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Weekly Catch-up Learning

Week beginning 02.11.20


Maths - Addition and Subtraction Missing Number Puzzles

English - Reading Comprehension

DT - Bonfire Night Cooking Recipes

Week beginning 05.10.20


Maths - Addition and Subtraction Written Methods

English - Sentence Structure and Punctuation in Informal Diary Writing

Week beginning 28.09.20


Maths - Negative Numbers
English - Word types

Week beginning 12.10.20


Maths - Addition and Subtraction Methods

English - Punctuating sentences


Read the first extract and count the number of each punctuation mark. Then choose the extract where the capital letters and full stops have been removed (easier) or the extract where all the punctuation has been removed (harder) and copy, ensuring neat cursive script with ascenders and descenders is used. Check against the answers.


Below is a choice of work you can choose to do over the two week break if you wish to continue to catch up with any lost learning from Covid Lockdown. Enjoy!