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Year 5

Class 5 email address: class5@st-johns-pri.notts.sch.uk

(Emails will be answered ASAP. Please be patient as some staff are in school with key worker children)

Our Christian Character Value this term is appropriately - Resilience

Farewell from "Mr Collins"

Year 5 class photo is here ready for you to download your very own copy!

Hi, from your soon-to-be-teacher, Miss Bewick!

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Week Beginning Monday 20th July

Good morning class 5.

Well hasn't this been the strangest year ever for you at school (or rather not at school)?

This is, I hope, the last week that you will have to do learning from home in this way.  I'm looking forward to seeing you all in September when you'll be the oldest class in school with Miss Bewick as your teacher.  I know you'll have a great time with her and that you'll catch up quickly.

It has been a tough time for you and many of you have not found it easy but well done for keeping going.  Soon we will be back to normal and you'll be able to see your friends and family properly again.

Below is the last week's work and a link to some work in case you want to do something to keep up over the summer.

Take care and keep washing your hands.


Mr C

Week beginning Monday 13th July

Good morning Class 5.  Only this week and one more week to go until the school holidays!

This week my bubble is made up of lots of Year 1 children.  Frankly I'm a bit scared.  What if they gang up on me and beat me up?!

Meanwhile your work for this week is set below.  The afternoon theme is birds.  I think I might read "Fix it Duck" to my Year Ones.  Well it's about a bird!

I'm sorry that there was no copy of "First News" for you to read last week.  The electronic delivery of it seems to be a bit hit and miss.

Good luck this week and may the force be with you.

Mr C

St Johns #StreetDanceOnline - Final Week

St Johns - #StreetDanceOnline With Ellie Kinsey Our final week! A super fun one to finish. Thank you so much for dancing with me over the weeks.. Have an ama...

Here is the class photo so far. As you can see, we only have 12 people who have sent in photos for us to use. I shall keep adding to this until Wednesday even though the last day was last Friday. If you want to be on, I need your photos asap. Cheers Mr C

St Johns #StreetDanceOnline - LOCKING Week 3

St Johns - #StreetDanceOnline With Ellie Kinsey Week 3 - LOCKING! Our final week in locking, learning part 2 of our routine, putting part 1+2 together and ou...

Week Beginning Monday 6th July

Welcome back my little fruit cakes.  Hope you've had a splendid weekend full of fun and laughter.  Below is the work for next week.  I'll be adding French, outdoor learning and a copy of First News as soon as I get them.  Remember, it's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice (and that includes to your family).


Mr C

Hooray we'll soon be out of lock down!  But remember we still need to keep distance and wash our hands lots.  We have a responsibility to keep on looking after all those people who need help around us.  I wonder who you can safely help this week.  Let me know what you manage.

I hope you are all doing well and staying safe.


Mr C

St Johns #StreetDanceOnline - LOCKING Week 2

St Johns - #StreetDanceOnline With Ellie Kinsey Week 2 - LOCKING! Learning Part 1 of our routine! Enjoy!

Well done, Jemma for being chosen by Mr Collins for the best 24/7 National Writing Day Story written at home!

Jemma has been awarded a Platinum for making it to the finals where her story will be judged among the other finalists! Read her super short story below! Miss Bewick.


One day I went to the pool.

I relaxed quietly on my float

until my dad crept up and pounced

like a scary monster!

Brilliant document for your parents about Black Live Matter. Please show them this. Have a read yourself. Let me know what you think.

Ooops! Very sorry. I forgot to attach this week's Maths videos. Many thanks to Poppy's dad for pointing it out. Here they are albeit somewhat belatedly.

Mrs Belton has organised a Money day for Thursday. So if you'd rather do that that the work which is on the class plan that will be fantastic. You can email her the results on the address which is in the documents below. Have fun.

Milo and Xander teach us about super brain foods

Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

Have a go at this Spirited Art Competition.

