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The idea is that every week your child reads at least 4 times (for approximately 10 minutes) to you or another adult.  

They will do some work on learning times tables including using Times Tables Rock Stars.

We will be doing something different for homework this year.  More details to follow.

Spellings will be run differently this year; we're going to be learning spelling rules each week from Monday to Friday.  On Friday we will be rehearsing the rule using various words.  I will post the spelling rule and some examples on here at the beginning of each week  

Other Homework

Homework is optional. Any additional work done at home will, of course, improve your child's education and will teach them important skills for organising their time and working independently in preparation for future learning.

This term, we are trialling a different style of homework to compliment our revised curriculum.  Below, you will find a link to the Jorvik website. You will need this to be able to complete the homework tasks. Perhaps it could be doubled up as a reading task and recorded in Reading Records as a great way of making good use of time.

The homework will consist of an Invasion 'Innovate journal'. Initially, children will be provided with the instructions and Task 1 of this journal. On completion of this task, children will be given the next task to complete the following week. It is up to you when you complete the tasks, so you may want to do a task each week, for example, or you may choose to do a task on weeks when you are less busy or you may prefer to save it to start at half term. Gold cards will be awarded for completed tasks as this is going above and beyond, with homework being optional. 

Homework hand-in day, along with Reading Records will be Monday.

Spelling Patterns for each week


Prefixes un, mis, dis, in e.g. inhuman, mistreat, misunderstand, unhelpful, unkind, disagree, dislike, disown, incapable, unfinished, undo, unfair, 

WB 25/9/23

Statutory Y4 words: accident(ally) actual(ly) address answer appear arrive believe bicycle breath breathe build busy/business calendar caught centre century certain circle complete consider continue decide describe different difficult

WB 18/9/23

: Adding –ation to verbs to form nouns and  sh spelt ch

e.g. Admiration, information, frustration, preparation, medication, notification, chalets, chute, ricochet, machine

WB 11/9/23

-ure words: pure, cure, sure, manure, treasure, measure, pleasure, mixture, secure, mature