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Weekly spellings will be put here for children to learn for a test every Tuesday.  Children have been assessed and grouped so that the spellings they receive are appropriate for their ability. Short, regular practice at home is much more successful than longer, less frequent learning sessions. For ideas of how fun and varied ways of learning spellings, please see the resource below.


It is expected that 10 out of 15 is scored to pass the weekly test. Children that do not score this pass rate will be given the opportunity to spend some extra time with an adult at a lunchtime in school to catch up with the spellings that they have not learnt so as not to fall behind


Gold cards (and a raffle ticket) will be awarded for full marks and  full marks for every test across the term will be awarded with a Platinum – quite a challenge but very possible with some dedication!


Please email any queries to: class6@st-johns-pri.notts.sch.uk


Support at home is very much appreciated – thank you! Miss Bewick.


We use the Sounds and Syllables Spelling System:






See below for PDF versions of the above documents.

Below are some cards giving fun and practical ideas for ways to learn spellings. Try them!

05.10.12 - I'm so PROUD that everyone in the class learnt their spellings, passed their test and therefore

worked as a team to earn extra playtime! Super effort everyone - well done! 

Spellings for 12.10.21 Words ending in <ably> <ibly> (3 weeks to learn over half term)