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Platinum Page


This page is where we recognise those pupils who have gone above and beyond in their work or behaviour ! We want everyone to know how amazing they have been.

Week Beginning Monday 5th June


Zimel - Super effort with writing

Grayson and Jessica - Brilliant technique in the running races

Class One

Anastasia - Trying her best in all her learning

Logan - Trying his best especially in English

Class Three

Harry - Super homework

Tylan - Working hard at home on his times table

Class Four

Sam - Excellent writing

Hannah - Incredible homework

Class Five

Sophie - A cleverly crafted clay Tudor rose

Class Six

Charlie - Fantastic effort in his 'Smarties Maths Investigation'.

Week Beginning Monday 22nd May


Ozzie - Fantastic homework

All of Class Two for amazing effort with their special booklets

Class Four 

Andrew - Excellent times tables progress

Xander - Fantastic support for other pupils this week - amazing!


Week Beginning 15th May


Millie - Creative minibeast work in the woodland area.

Emilia - Great effort in phonics

Chloe and Leo - Outstanding progress in phonics

Class One

Sofia - A good start to her fantasy story

Emilia - Creative artwork in the woodland

Amelia - Always listening carefully - especially in phonics and when we planted our seeds

Class Three

Vihana - Completing the times tables sheet and moving on to division

Class Four

Toby and Jaylan - Excellent work with learning times tables

Class Five

Amirah - For a brilliant crown design

Jess - For a fabulous newspaper report

Class Six

All of you for a tremendous effort in your SATs last week. We are all SO proud of you!!!


Week beginning 8th May

Class Three

Billie-Leigh, Oliver and Alleza - Super independent Maths work

Class Four

Ethan, Joey, Sophie and Lydia - Exceptional progress with times tables.


Week beginning Monday 24th April


Emilia and Zimel- Brilliant team work with a friend when recognising numbers

Class One

Odin - Working hard with his phonics

Alfie - Working hard in his phonics

Joshua - Great handwriting in his farm narrative writing

Myla - Beautiful creative collage artwork


Class Three

Oliver - Outstanding homework last term

Tylan and Teddy - Three gold cards in one day


Class Four 

Precious, Enya, Toby, Andrew, Joey, Joey, Sam, Orla, Esther, Alice, Hannah, Jace, Ethan, Angel, Georgie, Sophie, Lydia, Max, Max, Jenson, Larsson, Amelia, Paulus, Imogen, Mia - Amazing figurative language development.

Class Five

Jasmine, Sophie, Mollie, Molly, Bailey, Kyran, Myles, Miley-Rose, Joshua, Niamh, Ella - For outstanding progress in writing

Class Six

Mason, Zachary - Outstanding progress in Maths arithmetic.


Week beginning Monday 20th February

Class Five

Piper - For immaculate carnival headdress homework

Ella - Marvellous mosaic homework

Freya - A brilliant Bobcat fact file

Amirah - For outstanding art and design homework.

Week Beginning Monday 6th February


Isla - Super Homework

Class Three

Ella - Writing a thank you letter for our new class member

Harry - Excellent writing practice at home

Vihana - 3 gold cards in a day

Class Four

Alice and Larsson - Excellent homework

Class Six

Mihaela - Always listens, produces excellent work and is a pleasure to teach!

Week Beginning Monday 30th January


Ella - working hard to improve her learning at home

Leo - Fantastic enthusiasm

Lily - Amazing attitude to learning

Amber - Fantastic effort with home learning

Aleks and Zekaria - Amazing attitude to learning

Class One

Rhia - Independently working and trying her best

Oliver - Making lots of progress in phonics

Class Two

Noah - Enthusiasm and effort

Ashton - Huge improvement with his handwriting

Class Three

Jade - Achieving a very high score in times tables

Ella - Writing a welcome card for our new class member

Class Six

Alfie - Staying focussed and trying his best in class and in small group work.

Week Beginning 23rd January

Class One

Amaya - Lovely English work - great presentation

Hannah - Always trying her best in all her learning.

