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World Book Day! 01.03.2023

For World Book Day we explored the story: The Robot and the Blue bird. We created our own robots and described them in detail using adjectives and expanded noun phrases. We then took part in a Robot Dance. We made bird feed in the Woodland area for the blue bird in the story. We explored the vocabulary in the story. We looked at the Robot and how he was metal and how he rusted in the weather. The story shows elements of kindness that we enjoyed discussing. 

21.02.2023 - 24.02.2023

Welcome Back!


This week we enjoyed reading the guided reading book: 'What pirates really do'. We danced as pirates, acted out the story and drew pictures to help us to recall and sequence the story. We have been practicing reading with expression and using our facial expressions to convey emotions.


In Science we continued to explore different materials. This week we undertook an experiment to identify which material would be best to make the pig's roof. We tested foil, paper, tissue and plastic. Ask your child which material they thought was best and why? 


In Maths we have been practicing breaking numbers down into tens and ones. We used resources to help us with our understanding. 


We have got lots more learning planned for next week including World Book Day activities. See you all on Monday for another week of learning. 


06.02.2023 - 10.02.2023

06.02.2023 - 10.02.2023 - Mental Health Week 


Class 1 have been extremely busy this week. It has been mental health week and therefore we have been exploring how we connect to each other. We discussed ways in which we are similar and different and celebrated this. 


In Maths, we have been looking at difference in numbers. We worked in partners / small groups to slide counters on the board and work out how many more / less their partners number was. We used counters to support this. We also looked at missing number problems.  


We took a visit to the Woodland. The children enjoyed finding worms, writing number sentences and drawing pictures in chalk and creating musical instruments as well as climbing trees and exploring nature! 


In Science this term, the children have been involved in a variety of experiments to help find the properties of different objects / materials. We have explored which materials are magnetic and absorbent. This week, we tested whether objects float. 


In Art this term, we researched the work of Vincent Van Gogh and George Seurat. We compared the artists work and discussed what we liked and did not like about the techniques. This week, we had a go at creating our own paintings in the style of these two artists. We created paintings of the characters from Little Red Riding Hood. 


In English, we explored expanded noun phrases to help us to write character descriptions on one of the characters from Little Red Riding Hood. We also looked at the conjunction 'and' to link sentences together. 


In History this term we have looked at a variety of influential people such as Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth II. This week we have been looking William Shakespeare. 


I hope everyone has a well deserved break and I will see you all after half term :-) 

30.01.2023 - 03.02.2023

This week we explored materials in Science. We looked at which materials were absorbent. Last week, we looked at which materials were magnetic. With this knowledge we will be able to work out which materials are best for different purposes. 


In PE we have been learning a dinosaur dance and we have been practicing this. 


In English, we have been reading Little Red Riding Hood. We have spoke about the different characters, the plot and the setting. We have been using adjectives to describe the characters and setting in more detail. 


For our guided reading book we read 'The Smile Shop' we spoke about how you can make someone smile without spending a penny. We looked at the vocabulary and the pictures in the book in more detail. 


Class 1 are working extremely hard :-) 



Guided Reading - Space Walkies

We took a trip to space to introduce the guided reading book "Space Walkies". We listened to songs about space and also was sat amongst the stars. We spoke about how we wont be able to visit space as we do not have a rocket!