St Johns #StreetDanceOnline - LOCKING Week 1

St Johns - #StreetDanceOnline With Ellie Kinsey Week 1 - LOCKING! First week learning our next street dance style. Enjoy!

Week beginning 22nd June.

Here is everything you need for this weeks work.

Have a great week.


Mr C

Wednesday's National Writing Day Competition!


Today, The Duchess of Cambridge spoke to all children in an online assembly to share the importance of spreading a little kindness for our mental wellbeing.


This assembly was developed in collaboration with the children’s mental health charity Place2Be and encourages children to explore ways in which they can show kindness, and recognise the benefits of kindness to others.


Click on the image below to view the assembly


St Johns #StreetDanceOnline - HOUSE Week 3

St Johns - #StreetDanceOnline With Ellie Kinsey Week 3 - House! Our third and final week learning our next street dance style.. House, In this video you will...

Today's Key Stage 2 Assembly was based upon George Floyd, Anti-racism and the Black Lives Matter Assembly.


To find out more about this subject that has been all over the news, click on the image below:



WB Monday 15th June

Welcome one and all to another jolly week of home learning.

I'm very sad that we won't be back as Class 5 again but at least you'll be able to come back as the oldest class in school.

Don't forget to send me photos of what you've done this week.


Mr C

Mrs Belton is making a special announcement on this link. Don't miss out there are weekly prizes!

WB Monday 8th June

Here is all the work you will need for the whole week.  If you want to know want to do each day, just read the word document.

Have a great week.

Mr C

This is a song that we will be singing during collective worship.  You might want to get ahead of the game and learn it now!

God Is Love by Nick & Becky Drake // Worship For Everyone // #UNIQUE Lyric Video

Lyric video to the song 'God Is Love' by Nick & Becky Drake from the album 'UNIQUE'. Worship For Everyone. www.worshipforeveryone.com

St Johns - #StreetDanceOnline HOUSE Week 2

St Johns - #StreetDanceOnline With Ellie Kinsey Week 2 - House! Our second week learning our next street dance style.. House, In this video you will learn Pa...

St Johns - #StreetDanceOnline - HOUSE Week 1

St Johns - #StreetDanceOnline With Ellie Kinsey Week 1 - House! First week learning our next street dance style. Enjoy!

Thursday 21st May

So this is the last you'll here from me before half term because Friday is DT day (see below for details).

I've written this song about my emotions in lock down.  You'll need to turn the volume up and excuse my poor playing.

Have a great half term.

Enjoy the work below.


Mr C

Song about lock down emotions!

Work for Thursday 21/5/20

Wednesday 20th May 2020

Good morning Class 5.

Sadly I've not got a video for today but I'm writing a new song ready for Thursday!

As usual the work is below.

Hope you are enjoying creating the Tudor info sheets.


Mr C

Getting ready for Friday's DT day - Make sure you have everything you need!

Road Safety - This is just as important as ever so have a look at these work sheets.

St Johns - #StreetDanceOnline WEEK 3

St Johns - #StreetDanceOnline With Ellie Kinsey Week 3 - Hip Hop Routine, part 1 and 2 Performance time! Enjoy.

Tuesday 19th May

Aye up me ducks!

So I hope you enjoyed the Eco-Day which Mrs Bloom planned.

Today's work is below (as usual).  The English work is going to take you all week so don't worry about getting it all done today.  In fact I've suggested some editing tomorrow and Friday is a DT day, again it has been organised by Mrs Bloom.  I will post more details tomorrow so that you know what you will need to collect / gather.


Today's video is another two chapters of Grandpa's Great Escape.  If you've not been keeping up, go back and listen to the chapters that you've missed.


I'm looking forward to seeing your work again.  Please do try to send me whatever you have done each day.


Mr C

GGE 44 45

Monday 18th May

Good Morning Class 5,

So today is Eco day as promised and the resources are below.

Also the C of E and other churches around the globe are running a prayer initiative again called Thy Kingdom Come (from the line in The Lord's Prayer).  There are some good ideas for this week for praying below.

Have a good day.

