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The idea is that every week your child reads at least 4 times (for approximately 10 minutes) to you or another adult.  

They will do some work on learning times tables including using Times Tables Rock Stars.

There will also be a termly menu.  From this you can select any item that you wish to do each week.  That way it can fit around other things that you do out of school.  Do them to the best of your ability; there will be gold cards on offer!

Please will you bring this in on Mondays.

Spellings will be run differently this year; we're not setting weekly spellings or testing them.  I know this sounds controversial but we will be spending time on them every day in class.  I will post this week's patterns at the bottom of the page just for your information. 

Spring 1 Homework Menu

Spelling Patterns for each week

WB 5/6/23

Suffix - ian: magician, optician, electrician, musician, politician, mathematician, technician,  physician, beautician, dietician, clinician, paediatrician

WB 22/5/23

Suffix – ion: action, invention, collection, education, attraction, correction, location, injection, construction, exaggeration, concentration, celebration

WB 15/5/23

sh spelled ch: machine, chute, brochure, chef, chandelier, parachute, pistachio, charade, champagne, ricochet, chalet, crochet

WB 8/5/23

ch making the c sound: school, echo, chemist, scheme, character, chaos, orchestra, stomach, chorus, anchor, mechanic, ache

WB 1/5/23

suffix – ation: sensation, information, explanation, preparation, admiration, adoration, observation, plantation, exploration, reservation, alteration, separation

WB 24/4/23

Words ending "ture": nature, capture, adventure, mixture, creature, future, puncture, furniture, picture, fracture, departure, temperature

WB 17/4/23

Suffix ly: suddenly, completely, carefully, nicely, finally, comically, rudely, politely, feebly, horribly, giggly, simply

WB 27/3/23

Suffix ous: famous, dangerous, poisonous, hazardous, mountainous, nervous, perilous, venomous, pompous, ridiculous


WB 20/3/23

Y3 Unit 1 prefixes un, im, dis, in: impossible, imperfect, immature, immortal, incapable, incomplete, dishonest, disconnect, unkind, unhappy

WB 6/3/23

Unit 14 suffix sion: tension, suspension, extension, comprehension, precision, confusion, pretension, expansion, revision, detection  

WB 20/2/23

Unit 13: adding suffix - ion: discussion, permission, confession, depression, submission, possession, progression, expression, impression

WB 6/2/23

Unit 12: ir prefix on root words starting with r to make an antonym: irrational, irregular, irrelevant, irresistible, irresponsible, irreconcilable, irretrievable, irreligious, irreverent, irrefutable

WB 30/1/23

Unit 11 – gue + que: Unique, cheque, antique, grotesque, fatigue, colleague, catalogue, dialogue, league, tongue


Unit 10 il-, un-, dis-, im-, Prefixes: impractical, impossible, invisible, disobey, illegal, unclear, illiterate, unkind, disqualify, impatient

WB 16/1/23

Unit 9 “zhun” spelt “sion” television, revision, confusion, invasion, explosion, division, decision, erosion conclusion, diversion

WB 9/1/23

sc as s: scissors, science, scent, scene, ascend, descend, muscle, fascinate, abscess, scythe