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Year 6

Class 6 email address: class6@st-johns-pri.notts.sch.uk

Summer Term 2022

Welcome back to Year 6s' last term at St Johns! We're going to make it one to remember with lots of hard work and achievements intercepted with a whole lot of fun!

Many of the children are actually looking forward to getting their teeth stuck into SATs tests (yes, really!) as we are well prepared and ready for the challenge. We are going to focus on doing some super writing linked to our theme 'Earth Matters', a Geography theme based upon climate change and environmental issues. That alongside, classification in Science, which will be the main priority for our trip to Yorkshire Wildlife Park, athletics, Pilates and net and wall games in PE and printing and pattern in art and making electrical games in DT will certainly keep our brains busy! 


We have the Summer Performance to look forward to, the Camp Out, Sports Days and lots more before we transition to secondary school, which we will be ready for after all the transition work we will have done.


So, let's hope for some lovely weather and make the most of every minute of this Summer Term!


Miss Bewick.

Family Week

7 June – 10 June 2022

As part of our People Skills curriculum, we teach children in each year group a comprehensive and inclusive Relationship and Sex Education Programme, which complements our Christian values. The focus of this learning will take place during our family week, where children in Year 6 will be taught the following, in line with the statutory guidance released from the department of education, 2019:


N.B. This series of lessons will begin in Family Week but will continue throughout the term, as the content in Year 6 is much more broad and learning is more successful when children are given more time to discuss and ask questions on these topics.


Main focus texts:



Children will also get to explore a range of sanitary products.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by speaking to me at the end of the day or by calling the school office,

                                                                 Miss Bewick.



Summer Show

Below are links to the songs and dances for the auditions for the show.  Time to warm up those voices and get those dancing shoes on...

New Class 6 Letter

Summer Reading Challenge 2021

WELCOME TO YEAR 6 2021-22!



Let's hope this year comes with less challenges than last. Whatever it throws at us, Year 6 is a year where everyone really comes together to work as a team. We will continue to following school procedures, to keep ourselves and each other safe, to ensure we can catch up with any lost learning as best as we can. Whatever hurdles we have to overcome along the way, we will be sure to have a fantastic, fun and memorable year together!




Alongside myself, Class 6 is lucky enough to have Mrs Whitt, a fabulous Teaching Assistant and ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant), working alongside us to support with our learning. Miss Jackson is going to be teaching PE and Music to the class on a Thursday afternoon and a DARE Officer will be coming into school to deliver the DARE Programme to the class (date and time TBC).


Rewards and Sanctions


The ‘Good to be Green’ behaviour system will continue as usual across the school with children starting each morning and afternoon on a green card. Gold cards can be earnt by going above and beyond what is expected in work, behaviour or attitude and in Class 6, when a Gold Card is given, a raffle ticket can be put into the purple (of course) box. Each Friday the raffle will be drawn for the chance to win a prize.


Platinum Cards are awarded for going way above and beyond and for really wowing! A prize can be chosen on receipt of a Platinum and a certificate and pencil will be presented in Thursday’s Celebration Assembly in front of the whole school. House points are also awarded for Platinum Cards.


I also award my famous ‘Smarty Pants of the Week’ that I have been doing every week since my first year of teaching. A Smarty Pants certificate and box of Smarties is given to whoever stands out to me over the course of the week for being fabulous!


Yellow cards serve as a warning for not behaving as expected and red cards will be given if this warning is not heeded. If your child receives a red card, you will be informed by a phone call, a break time will be missed to reflect on the behaviour, the incident will be logged and house points will be deducted.




For information on homework, please go to the Homework  link at the top of the page.