Mr C

Here is a copy of First News. Please read it and tell me what you think are the best 4 articles and why.

Friday 15th May

Good morning Class 5.

So today's video is about resilience.  I would love to hear from you how you have been showing resilience over lock down.

Today's work is posted below.

Monday is an Eco day and the work is below for that so I'll be back to setting the work on Tuesday.

Have fun.

Take care

Mr Collins 

Friday 15th May Resilience Unicycle

Mrs Bloom has organised an eco day for every one for Monday 18th May. Here is everything you need to know about what you might need for it.

Thursday 14th May - Maths Day

Today is a day to enjoy lots of fantastic Maths challenges.

They are all included in the letter below.

Any photos or work are going to Mr Seaton today on this email address:


You are going to have a great time.  Have fun

Mr C


Maths Day Activities

Wednesday 13th May

Good morning Class 5.

I hope you are all well.  I've posted today's work below.  The 60 second read is about a lottery winner.  There are 3 sets of questions.  Only do one of them. The text is the same all three times and the answers are included.  I wonder what you'd do if you won lots of money somehow.

Have a great day.

Mr C 

Covid 19 Prayer 2

St Johns - #StreetDanceOnline Week 2

St Johns #StreetDanceOnline with Ellie Kinsey Week 2 - Hip Hop routine, part 1! Enjoy

Tuesday 12th May

Greetings younglings.  I've seen loads of work from across the school for yesterday's Science day.  I have heard that some people are preparing their parody songs for Mr Seaton.  Don't forget, you've only got until Thursday to submit your entries. This Thursday will be another special day.  Mr Seaton is organising a Maths day.  It will be great fun, even if you don't normally enjoy Maths.

Today's video is the next chapter of Grandpa's great escape.  Hope you enjoy it.  If you've missed a chapter, you can scroll down and find the ones you need to catch up.

Have a great day.

Mr C

Grandpa's Great Escape Chapter 43

Mr Seaton's Maths Day

Thursday 7th, Friday 8th and Monday 11th May

As I explained earlier in the week, Thursday is a Music day organised by Mr Seaton and Friday is a VE day, organised by Mrs Haythorn (it celebrates 75 years since the Victory in Europe at the end of the Second World War).

There are two documents below (one for each day).  They explain what to do on each day and who to send your work to.

On Monday there will be a Science Day (which I am organising).  There is a document below about that too.  

I hope you have lots of fun with all of these special days.


Mr C

VE Day Activities

Really Big Sorry

I posted the wrong document!  Problem with having two called the same thing! Doh!

Here is the correct document for today.

Monday Science Day Activities

St Johns - #StreetDanceOnline Week 1

St Johns #StreetDanceOnline with Ellie Kinsey Week 1- Hip Hop!

Wednesday 6th May

Good morning (assuming that you are not looking at this as I post it at 5.30pm the day before).

There is a science experiment in today's video.  Hope you enjoy it.  It features my favourite son, Ben.   

(Please note, I only have one son).

Some people have found the Maths a bit hard.  If you have too, just send me a photo of what you've done and any questions and I'll see if I can help.

As usual the documents below should contain everything you need.

Have fun.

Mr C

Igor Helps Out!

There is a Music Day on Thursday organised by Mr Seaton. Here is everything you'll need to know for that.

Well Being

Following on from the wonderful time we all had on well being day, Mrs Belton has posted a well being diary on the useful links page next to our class pages.  See if you can follow the ideas and let me or Mrs Belton know which is your favourite.

Tuesday 5th of May

Good morning Class 5. Here is today's work.

Have fun and hopefully enjoy yourself.

Hope you liked the video messages from all the staff and my video for today.


Tuesday 4th May James Bond

Monday 4th May

I hope you all enjoyed the reading day and the well being day.

The drumba was fun and I enjoyed the reading so much that today's video is another chapter of Grandpa's Great Escape (Link below GGE2).

Enoy the work and remember to be extra nice to your parents in May!

