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The idea is that every week your child reads at least 4 times (for approximately 10 minutes) to you or another adult.  

They will do some work on learning times tables including using Times Tables Rock Stars.

We will be doing something different for homework this year.  More details to follow.

Spellings will be run differently this year; we're going to be learning spelling rules each week from Monday to Friday.  On Friday we will be rehearsing the rule using various words.  I will post the spelling rule and some examples on here at the beginning of each week  

Spelling Patterns for each week

WB 25/9/23

Statutory Y4 words: accident(ally) actual(ly) address answer appear arrive believe bicycle breath breathe build busy/business calendar caught centre century certain circle complete consider continue decide describe different difficult

WB 18/9/23

: Adding –ation to verbs to form nouns and  sh spelt ch

e.g. Admiration, information, frustration, preparation, medication, notification, chalets, chute, ricochet, machine

WB 11/9/23

-ure words: pure, cure, sure, manure, treasure, measure, pleasure, mixture, secure, mature