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This page is where we recognise those pupils who have gone above and beyond in their work or behaviour ! We want everyone to know how amazing they have been and why!


Week Beginning Monday 30th January



Ella - working hard to improve her learning at home

Leo - Fantastic enthusiasm

Lily - Amazing attitude to learning

Amber - Fantastic effort with home learning

Aleks and Zekaria - Amazing attitude to learning


Class One

Rhia - Independently working and trying her best

Oliver - Making lots of progress in phonics


Class Two

Noah - Enthusiasm and effort

Ashton - Huge improvement with his handwriting


Class Three

Jade - Achieving a very high score in times tables

Ella - Writing a welcome card for our new class member


Class Six

Alfie - Staying focussed and trying his best in class and in small group work.

Week Beginning 23rd January


Class One

Amaya - Lovely English work - great presentation

Hannah - Always trying her best in all her learning.


Class Five

Hamza - Superbly presented president homework

Sophie and Niamh - Creative carnival homework

Miley - Outstanding fraction work


Class Six

Archie - Amazing effort in Maths


Week Beginning Monday 16th January



Ivy and Ozzy - Fabulous homework


Class One

Rubi-Leigh - Showing kindness to a friend


Class Two

Lilah and Evelyn - Fantastic effort with reading

Amelia  - Fantastic effort with writing

Richard - Fantastic effort with letter formation


Class Three

Vihana - Achieving 3 gold cards in one day


Class Five

Molly - For a fabulous carnival outfit made for homework

Louie - For a very accurate depiction of Mount Rushmore in clay

Jasmine - For an inventive Geography homework idea of going Geocaching

Mollie - For perfect presentation of classwork all of the time


Class Six

Zachary - For being a complete star, completing his work with such a positive attitude and making great progress.


Monday 9th January 2023



Millie - Amazing effort to continue with her learning over the holidays

Ivy - Fantastic progress with phonics and reading.


Class One

Zac, Rafferty- Fantastic work in and outside of school. They always try their best in all subjects including the ones they find tricky

Alfie - Super helping around the classroom. Always helping the grown-ups with jobs

Ruby-Leigh - Super helping around the classroom. Always keeping our classroom tidy.


Class Three

Louie - Outstanding volcano homework

Ayat - Superb show and tell, confident and lots of detailed answers.


Class Five

Sophie - Super Sci-Fi story writing

Harrison - Incredibly creative Christmas planet bauble homework

Ella - Fantastic Science related art homework

Zara, Lexi, Abbie, Louie, Josh, Bailey - For excellent independent DT skills applied to make superb wooden reindeer

Mia - For making a fantastic model of the Parthenon

Hugo - For the most impressive Science homework

Myles - For braving Greek foods and finding new ones to like

Jasmine - For making a super science model of the Solar System

Nigar, Miley, Bailey, Mollie - For being brilliant leaders on 100 Club day

Jasmine, Molly, Nigar, George, Harrison, Amirah, Mollie, Ella, Sophie - For outstanding narrative writing.


Class Six


Lillie, Amari, Archie, Charlie, Ollie - For being brilliant leaders on 100 Club day.

Week Beginning Monday 12th December 


Class Three

Jade, Matthew, Oliver and Vihana - All achieved in the 40's for their first times table challenge


Class Four

Amelia, Esther, Paulus, Mia, Enya, Larsson, Joey and Lydia - Massive improvements in their tables challenge


Class Five

Mia - For superbly researched and presented space facts

Amirah - For an outstanding oil pastel picture

Niamh - For an exciting two part sci-fi story


Class Six

Isla - Always on task, asking probing questions and answering maturely in class

Week Beginning Monday 5th December


Foundation Class

Zakaria - Trying hard to learn nativity songs

Emilia - Brilliant shape work

Zoe - Being a kind and helpful friend

Lily - Being kind and helpful


Class One

Niall - Showing great concentration in all his magazine tasks last week

Darcy - Showing a great attitude to learning and reading lots at home


Class Two

Erin - Being such a kind friend to our new pupil

Evie- Leigh - Fantastic effort with extra maths homework


Class Three

Matthew - Achieving 3 gold cards in 1 day

Esme - Outstanding homework of a nativity scene


Class Five

Freya, Ella and Molly - For leading a superb house wake and shake


Class Six

Joe - A terrific effort in his reading comprehension test

Ava - Supporting her house with a superb wake and shake

Week Beginning Monday 28th November


Foundation Class


Spencer, Teddy and Ivy - Amazing progress with phonics blending

Amber - Brilliant blending and brilliant attitude to all aspects of her learning and school life