Take care

Mr C

VE Day Celebration Activities for Friday Organised by Mrs Haythorn

Miss Jackson has asked us to point out that she has added some songs and activities on the school sports and school choir pages which are listed under the class pages of this website.  Have a look and have some fun!

James with his new medal for running 10K to raise money for the NHS. Well done James.

Friday 1st May - Reading Day - Pajamarama

So today is a reading day.  Mrs Charlesworth has prepared lots of fun things for you today.  It is all on the link below.  Any work you do can be emailed to her.

I've read a bit of Grandpa's Great Escape for you and that is on the video below.  I've also added a book about how to never go to school again.  I hope you like it.

Mr C

Friday 1st May Pajamarama Reading Day

A great book about not going to school

Thursday 30th April

Other than being Captain Tom Moore's 100th Birthday, today is a "Well-Being Day" organised by Mrs Belton

Good morning.

Everything you need for today is on the Useful links for children page which is right next to the foundation stage class page link.  Or you can click on the link below which will take you there.

You can send anything you want to her today.

Have fun and see if you can join in with the Drumba at 10am!

Wednesday 29th April

Bonjour mon petit chou-fleur!

So today there is some more French in the form of a song which has been provided by Miss Walster.  I think you'll enjoy it. The rest of the work and today's video are below.

Have a great day and keep planning for May (International Be Super Nice to Your Parents Month).

Wednesday 29th April French Man

Mrs Belton has set some ICT work for you to do. Have a look in this document.

Tuesday 28th April

Well, I'm almost back on form but still painfully out of tune!

Video below (I'm sorry already!)

Work is set below as usual. 

Remember, May is "International Be Super Nice To Your Parents Month".  So start planning all the great things you can do for them around the house. Tidying or cleaning or making cups of tea and washing up for starters.

Have great day!

Tuesday 28th April Blues

Monday 27th April

So videos should be back up and running for Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday.  Thursday is a well-being day organised by Mrs Belton so the work will be set by her.

Friday is a reading day set up by Mrs Charlesworth.  I've found a way to record me reading longer sections of Grandpa's Great Escape, so watch out for that.

The work is, as usual, set below.  Take care of yourselves and those around you.

Mr C

This week's spellings.

Group A: Plough, bough,drought,brought, bought, wrought, thought, ought, borough, thorough

Group B: Qualification, quintessentially, quincentenary, quarantine, quorum

Friday 24th April

Really sorry that I didn't manage to post a 60 second read yesterday. 

The 60 second reading and comprehension is on William Shakespeare everything else is on the Word document and French link to recap some work you already know.

Thursday 23rd April 2020

So here is today's video.  It's not very good but I'm getting paranoid about the number of people who are sending work to me.  I don't think anyone likes me...

The work is set below as usual in the word and pdf files and the video is on the hyper link below.  I'm really looking forward to reading what you produce.

Take care

Mr C


I set work - fools rush in

Good Morning Class 5.

Please watch the video above it will show you the experiment I want you to have a go at today.  Make sure you send me a photo of the graph that you draw.  You will need your parent's / adult's help with this one.

Everything else is posted below in the pdf and word documents.

Wednesday 23rd April RAF cuddly toys

Tuesday 21st April

So today's video was a bit tricky.  Bethany was singing and signing really well then we put a camera in front of her and she just refused to join in.  It took about two and a half hours to get this one.  See if you can learn the song and the signing.

The video is now on You Tube so follow the link.

Please note, this does not make me a "You Tuber".  "You Tubing" is still not a proper job!


Work is on the word and pdf documents below.

Have fun and don't forget to email me photos of any work you do.


What a wonderful world! In which Bethany refuses to join in.

For the record, Bethany's favourite words at the moment are "No" and "Ouch!"

She's not in pain she's just stubborn.  Which she gets from me!

Monday 20th April 2020 Start of the Summer Term

Still image for this video

Easter Holidays

So I'm not setting spellings or any other work that you have to do over the holidays.  I suggested below that you might want to make an information text about something that interests you but it is optional.

