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This year, children have new Reading Records, which are to be kept alongside their school reading book in the clear, plastic wallets provided. 

It is expected that, in order for children to make expected progress in reading, children should read at home at least four times per week, record this reading in their Reading Records and ask an adult to sign that they have read. Year 5 children are able to read independently, but it is advisable that at least one of these reads is with an adult as this is the most effective way to improve fluency and understanding. The more reading 1:1 at home with an adult, the better! Reading Records are to be handed in each Tuesday for checking and signing. Stickers will be awarded for four reads being recorded and signed, gold cards for evidencing more than four reads over the week (going above and beyond and whole class rewards will be given if everyone in the class has completed their reading. We are a team!

Please find new Knowledge Organisers for some curriculum subjects at the bottom of this page. It would be really useful to read these through with your child to gain further knowledge about the subject topics we are learning.


Homework is optional. Any additional work done at home will, of course, improve your child's education and will teach them important skills for organising their time and working independently in preparation for future learning.

This term, we are trialling a different style of homework to compliment our revised curriculum.  Below, you will find an information pack called 'Life After The Shang Dynasty'. You will need this information pack to be able to complete the homework tasks. Perhaps it could be doubled up as a reading task and recorded in Reading Records  as a great way of making good use of time.

The homework will consist of a Dynamic Dynasties 'Innovate journal'. Initially, children will be provided with the instructions and Task 1 of this journal. On completion of this task, children will be given the next task to complete the following week. It is up to you when you complete the tasks, so you may want to do a task each week, for example, or you may choose to do a task on weeks when you are less busy or you may prefer to save it to start at half term. Gold cards will be awarded for completed tasks as this is going above and beyond, with homework being optional. 

Homework hand-in day, along with Reading Records will be Tuesday.