMAZING! Guy, you are AMAZING! Isla, you are AMAZING! Josh, you are AMAZING! 


Enjoy Easter and have fun, remember the meaning behind it all, be good, be polite, be kind and eat LOADS of chocolate!


Happy Easter! Lots of love, 


Miss Bewick x

Masterchef! Ella has been paid, yes paid, to make a birthday cake for a two year old, who has been poorly in hospital with liver cancer. (He loves Bing!) She has also been busy making nettle soup! Try it, you might like it!

Ava's impossipuzzle! Can you spot the missing piece? How annoying!

Tiger uploaded your work this evening whilst I watched someone that we've all met on TV giving his opinion on the Corona Virus measures we are taking - recognise him?!

Hello from Ken!

Still image for this video

Spring Nature Treasure Hunt

How many of these can you find whilst doing your daily outside exercise?



Flowers with blue petals                         New shoots                                  A  feather                        Sticky weed



               Cones                                 A daisy                              Pussy Willow                      Skeletal leaves or pods




A snail or discarded shell             A dandelion                              A daffodil                                      Ivy



                                                     Stinging nettles               Red Robin shrub (in gardens)

Josh has been busy doing loads of work including gardening to rival Alan Titchmarsh and enough cooking to turn him into a Michelin Star Chef! He has also been saving the world one Bumblebee at a time!


Still image for this video

Is your home learning work as neat as Savannah's? Wow!!!

Tia has been 'helping' me with my working from home!

Pets' Corner! Ella has emailed me some photos of her very cute guinea pigs. I think our pets are certainly enjoying us spending all this time at home! Email me a photo of you with your pet (or just your pet if you want everyone to 'guess the pet owner') and I'll post it here!

Are you driving adults at home crazy by asking them all the time for things to eat, just because you're bored? If so, perhaps suggest Nathan's idea to them. Nathan gets 50p a day to spend at the 'Justice Snack Shop'. Healthier choices are cheaper and naughtier options are more pricey. It's up to him how he spends his money for snacks between meals and once he's spent up, that's it! Sounds like a great snack plan to me!

Purple Time Creative Craziness! I asked for it and I got it: Ella and Isla played games and made a Bucket List, Ava made a man-eating wheelie crocodile, Oliwia got creative with her seating arrangements and Savannah made her elderly neighbours smile by baking and delivering cakes and notes to make their day! Awesome, guys!

Are you still remembering to wash your hands as well as Tia is washing the boys?!

Still image for this video

A weekend of kittie cuddles...

Who dunnit?!

This girl can!

Weekly Home Learning Overview for Week Beginning 30th March 2020

Lovely to hear that Imogen and Savannah are also working together remotely. Imogen has also been baking bread (see photo evidence) and den building!

Ella and Isla working brilliantly together online! Is this something you could be doing with a friend to take some pressure off parents and make home learning more fun?

Weeping Willow Tree and Miss B!

Still image for this video

Message from Mrs Belton

Still image for this video

Ella's Spring Rolls! I want to take them out the screen and eat them. They look delicious!

Read Harry's fab story...



Today's story will begin in the great town of Nottingham, where an aggressive dragon has been spotted soaring through the counties of England. Scientists have a rough idea of what this dragon looks like.


People have seen this dragon ranging from places like Dover to Manchester to Nottingham. At night people have said to have witnessed  load noises, which they said were like a predator's call.                           


In Leicester, two people have gone missing with no explanation; all that was left was a tooth on their bed - this is a true mystery.


Not only have people gone missing but farm animals have gone missing too. These include: sheep ; cows ; chickens ; pigs and more.  The farmers who own these animals have said that when they went to let the animals into the field, all that was left was a pile of guts and scarlet-coloured blood. The farmers were in shock and called 999 immediately. When the police arrived at the scene, the guts had vanished and so had the farmer. WHAT COULD HAVE HAPPENED?


Private investigators were called. Instantly the investigators found three vermilion glowing scales with scratch marks on them. The investigators took it to a lab but they couldn’t identify the anonymous species. Weeks went past with more people going missing but no creature was found. 


Until one day, when there was a cricket match, the fans were in the stands and the players were getting ready when … a prodigious dragon flew over everyone’s head. Whilst breathing atomic breath, it swiftly burned the cricket grounds to ashes and the same with the people. 


This was a true tragedy and now the British nation is hunting this supposed monster. However some people believe this formidable beast can be tamed. Today’s story will back tomorrow with the latest news on this blood curdling creature.


By Harry Musgrove



Still image for this video


Have you heard? From tomorrow, David Walliams is going to be reading one of his short stories every day, LIVE!!! He's starting tomorrow with 'The Terrible Triplets' the one I wanted to read, and started reading to you in school and was REALLY funny, but couldn't continue online due to technological restrictions! Who'd have thunk it?! Go to his page at 11am each day to listen!


Message from Miss Ireland

Still image for this video

Day 2 of Home Learning with Miss B

Still image for this video

First Technological Fail Alert!!! 

The Shang Dynasty e-book needed for the theme menu activity wouldn't upload!

We're learning as we are going, day by day! Instead, do some extra reading or some of the colouring I gave you, in the sunshine, whilst topping up on your Vitamin D! cool

Other Barry got involved with Joe's PE at 9am this morning! Did you?

Still image for this video

Day 1 of Home Learning with Miss B!

Still image for this video

Home Learning Overview for Week Beginning 23.03.20

Email address for Class 6: class6@st-johns-pri.notts.sch.uk

(Emails will be answered ASAP. Please be patient as some staff are in school with key worker children)

Crazy Class 6 Tester!

Still image for this video

Well done! You've found where Miss Bewick is going to be putting all the resources that you need to support your learning from home!

Remember you can email any queries to: class6@st-johns-pri.notts.sch.uk

(Emails will be replied to ASAP, but please be patient as teachers are still required to be in school for some days to care for children of Key Workers)




WELCOME TO YEAR 6 2019-20!

Year 6 is not for the faint-hearted! We have a jam-packed term ahead, full of fascinating learning topics to get our teeth into as well as many fun filled events. 


We are going to be getting to grips with drug education through DARE, celebrating the school bank's 4th birthday, and going on a week's residential to Rock UK, which will be shared in a family assembly.  We are going to once again be inviting parents and carers into school for a repeat of the very popular 'Plan it, teach it' morning, celebrating Harvest and Christmas at church and we might even have time to squeeze in a trip based on our Crime and Punishment topic! Phew! 


So tighten your seat belts, Year 6's of 2019/20 - it's going to be a thrilling ride!


May Sum - yum yum!