Below are some links to pages and ideas that you might want to try.

Take care and stay safe.

Mr C


1. Read the whole Easter story in you BIbles and retell it in writing, as a cartoon strip, or act it out with a variety of different toys (Action Man Jesus vs lego Pilate).

2. Use stop gap animation to retell the easter story (if you have that technology - see lego Easter story link on You Tube below).

3.Try some of the crafts on the link below.

4. Try the drop the egg challenge below (check with your parents first).

5.  Make an Easter card.

6.  Learn to blow an egg and decorate it.  Make several and turn them into a mobile (a hanging display not a phone!)

7. Research a simnel cake recipe and make one (find out what it represents).

8.  See if you can make the bouncy egg (check with your parents first!) in the link below.

Friday 3rd April

Still image for this video

Friday 3rd April - Last Day of Term!

Message from Mr Collins

It has been a very difficult time for the last two weeks and it will continue to be difficult for a while to come.  Be kind.  And if you can't think of ways to be kind and things to say that are kind, you're not thinking hard enough!  Remember, no one wants this situation and we all want it to be over.  The best way you can help is to keep your distance, wash your hands and think the best of other people.  They might be getting a little bit cross at the moment but everyone wants the best for you.

Take care and stay safe.

Mr Collins

PS I'd love to see even more of the work I set, sent to me over the holidays.



Write a conversation between a security guard and someone trying to buy 200 toilet rolls.  Imagine who else might get involved and how they might show their feelings through their body language.

If you think it might help, start a diary of everything you’ve done each day with how you are feeling included.  That way when you get to the end of the week and think you’ve done nothing, you can look back as see how much you have done.


Look at the puzzle and see if you can solve it.  There are some really tricky parts to it.  I've had to put it under all the work due to IT difficulties

Now try this:

Ben has five coins in his pocket.  How much money might he have? How many different answers could there be?


Using nothing but the things that you find in your garden, can you make a shelter for the creature you designed on Monday.  Think about what it might need to live and what it might need nearby.  Perhaps water and food, friends and shelter from the cold and rain.  Design it first and then when you’ve made it see how close to the design it was.  Test it for waterproofness and to see if it is windproof.  Write down any improvements that would be needed if you were to build the shelter again.


Easter Holiday Optional Work

Research a topic of your choice and make an information sheet which would be interesting for someone your age in another school.  You could make several and turn it into a book.

Maths puzzle

Don't forget to try and complete the 24 lent challenges.  You can then email photos of the sheets and details of what you've done to Jane Lewis who is from the Diocese and will send you a certificate if you've done them all.  Her email is jane.lewis@southwell.anglican.org 

She has asked us to ask you to contact her directly about this.

The sheet is attached below if you've lost yours.

A great way to work from home with kids! It works for me!

Some of your excellent work which has been emailed to me. I'm loving it.

Faye has taught her brother and sister the rainbow song

Still image for this video

Thursday 2nd April Experiment Day

Still image for this video

Sign of the day 3 for the price of one!

Still image for this video

Thursday 2nd April

Spellings / handwriting

Write out each of the words from your spellings, beautifully, ten times in your handwriting books

Science and Maths 

Can you follow the experiment in the video and work out the volume taken up by different objects.  Fill a jug or sauce pan to the very brim (do this outside or in a sink / your bath).  Place it in another tin / box.  Put an item in the water until it is fully submerged and water has poured into the lower box.  Measure the amount of liquid that has come out in ml.  1ml = 1cm3 so you can work out the volume of each object.  After you’ve done this a few times see if you can estimate the volume of an object before you put it into the water.  Remember to mop up afterwards and have towels to hand before you start!  See if you can record your results in a table or a graph.

Check with your parents first!  Don't use anything electronic or precious or things that will get damaged by water!



Rehearse the song from Monday’s video link or the rainbow song


Write 5 sentences which contain relative clauses like the highlighted sections below. (Add extra information about a noun)

Jacob, who was always blowing up major public buildings, was unusually late for school.

