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Homework and Spelling

Week Beginning 16.5.22


In the day to day life and craziness of the classroom, it is easy to forget how far the children have come. This week, we have had some lovely time planting and playing together. I have listened to children read and watched them play. Many children have been choosing to read for pleasure and wanting to help with jobs. It is just so lovely to see how far they have come, not only in terms of work and learning but also in independence, patience, co-operation and maturity.


Next week I will be carrying out most of the assessments and to the children it will just seem like a normal week, implemented a different way and with a little more free time like the past week. All of the children will actually quite enjoy it but it is really important that children have a good breakfast and enough sleep. If there are any problems with either of these things, then please come and let me know.


I will also be carrying out the first 32 words of the common exception word spellings and the main spelling lessons will be revisiting suffixes covered throughout the last term and a half. We have covered adding 'ing' and 'ed' to words ending in 'e' and when the final consonant needs doubling as well as 'er' suffix and al/all words.


Writing is really coming on and work on multiplication and division methods has been fantastic. Children are absolutely loving the PE providers teaching them athletics and the work on lifecycles that we have been doing.


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs C :-)



Main Task - Addition and Subtraction homework

Reading - 4x week recorded in organisers

TTRockstars - 3x 10 mins

Spellings - Common Exception words (second half)



I hope that you all had a lovely long weekend and week.


I will not be setting any spellings this week to give time to practise and learn the Year 2 common exception words for spelling which I will be assessing over the coming weeks. 


In class the children will be revising the suffixes and spelling patterns that have been learned in class throughout the year.


It has been a crazy few weeks to start a term with with the production and an extra day off - all things which affect the normality and predictability of a week. There have been quite a few fall outs this week with children upsetting each other equally and not quite being as focused as usual in the classroom. We will be spending time on being kind, helpful and trying our best in the classroom next week but I would really appreciate it if you could also have a talk with your children about being their best in the classroom and telling me straight away if anyone or anything upsets them so that I can sort it out and get back to our class being the happy, fun and hardworking class that we usually are! Thank you so much.


On the other hand, children have worked incredibly hard on column subtraction this week. It has required a lot of resilience for everyone but the children have really developed their own learning.


Have a great weekend and thanks for your support,


Mrs C



Main Task - Common Exception Word spellings

Reading - 4 times week recorded in organiser

Times Tables - 3x 10 mins TTRockstars

Week Beginning 2.5.22


Wow! What a week!


I hope that you agree that all of your budding actors and actresses have been simply amazing this week! Their confidence and ability to perform has been astounding and so much more than I could do now, never mind when I was six or seven! 


I have been listening to children read this week which has been wonderful to have time to hear them properly rather than whizzing around hearing them read snippets! The progress that many children are making is amazing and their reading skills are really clicking now. So many children are choosing to read for pleasure and genuinely enjoying reading class books now that they are confident in their reading. Thank you for supporting your children with their reading - keep it up!


Your children will be coming home with a copy of their common exception word assessment. Please practise any words not highlighted with your child. For those children who have quite a few words not highlighted, please focus on those words which can be sounded out rather than all at once. Those children with very few or no words to practise can move on to spelling them as I will be working through these over the coming weeks.


This week we have been revisiting column addition and exchanging (carrying) which children have done brilliantly with. It is an area that will need coming back regularly for the understanding of the method to stick. At St Johns, we record the carried 10 underneath the calculation. I will send home a summary next week of our key methods and we will be moving on to subtraction. 


Have a lovely long weekend and look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday.


Mrs C :-)



Main task - Common Exception Words

Reading - 4 x recorded in organisers please

Times Tables - 3x TTRockstars

Spelling (r sound as wr) - 

wrist, wrong, wrap, write, wrote, wriggle, parents, everybody

Week Beginning 25.4.22


Welcome back!


We are in full swing with rehearsals for 'The Chocolate Shop' so next week is looking like a tiring one! 


Please help your children to practise their lines where necessary over the weekend.


I will provide you with more details about assessment tasks next week. As in Year 2 the assessments can be carried out in various sized groupings and throughout the month of May, there are not designated days where particular tests have to take place. Therefore, I will be organising these according to how and when children are prepared for them as much as possible. There is also no time limit in which tests have to be completed in Year 2 and breaks can be taken for those children who may need longer to complete them. The most exciting part is that I always reward children with drinks and biscuits after each test. Children end up quite enjoying them!


Please come and see me if you have any concerns or questions.


Mrs C



Reading - Please ensure children are reading as much as possible. I'm sure this is happening but I would be really grateful if this could be recorded in organisers as much as possible.

Times Tables - 3 x 10 mins

Spelling - es (words ending in 'y') 

babies, bodies, tries, cries, carries, money, Mr, Mrs

Challenge if the above 8 are understood - hobbies, multiplies, families

Week Beginning 18.4.22


Have a wonderful Easter break!


Thanks for all of your support this term and the incredible hard work from your children.


I sent home some OPTIONAL assessment papers yesterday. I do not need these back in school and have attached the mark schemes and script (for maths reasoning) for if you want your child to do them. If nothing more, then please have a look at them so that you have an idea of what your children will be participating in during May. As I have sent the papers out and there is quite a lot, I will not be setting homework the first week back for if children can complete any during that week.


