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Welcome to St John’s PTFA page!

Firstly I would like to say that we are always on the hunt for volunteers! Committing to a PTFA may feel a bit daunting however there are a variety of small ways you can help and be involved. From designing posters, photocopying and distributing letters. Cleaning up after an event or manning a stall are all invaluable ways that you could help our school.

You don’t have to attend PTFA meetings- you can use our contact details to send in ideas for discussion. The commitment you make is completely determined by you. The important thing to remember is that schools are becoming more and more dependent on their PTA’s for funds and it is vital that we try and get a continual cycle of parental involvement.

Below are several reasons to get involved:

  • Parents are vital to the success of the school
  • You will feel more connected
  • You will be part of a great network
  • You WILL make a difference
  • It’s not just for mums
  • You will be role model for your child
  • What the PTFA does affects every parent and pupil
  • It’s fun


What does PTFA stand for?

PTFA stands for Parents, Teachers and Friends Association


What runs the PTFA?

The PTFA is made up of a mixture of parents and staff that work together for the benefit of St John the Baptist Primary. Some of them are full time parents, some of them work part or full time. None of us are specialists in fundraising.

Going forward we need as many helpers as possible to make the PTFA a success. Without the involvement of parents the PTFA would not be possible


What does the PTFA do?

The PTFA is About more than just fund raising, it exists to provide closer links between home & school, to bring together parents, carers & friends socially in support of the school to work towards a common goal. 

· We raise funds to help the school provide resources and extras for the pupils

· We run social events for the children and their parents, carers, family & friends

· We support the funding for school trips and outings and other special events

The opportunities that our children are being given are amazing, and it really wouldn't be possible to have all the enrichment activities that are currently provided without these.


When are the meetings?

Meeting are usually held in the Woodland Hut on a Monday or Tuesday morning once a month. Anyone is more than welcome to attend our meetings, please speak to one of us to get more details.


Meet the Team.



Gemma Bardwell - parent


Fay Jackson - Teaching Assistant


Stephanie Clarke - parent

Current Committee members and active helpers of the PTFA also include:

Lyndsey Lee- Vice Chair

Rachel Ireland- Head Teacher

Yvonne Stevenson- Teaching Assistant

Hayley Cousins - parent

Jane Allen - parent

Richard Greenwood - parent

Hannah Miranda - parent

Max Bardwell - parent and governor

Please speak to anyone of us if you would like more information on how you can get involved


What have the PTFA funded?


Throughout the years PTFA events and activities have helped fund many projects, below is a list of these...


  • Contributions towards various trips to help lower the cost to parents, i.e. White Post Farm (£108), Contributions towards various trips to help lower the cost to parents, i.e. Sundown Adventure (£495)
  • Bibles for children
  • Year 6 leavers gifts - calculators
  • Year 6 bowling
  • Advent calendars
  • Twin Lakes visit
  • New stage
  • Climbing wall (£3500)
  • Actors in school
  • Cinema trips
  • 10% funding towards the year 6 residential visit to Rock UK, (£574),
  • Dare T-shirts and many other enrichment activities throughout the school
  • Projectors throughout the school
  • Air conditioning in class 5


Dates for your diary





All about Easyfunding

PTFA Annual General Meeting 15 November 2018