Class Five

Hamza - Superbly presented president homework

Sophie and Niamh - Creative carnival homework

Miley - Outstanding fraction work

Class Six

Archie - Amazing effort in Maths

Week Beginning Monday 16th January


Ivy and Ozzy - Fabulous homework

Class One

Rubi-Leigh - Showing kindness to a friend

Class Two

Lilah and Evelyn - Fantastic effort with reading

Amelia  - Fantastic effort with writing

Richard - Fantastic effort with letter formation

Class Three

Vihana - Achieving 3 gold cards in one day

Class Five

Molly - For a fabulous carnival outfit made for homework

Louie - For a very accurate depiction of Mount Rushmore in clay

Jasmine - For an inventive Geography homework idea of going Geocaching

Mollie - For perfect presentation of classwork all of the time

Class Six

Zachary - For being a complete star, completing his work with such a positive attitude and making great progress.

Monday 9th January 2023


Millie - Amazing effort to continue with her learning over the holidays

Ivy - Fantastic progress with phonics and reading.

Class One

Zac, Rafferty- Fantastic work in and outside of school. They always try their best in all subjects including the ones they find tricky

Alfie - Super helping around the classroom. Always helping the grown-ups with jobs

Ruby-Leigh - Super helping around the classroom. Always keeping our classroom tidy.

Class Three

Louie - Outstanding volcano homework

Ayat - Superb show and tell, confident and lots of detailed answers.

Class Five

Sophie - Super Sci-Fi story writing

Harrison - Incredibly creative Christmas planet bauble homework

Ella - Fantastic Science related art homework

Zara, Lexi, Abbie, Louie, Josh, Bailey - For excellent independent DT skills applied to make superb wooden reindeer

Mia - For making a fantastic model of the Parthenon

Hugo - For the most impressive Science homework

Myles - For braving Greek foods and finding new ones to like

Jasmine - For making a super science model of the Solar System

Nigar, Miley, Bailey, Mollie - For being brilliant leaders on 100 Club day

Jasmine, Molly, Nigar, George, Harrison, Amirah, Mollie, Ella, Sophie - For outstanding narrative writing.

Class Six

Lillie, Amari, Archie, Charlie, Ollie - For being brilliant leaders on 100 Club day.

Week Beginning Monday 12th December 

Class Three

Jade, Matthew, Oliver and Vihana - All achieved in the 40's for their first times table challenge

Class Four

Amelia, Esther, Paulus, Mia, Enya, Larsson, Joey and Lydia - Massive improvements in their tables challenge

Class Five

Mia - For superbly researched and presented space facts

Amirah - For an outstanding oil pastel picture

Niamh - For an exciting two part sci-fi story

Class Six

Isla - Always on task, asking probing questions and answering maturely in class

Week Beginning Monday 5th December

Foundation Class

Zakaria - Trying hard to learn nativity songs

Emilia - Brilliant shape work

Zoe - Being a kind and helpful friend

Lily - Being kind and helpful

Class One

Niall - Showing great concentration in all his magazine tasks last week

Darcy - Showing a great attitude to learning and reading lots at home

Class Two

Erin - Being such a kind friend to our new pupil

Evie- Leigh - Fantastic effort with extra maths homework

Class Three

Matthew - Achieving 3 gold cards in 1 day

Esme - Outstanding homework of a nativity scene

Class Five

Freya, Ella and Molly - For leading a superb house wake and shake

Class Six

Joe - A terrific effort in his reading comprehension test

Ava - Supporting her house with a superb wake and shake

Week Beginning Monday 28th November

Foundation Class

Spencer, Teddy and Ivy - Amazing progress with phonics blending

Amber - Brilliant blending and brilliant attitude to all aspects of her learning and school life

Chloe - Amazing efforts in phonics and counting at home

Bea - Brilliant attitude and behaviour to school and learning jobs this week

Oriana and George - Excellent progress, attitude and enthusiasm in all areas of learning

Class Five

Miley - Maturity and fairness in conducting school council interviews

Molly - For create space - theme homework

Amirah - For fantastic sci-fi story writing

Hamza and Harrison - For incredible engineering of an Ancient Greek Parthenon

Class Six

Tia - Amazing letter to Rock UK, focused and assured writing

Aiden - Maturity and fairness in conducting school council interviews

Jack - For excellent sportsmanship noted by another headteacher

Week Beginning Monday 21st November

Class One

Rayhaan - For independent learning. He always has a go, even when things get tricky.

