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Mathematics is important in our everyday life. It equips us with the skills we need to interpret and analyse information, simplify and solve problems, assess risk and make informed decisions.  Math is the one skill children need to master in life to be able to live and survive.  Maths is needed in our everyday lives for telling the time, shopping, solving problems, carrying out tasks like getting dressed in a suitable order, using technology and planning our day. The list is endless!

Here at St John’s, we understand the importance of providing children with the necessary mathematical skills to be able to survive in a mathematical world.  Children are taught maths daily in accordance with the National Curriculum but also with a particular focus upon problem solving, calculations and the times tables. We all enjoy maths which is practical, interactive, challenging and fast-paced and progress each year as well as being appropriate for children’s varying abilities within each class. Lessons are planned from various sources but our calculations policy is used consistently throughout the school and can be used at home to support your child.

Maths can be taught in the classroom, around the school building and grounds, in the woodland and during whole school maths days which are great fun! Maths is never boring around here as you can see from our photographs.

Our maths curriculum follows the White Rose curriculum progression and skills map. This curriculum map places emphasis on children gaining a mastery level understanding of maths through an approach called varied fluency which presents mathematical concepts in a myriad of different ways to ensure a deep understanding. 

Mathematics Policy

Mathematics Curriculum

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