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Children should be reading at least four times each week to an adult or on Bug Club (we are waiting for the KS2 Bug Club to be reactivated as there has been technical difficulties their end).


Children in Year 6, being more confident readers, will also enjoy reading alone but reading with/to an adult will enable them to improve their fluency, speed, vocabulary knowledge and comprehension of the text and will allow them to be able to make greater progress.


Bug Club books are allocated to children based on their current level of reading plus taking into account the aspirational aim for them to be reading Year 6 SATs level texts as soon as possible. Bug Club offers a variety of comprehension questions throughout each text similar to SATs style questions. Therefore it will be an expectation that children use Bug Club at least once per week so that they are working on their comprehension question skills. Organisers will be collected in and checked each Friday for evidence of 4 lots of reading recorded (by children) and signed (by an adult) since the previous week. 




If you have any queries about reading, please email: class6@st-johns-pri.nogtts.sch.uk


Thank you so much for your support, Mr Heaps.







School Code: 7rph

For those children who have lost their cards that they were given with their username and passwords, the following will allow access to Bug Club Accounts:


Username: first 4 letters of first name and first 4 letters of second name all lower case e.g. ariagran (Ariana Grande)


Password: class2014 or class2015 for all children