Ella-Mai, who had lived her whole life disguised as a woolly mammoth, took off the outfit because cave men kept chasing her.

Write 5 sentences which contain non-finite clauses like the highlighted sections below. (Start with a verb)

Cowering under the duvet, Mr Collins hoped the fairies wouldn’t come in the night and steal any more of his hair.

Loading her rifle, Faye looked forward to seeing Mr Collins again.

Remember your commas and make them as funny as you can without being rude!

Week 2 Wednesday

Still image for this video

Week 2 Wednesday


Make your spellings into beautiful shapes and stick them round your room


Check and edit your stories.  Make sure that you’ve included some non-finite clauses, relative clauses and adverbial clauses.  Check your spelling and punctuation, especially capital letters, full stops and commas.


Test yourself and see if you can be even faster with your flash cards from Tuesday

What would happen if you multiplied all the numbers by 10 or 100?  For example: 7 X 8 = 56 so 70 X 80 = 5600 and 700 X 800 = 560000. Write all the calculations and their division facts that are linked to them e.g. 70 X 80 =5600,    80 X 70 = 5600, 5600 ÷ 70 = 80 and 5600 ÷ 80 = 70


Rehearse the song from Monday’s video link or the rainbow song

Tuesday 31st March

Still image for this video

Sign of the day

Still image for this video

Tuesday 31st March


Watch the some of the video and read the version of one of Rudyard Kipling’s “Just So Stories” ( see the link below)

They give made up reasons for how animals got certain features like long necks and noses.  They often have amoral attached about have certain characteristics or about actions that are silly.

Can you write a story about the creatures that you made yesterday and how they got one of their features?  You can edit and finish these off tomorrow



Make some flash cards for the times tables that you find hard e.g. 7 x8 = 56.  Write the calculation on one side and the answer on the other. Place them calculation side up. Say a calculation and turn it over to see if you got it right.  How fast can you do all of them correctly?  Keep trying until you can do at least 10 that you didn’t know before.


Metamorphosis - animals that change shape

Can you find the right information from the power point and the sheets to fill in the gaps on the second sheets (don't print it out if you can help it and yes there are different levels of sheet with basically the same information on them so just copy out the information that you need to do one set into your books) 

Monday 30th March and Bethany does a better video message than me!

Still image for this video

Monday 30th March - A song from Mr Collins and Bethany

Still image for this video

Week 2

Monday 30th March

Thought of the week

Do slugs deserve to eat?

RE/ English

  1. Read the whole story in Mark chapters 14-15 of the Bible of the crucifixion.  If you can’t find a Bible, you can just google the reference.
  2. Make a list of all the main characters e.g. Judas, crowds, Pharisees, Jesus, Pilate, the Disciples.
  3. Talk to someone about why Jesus died e.g.  Was it because he was nailed to a cross?  Was it because Judas betrayed him and if so why did Judas do that?  Was it because the Pharisees hated him because he was becoming more popular than them? Was it because his disciples gave up on him?  Was it because Pilate was scared of the crowd and worried that they would riot and he would be sacked as the governor by the Romans?  If Jesus was God, why didn’t he just come down from the cross?  If he wasn’t God, why didn’t he just say “I’m not really God, I’m sorry this is all a big joke” and get let off?
  4. Why do you think Christians believe that Jesus died?
  5. If an alien had arrived on the planet at Easter, how would you explain why Jesus died to it? Write an explanation of who was responsible for the death of Jesus for the alien.


Ask a grown up to test you on last week’s spellings and copy this week’s spellings out for handwriting

Group A: blacken, brighten, flatten, lengthen, mistaken, straighten, shorten, thicken, tighten, toughen Group B: ostentatious, oblivious, orchestrate, orang-utan 


Draw out a 100 square starting at 1 and going to 10 on the top row then 11 to 20 on the second row.

Now colour in all of the 3 times table in one colour then all of the 6 times table in another colour.  Write a sentence about what the pattern is and why it works.

