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Year 5

Welcome to Class 5 2019-2020

This term I've got some great plans. I'm already getting excited about teaching this year's topics.

Here is some useful information to help children and their parents this term.


Now that you are in year 5, there is a lot more responsibility on you. It is up to you to make sure that letters and messages go home and that your kit is in school every day.

We will be having 2 PE lessons a week and they could be on any day so you will need your full PE kit in school every day.

You'll also need to have your reading books in school every day too. There are books in the class library which you can use (don't forget to sign them out) or you can read something from home if you prefer.  You can change your book at the start of any day or break time.

We aim to hear every child read at least once a week in a group.

Homework and Spellings

I will try to set homework and spellings every Monday morning. If you are absent then ask someone what they are or check the app, where I will post them every week.

Homework will be posted here, on the app and copied into your organiser.  If none of these work for you, you can always ask a friend before the date that it is due in.

One of the main drives in spelling will be learning all the spellings on the year 5/6 list. But we also want you to be able to use them in your work too.


Good to be Green continues and hopefully we will have lots of gold card too. For those extra special efforts in class there are platinum cards to be earned.

Every gold card will be worth a gold sticker for our reward chart as a class. When we get 1000 sticker there will be a class reward which the children will be able to select from a list.

Consequences of not following the rules (which I am sure won't happen to any of you) are also simple. We still have yellow warning cards and red consequence card. If a child gets a red card they will have to miss the next break time (which could be the next day). A child may also be asked to work in another environment in order to help him or her to calm down away from a situation or do a physical activity to help burn off any excess energy.


This year we will have support from Mrs Cannings, Mrs Whitt, Miss Jackson and Mrs Belton.  


We will be studying “Crime and Punishment” this year and this will have an impact on the English work that we do as well as other afternoon lessons.  Our topic work will involve Art, Music, DT, History, Geography on the whole.

English will cover poetry, diary writing, information texts and story writing.  There will also be a greater focus on grammar rules which are more fun than they sound!

Maths will cover: Basic written and mental calculation strategies; fractions and decimals; place value and data handling.

Science will be a about forces and space

RE will cover Slavery and Freedom

PE will include fitness and dance (yes I will be teaching dance and enjoying it!) as well as Sports Hall Challenge and Hockey

We will be visited by the GREAT Project as part of our PSHE lessons to discuss what makes a good relationship.

We will also be visiting the National Justice Galleries (previously known as the Galleries of Justice).

We will be having an incredibly important visit from The Archbishop of York on Friday 13th September.  His Grace will be speaking to us about “Hope” and there will be a chance for parents to meet and hear him at 2.45-3.30.


I’m really looking forward to teaching all your children this year.  If you have any concerns or difficulties, please let me know or make an appointment to see me after school.


Peter Collins

Homework and Spellings

WB 2/9/19

Spellings: Everyone: vicious, gracious, spacious, malicious, precious, conscious, delicious, suspicious, atrocious, ferocious

Homework:  Collect 20 great facts about crime and punishment through the ages and present it as a poster.  Take two weeks to do this.

Thought for the week: How do we make a great start?

WB 9/9/19

Spellings: All groups: ambitious, cautious, fictitious, infectious, infectious, nutritious, contentious, superstitious, pretentious, anxious, obnoxious

Homework: To complete the poster of 20 facts set last week. Reading X 5 X15 mins

Thought for the week: What do you hope in and why?

WB 16/9/19

Spellings: Group A: symbol, mystery, lyrics, oxygen, symptom, physical, system, typical, crystal, rhythm Group B: adjournment, affiliation, albumen, anemometer, argumentative

Homework: Design your own medieval torture method on an advertising poster to sell it and reading X5 X15 mins

Thought for the week: How do I show off what I’m good at without showing off?

WB 23/9/19

Spellings: Group A: apply, supply, identify, occupy, multiply, rhyme, cycle, python, hygiene, hyphen Group B: begrudge, belligerent, bivouac, bizarre

Homework: In a shoe box over the next 2 weeks, make a diorama of a prison cell that could have been found at the Galleries of Justice + Reading X5 X15 mins

Thought for the week: Is water wet?

WB 30/9/19

Spellings: Group A past, passed, proceed, precede, aisle, isle, aloud, allowed, affect, effect Group B conscientious, condescension, constabulary, consignment, consecutive

Homework: To complete diorama of a prison cell and to read X5 X15 mins

Thought for the week: Do other people’s feelings matter even if they are wrong?

WB: 7/10/19

Spellings: Group A: farther, father, guessed, guest, heard, herd, led, lead, mourning, morning Group B: As A +  disingenuous, diphthong, delinquent, duodecimal, dyslexia

Homework: To use semi colons to link main clauses – homework sheet + Reading X5 X15 mins

Thought for the week: How do I control how I show my feelings?


Spellings: Group A: doubt, lamb, debt, thumb, solemn, autumn, column, knight, knuckle, knot Group B: gnawing, psychology, scent, foreign, benign

Homework: Reading X5 X15 minutes, grammar sheet

Thought for the week: Nature or nurture, which makes you who you are?


Spellings: Group A: wrestle, wrapper, island, aisle, debris, mortgage, Christmas, yacht, guarantee, guilty and Group B: gnostic, pneumatic, rhinoceros, rhetorical, psalms

Homework: Reading X 5 X15 minutes, Maths graph sheet

Thought for the week: Nature or nurture debate continued


Spellings: Group A: Can, could, may, might, must, shall, should, will, would, ought Group B: As A + hermeneutics, hollandaise, hypaesthesia, hypnotism, hysterical

Homework: Reading X5 X15mins, Maths Sheet, Grammar Sheet

Thought for the week: If I was predisposed to doing bad things, should I be arrested and locked up to stop me doing them?

Spring Term


Spellings: Group A membership, ownership, partnership, dictatorship, championship, craftsmanship, fellowship, apprenticeship, citizenship, sponsorship Group B: insurmountable, industrialists, infinitesimal, immunisation, irreplaceable

Homework: Reading X5 X15 minutes and create a chinese dragon puppet using a concertina method for the body (as in the image sent home) and lolly-sticks but creating your own head and tail.   

Thought for the week: What makes you unique and is it important?

We harvested pumpkins and parsnips before turning them into soup and cooking them, along with home made bread twists over a fire in the woodland.

Year 5/6 word list for spellings