Chloe - Amazing efforts in phonics and counting at home

Bea - Brilliant attitude and behaviour to school and learning jobs this week

Oriana and George - Excellent progress, attitude and enthusiasm in all areas of learning


Class Five


Miley - Maturity and fairness in conducting school council interviews

Molly - For create space - theme homework

Amirah - For fantastic sci-fi story writing

Hamza and Harrison - For incredible engineering of an Ancient Greek Parthenon


Class Six


Tia - Amazing letter to Rock UK, focused and assured writing

Aiden - Maturity and fairness in conducting school council interviews

Jack - For excellent sportsmanship noted by another headteacher


Week Beginning Monday 21st November


Class One


Rayhaan - For independent learning. He always has a go, even when things get tricky.


Class Two

Sam - Brilliant progress with his phonics.

Gracie - Fantastic effort with addition this week - persevering until she had mastered it.


Class Three

Louie - Outstanding homework

Vihana - Completing her 8 x tables test in 3 minutes.


Class Four

Josh - For writing his full name independently, forming letters clearly.


Class Six

Charlie - Always focussed and always wanting to achieve his best. He has had a great start to this year in class 6.

Week Beginning Monday 14th November



Leo - For settling down and working hard and making fantastic progress in phonics.

Jessica - Incredible hard work in every aspect of her learning, even at home.


Class One

Ophelia - Beautiful presentation in her work. Always using her best letter shapes.

Eliana - Starting her work independently and sensible. Always trying her best.


Class Four

Angel - Always being quietly helpful and working her hardest.

Hannah - Overcoming her fear of Maths and being determined to learn decomposition.


Class Five

Abdullah - Amazing homework.

Ella and Lexi - For being amazingly helpful and positive in class last week.

Hugo - Making some amazing homework.


Class Six

Frazer - Amazing homework every week and super attitude towards learning.

Layla - Lovely WW2 poetry.

Week Beginning Monday 7th November


Class One

Logan - Great attitude towards learning. Always tried his best and shows he is listening consistently.


Class Three

Ayat - Achieving 3 gold cards in one day

Tylan, Matthew and Vihana - For completing their bronze, silver and gold 4 times table in 3 mins.

Week Beginning Monday 31st October


Class Three

Zech, Esme and Tylan - Went above an beyond in History

Oliver, Harry and Henry - Outstanding homework


Class Five

Lexi - Outstanding writing homework

Piper, Miley, Niamh, Mollie - Outstanding homework

Myles - Outstanding effort and attitude to reading.


Summer reading challenge - Joshua, Miley.

Week beginning Monday 10th October



Isla - Great work in phonics

Jessica - Super star reading and fabulous homework

Leo - Writing his name independently

Ozzie - Fabulous homework

Millie - Amazing effort with homework


Class One

Nikol - Amazing focus in phonics

Odin - Taking the time to produce the best work he can


Class Two

Samuel - Fantastic effort with reading. Sounding out carefully to read cvc words


Class Five

Joshua, Sophie, Freya, Hugo and Jasmine - Fantastic homework


Class Six

Amelia and Jack - For producing two pieces of absolutely wonderful homework based on WW2

Week Beginning Monday 3rd October


Class Three

Noah - For getting three gold cards in one day

Ella - For super homework - you came dressed as a Roman!


Class Six

Jayden - Working so hard to make progress in his Maths every day - AMAZING EFFORT!

Week beginning Monday 26th September



Isla - Amazing creativity

Joshua and Jessica - Brilliant blending

Grayson - Good listening and being fantastic at tidying up


Class One

Adam and Joshua - For getting on with their work sensibly even when it is tricky and always trying their best


Class Three

Angel - Outstanding homework

Fletcher - Reading every night at home


Class Five

Abdullah - For perfectly presented work all of the time

Molly and Amirah - For super homework

Mollie - For outstanding charcoal artwork


Class Six

Xander - Perseverance with harder challenges

Layla, Cole, Abdullah, Connor, Jack and Amelia - For amazing commitment and help at the sports charity day.


Summer Reading challenge


Fletcher, Frazer and Erin


Wk Beginning Monday 19th September


Class One

Myla - For always listening and trying her best


Class Two

Joshua G, Ellie, Evelyn, Naomi, Amber - For incredible summer homework


Class Three

Ella, Jasmine, Zechariah - For super sentences in English


Class Four

Alice, Imogen - Amazing homework


Class Six

Ava - Great listening skills and attitude to learning

Cole - Super homework


Well done to the following children for completing the Summer reading challenge

Lydia, Sophie E, Esther, Angel, Sophie M, Ethan, Joshua S, Molly L