Next add the 9 times table in a third colour and see if you can write a sentence about this pattern.

If you’re feeling brave, write out all the square numbers under 100 in order e.g. 1X1 = 1, 2X2 = 4, 3X3 = 9 and so on.

Write me a sentence about what the pattern is between each of the square numbers.  (We looked at it briefly before Christmas)


Learn to sign this song.  There will be another one next week!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wLlok1av4x4 either copy and paste this or follow the link below.

It’s I can’t help falling in love with you.  With Makaton you have to sing it and sign it which is why some of the signs might look wrong put are in fact used correctly for meaning.

You could also learn the rainbow song above but that's not quite as clear as when Bethany rehearsed it!


Try and make an animal out of things you can find outside in the garden.  There are some ideas below.  Then make a monster from similar things.  Take a photo.  We will use it tomorrow.

Basic leaf animals - your monsters will be better than this I'm sure.

Day 5 Friday 27th March

Still image for this video

Sign of the day

Still image for this video

There is a picture below of hedgehog cakes.  You’ve been off school for one week and home learning is really starting to take off.  Email me and tell me which of the hedgehog cakes best represents how you feel and why.  Ask other people in your house which one they feel most like and why.


Today’s Maths is to get onto “Sum Dog” and “Times Tables Rock Stars” and beat you previous best score.  Then try and make sure that we beat Mr Seaton.


We’ve not done a lot of writing this week so I’d like you to have a go at this:

Can you write a debate (like the one we did about capital punishment last term).  Remember to put forward different views and why they might be right or wrong.  Start by introducing your topic and finish by saying what you think is the right thing.  Can you use words and phrases like: on the other hand, however, some people think, I disagree because.  Think about Little Red Riding Hood and The Three Little Pigs.  In both these stories the wolves are seen as the baddies. But wolves need to eat.  Wolves eat meat.  They have to; it’s what they evolved to do.  Is it reasonable to expect wolves to go veggie?  So the debate I’d like you to write down in 100 – 200 words is: “Are wolves really bad or just following their natural instincts and is there another way of life they could take?”


James has done some research and found out this:

The reason snot is green it's because your body makes special proteins called lysosomes, containing cells called phagocytes, (which the book says comes from Latin, but it's actually Greek!) for eating-cells, one of these bacteria busting proteins that has the green colour.  Snot changes colour to brown or black once it's out of your nose because water evaporates into the air, and the phagocytes die and the green proteins begin to break up removing the green colour from the bogey!


I don't understand all of these words but I get the main idea.  I wonder if you could find out an interesting science fact too.


Have fun.

Day 4 Thursday 26th March

Still image for this video

Sign of the day

Still image for this video

Good morning once again.

Read your own reading book today for at least 15 minutes.  If you’ve not got a grown up to read it to, read to an older brother or sister.  If you’ve not got one of those, read to your pet rabbit but make sure you ask it questions about the text to make sure it was listening.

Have a go at the maths sheets about percentages, decimals and fractions.  It’s the same format as the day before.

Keep up with your bird spotting.

Find the meaning of each of the words from this week’s spellings and write them out.  There is a link between some of them (and no it’s not that they begin with ‘o’!)

Don’t forget to let me know which law you’d change, I’ve only heard from three of you about that.

If you’ve still got time try catching up with some of the things you’ve missed from the first three days of this week.

Day 3 Wednesday 25th March

Good morning,

Below is today’s work.  I’m getting more emails from you and that’s great.  Well done.

Some great quizzes and some of the facts were really interesting.

I hope you are all managing to share the computers / tablets / phones with brothers and sister.  Remember it’s hard for them too.


Today please:

Do the Maths sheets and percentages, fractions and decimals just like previous days (don’t worry about printing them out; that will cost way too much).  Just copy the answers into your books and then mark them against the answers at the bottom of the document.

Have a go at Times Tables Rock Stars – Someone must be able to beat Mr Seaton!