Class Two

Sam - Brilliant progress with his phonics.

Gracie - Fantastic effort with addition this week - persevering until she had mastered it.

Class Three

Louie - Outstanding homework

Vihana - Completing her 8 x tables test in 3 minutes.

Class Four

Josh - For writing his full name independently, forming letters clearly.

Class Six

Charlie - Always focussed and always wanting to achieve his best. He has had a great start to this year in class 6.

Week Beginning Monday 14th November


Leo - For settling down and working hard and making fantastic progress in phonics.

Jessica - Incredible hard work in every aspect of her learning, even at home.

Class One

Ophelia - Beautiful presentation in her work. Always using her best letter shapes.

Eliana - Starting her work independently and sensible. Always trying her best.

Class Four

Angel - Always being quietly helpful and working her hardest.

Hannah - Overcoming her fear of Maths and being determined to learn decomposition.

Class Five

Abdullah - Amazing homework.

Ella and Lexi - For being amazingly helpful and positive in class last week.

Hugo - Making some amazing homework.

Class Six

Frazer - Amazing homework every week and super attitude towards learning.

Layla - Lovely WW2 poetry.

Week Beginning Monday 7th November

Class One

Logan - Great attitude towards learning. Always tried his best and shows he is listening consistently.

Class Three

Ayat - Achieving 3 gold cards in one day

Tylan, Matthew and Vihana - For completing their bronze, silver and gold 4 times table in 3 mins.

Week Beginning Monday 31st October

Class Three

Zech, Esme and Tylan - Went above an beyond in History

Oliver, Harry and Henry - Outstanding homework

Class Five

Lexi - Outstanding writing homework

Piper, Miley, Niamh, Mollie - Outstanding homework

Myles - Outstanding effort and attitude to reading.

Summer reading challenge - Joshua, Miley.

Week beginning Monday 10th October


Isla - Great work in phonics

Jessica - Super star reading and fabulous homework

Leo - Writing his name independently

Ozzie - Fabulous homework

Millie - Amazing effort with homework

Class One

Nikol - Amazing focus in phonics

Odin - Taking the time to produce the best work he can

Class Two

Samuel - Fantastic effort with reading. Sounding out carefully to read cvc words

Class Five

Joshua, Sophie, Freya, Hugo and Jasmine - Fantastic homework

Class Six

Amelia and Jack - For producing two pieces of absolutely wonderful homework based on WW2

Week Beginning Monday 3rd October

Class Three

Noah - For getting three gold cards in one day

Ella - For super homework - you came dressed as a Roman!

Class Six

Jayden - Working so hard to make progress in his Maths every day - AMAZING EFFORT!

Week beginning Monday 26th September


Isla - Amazing creativity

Joshua and Jessica - Brilliant blending

Grayson - Good listening and being fantastic at tidying up

Class One

Adam and Joshua - For getting on with their work sensibly even when it is tricky and always trying their best

Class Three

Angel - Outstanding homework

Fletcher - Reading every night at home

Class Five

Abdullah - For perfectly presented work all of the time

Molly and Amirah - For super homework

Mollie - For outstanding charcoal artwork

Class Six

Xander - Perseverance with harder challenges

Layla, Cole, Abdullah, Connor, Jack and Amelia - For amazing commitment and help at the sports charity day.

Summer Reading challenge

Fletcher, Frazer and Erin

Wk Beginning Monday 19th September

Class One

Myla - For always listening and trying her best

Class Two

Joshua G, Ellie, Evelyn, Naomi, Amber - For incredible summer homework

Class Three

Ella, Jasmine, Zechariah - For super sentences in English

Class Four

Alice, Imogen - Amazing homework

Class Six

Ava - Great listening skills and attitude to learning

Cole - Super homework

Well done to the following children for completing the Summer reading challenge

Lydia, Sophie E, Esther, Angel, Sophie M, Ethan, Joshua S, Molly L