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Home School Agreement

St John the Baptist Primary School has always been a strong community of parents, pupils and staff working together. In keeping with official guidelines and in striving to maintain this bond, we have developed a Home School Agreement.

This agreement describes what each partner will contribute to the educational process. The Head Teacher and Class Teacher sign it on behalf of the school and we invite pupils to sign their part too. In this way, we can safely assume that everyone is accepting responsibility for their own contribution.

The School promises to make every effort to:

  • Value and respect each child as an individual.
  • Encourage high expectations, pride in achievement and development of potential.
  • Recognise and praise progress and achievement.
  • Inform parents of the progress and welfare of the child.
  • Provide and monitor homework appropriate to the child’s needs.
  • Aim to give all children a meaningful experience of the world beyond Colwick.
  • Provide a safe and orderly environment in which to work.
  • Listen to parents’ views and concerns.
  • Use comment or homework books as one means of communicating with parents.

In return we ask parents to make every effort to;

  • Support the School in its aims and Christian values.
  • Ensure their child’s regular and punctual attendance: 8:55 for infants and juniors.
  • Notify the School early on the first day of the reason for their child’s absence.
  • Support the School’s code of conduct for behaviour.
  • Support their children in the work they are expected to do at home.
  • Tell the School about any circumstances that may affect their child.
  • Attend parents’ evenings and discussions about their child’s progress.
  • Remember that children are expected to wear School uniform.
  • Make use of the comment or homework books.
  • In addition we ask all pupils to make every effort:
  • Respect each member of the School community.
  • Abide by the School’s code of conduct for behaviour.
  • Attend School regularly and punctually.
  • Look after the School and its surroundings.
  • Try their best and work hard.

In light of the Covid pandemic, we have made additional items to the Home/School agreement. Please see attachment below for September 2020:

Updated school agreement September 2020