Write out 10 sentences, each one with a word from this week’s spellings in it.

Have a go at today’s 60 second read (you can take longer if you need to).

Finally, I’ve attached a bird spotting sheet.  Maybe you can make a tally chart over the next week of how many of each type of bird you can see and turn it into a bar chart when you have finished.  I’d love to see a photo of the graphs.  And I know there are no penguins on the sheet, so don’t try to tell me that you saw some, even in Colwick!

Day 3 Wednesday March 25th

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Sign of the day

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Day 2 Tuesday 24th March

Good morning.  I hope you all managed to find and follow Joe Wicks with his broken wrist.  Do you think he should get a badge for resilience?!

Try and do it every day.  If 9.00am doesn't work for you, apparently you can watch it when he's finished and play it back later.
Today's work is below the next two videos. 

I was trying to record Grandpa's Great Escape to finish reading it to you but the website won't cope with video's over 2 minutes so you'll have to get your own copy, borrow one or wait until we are back at school together.

I'm looking forward to your emails!


Tuesday 24th March

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Sign of the day 2

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Today’s activities are:

  1. Use your handwriting books to write out each of your spellings beautifully ten times
  2. I’ve added some more fractions, percentages and decimals sheets the same as yesterday.  Do email me to let me know how you got on.  Your parents have my email address.
  3. Try to research some Easter facts and make a quiz to test your family over tea time.  See if some of your questions can be about Easter in other countries.  See if you can do proper research and not just googling “Easter Quiz”.  Include your best Easter fact in the email.
  4. Read the 60 second read comprehension and answer the questions in your purple books.  The answers are on there too so you can check them out when you’ve finished!
  5. Now try to do something kind for someone in your house without them ever knowing it was you!


First Day of Home Learning!

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Monday 23rd March 2020

Happy Monday morning!laugh

Thanks for getting out of bed and coming to the website.  If you can, try to do some exercise, make sure you've eaten a sensible breakfast, brushed your teeth and made your bed.  There is a link above to Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) on You Tube.  He is doing a 30 minute PE lesson every day during the school closure on his You Tube channel.  I've also put a link to the pilates clip that we did last term if you'd rather do that or if you are really pushed for time there is a link to a pilates You Tube  abs workout that is only about 15  minutes.


First things first:

1. Make sure that you have read your reading book for at least 15 minutes today.

2. Ask a grown up to test you on last week's spellings. Group A: criticise, advertise, capitalise, finalise, equalise, fertilise, terrorise, socialise, visualise, vandalise, to, too, two.  Group B: ophthalmoscope, ophthalmologist, ophthalmology, ophthalmic, opportunism   

3. Copy this week's spellings on some paper and decorate them beautifully then stick them around your room so that you see them lots and learn them just by seeing them around.  Group A: amplify, solidify, signify, falsify, glorify, notify, testify, purify, intensify, classify (can you spot what word groups they are from and what word groups they were before they had -ify added to them?  What is the rule for words that ended y before the -ify was added? Group B: orientation, orienteering, ornithology, ornithologist, orthodontist

4.  I've put two power points and their linked worksheets below.  One is about right for most of you and the other is a bit easier.  Work through the power point and then select one of the sheets at your level. If there is a D in a star at the bottom, that is the easiest, E in a star is where most of you are working and GD in a star is the harder stuff that you might want to challenge yourself with.  The answers are also there so you can ask an adult to see how you got on.  You can copy bits into your new purple books rather than printing bits out.

5. If you've still got time, I'm going to add a power point about Tim Peake linked to what we were learning about space.  See what great facts you can find out and impress someone with.


Also there are a whole lot of programmes about ancient China (not necessarily Shang Dynasty) on PBS America (Freeview Channel 91) this week (Monday to Thursday).  I don't know how suitable they are for children but why not ask your responsible adult if you can check the programmes out with them if they have time.

We harvested pumpkins and parsnips before turning them into soup and cooking them, along with home made bread twists over a fire in the woodland.

Year 5/6 word list for spellings