Next half term will predominantly be preparing for assessments, along with rehearsing for 'The Chocolate Shop' and finishing of our Ancient Egypt topic. Following this, our topic will be Famous People.


I will send more information on assessments nearer the time.


Please could any costumes for the play be in school by Wednesday 20th April.


Take care and have a lovely time with your families,


Mrs C:-)



Task - Optional Assessment Papers

Reading - As much as possible (school reading books and books of children's choice recorded in organisers). Any reading will help to prepare children for all of their assessments.

Times Tables - TTRockstars

Spellings - (adding -ed 3)

liked, waved, smiled, poked, cycled, phoned, jogged, battled, again, half



We may be bubbled but it isn't stopping us!


I'm not quite sure how it is the end of the term already as it seems to have whizzed by in the blink of an eye! 


Over the last week we have had to deal with a lot of unexpected changes but the children have taken it in their stride and carried on giving their all. Some fantastic writing has been produced this week and children are really starting to put things that they have learned in to practise. The children really enjoyed measuring with rulers this week and looking at faces on 3D shapes.


Next week we will be working on The Easter story and using it to base most activities on. In maths we will be learning about fractions and on Wednesday afternoon we will hopefully be joining the school Church service. We are also hoping for an exciting treat on Monday so keep an eye out in our photos!


Please see below for the maths homework activity and apologies for somehow copying the previous week's spellings last week!


Have a lovely sunny weekend and see you all next week,


Mrs C



Reading - 4x week recorded in organisers.

Times tables - TTRockstars 3x 10 mins

Homework Activity - Maths - Spend time measuring things with a ruler or a tape measure. Can children work out the difference between two lengths/heights? Weigh items using scales or even make something yummy. Use a jug to measure liquids (water, juice, coloured water, using a jug to measure volumes in the bath. Can children fill to 100 ml, 500 ml, 1 litre, 250ml, 300 ml etc?

Spellings - cried, dried, tried, fried, carried, married, copied, replied, people, water

Week Beginning 21.3.22


I hope everyone has recovered after residential! It was a brilliant trip and we were very lucky with the weather. Your children were a credit to you and showed some excellent independence, enthusiasm. It was lovely to have some pen and paper free time with them and their wonderful personalities!


The children came back to a very busy week with assessment week and switched back in to school mode incredibly. I am extremely proud of them and their hard work.


Over the next week we will be preparing for a class assembly and Easter performance all at the same time. We look forward to seeing you at both.


Have a wonderful weekend!


Mrs C



Task - Shape work

Reading - 4x recorded in organisers

Times Tables - TTRockstars 3x 10 mins

Spellings - Adding -ed

painted, spotted, patted, chopped, clapped, dropped, hugged, skipped, clothes, busy




Week beginning 14.3.22


We are all very excited in class two!


A few important reminders:

-don't forget to send children with a water bottle.

-it's been a bit chilly so don't forget the warm clothes, gloves and hat.

-we will be starting pirate activities straight away so children are to come to school in pirate gear/warm clothes

- I would suggest children come in wellies/waterproof shoes and pack their trainers if taking them.


I think that's it! We will be leaving school at 9.10am and will return in time for hometime on Friday.



Rest after Residential and tell your family all about it!

Reading - x4 recorded in organisers

Times Tables - TTRockstars - 3x 10 mins

Spellings - was, wasp,  wash, wanted,  what,  watch, squash, quality, any, many

Week Beginning 7.3.22


What a very busy week the last week has been! Pancakes, pyramids, rain, church, book day - goodness!


I have added some photos to our photo section but World Book Day was so busy, I didn't get much chance to take photos!


Next week I will not be setting spellings as we are on Residential but we will be looking at apostrophe for contraction (do not becomes don't) if you want to have a go at some of these with your children. In maths we will continue with the fab work that the children are doing on Shape by moving on to lines of symmetry.


The reading comprehension set for homework can be returned next week or the week after with us being away. 


If you have any queries, concerns or questions about our residential next week, please ask.


Have a great weekend!


Mrs C :-)



Activity - Reading comprehension (please encourage children to read this themselves, including the questions)

Reading - x 4 times reading book and record in organisers

Times Tables - TTRockstars 3x10 mins

Spellings - None!



Week Beginning 28.2.22


Everyone has been fabulous and settled back to it brilliantly!


We are learning about Shape next week in maths, pyramids in topic and continuing with explanations in English. The children have enjoyed the start of our new ICT unit - Making Music.


Due to the printer/photocopier being out of action for a lot of this week, the homework that I had planned on tally charts and pictograms will have to be sent out next week. However, after we had a lesson on writing capital letters all the same size yesterday, it is clear that there are many children who are struggling with remembering how some capital letters are written and some children who are not sure of the alphabet.


This week, please could your child practise saying and writing the alphabet in capital letters of the same size and correct formation in their yellow home learning book with a sharp pencil. They can do this as many times as they like (preferably more than once) and then move on to forming lower case letters correctly and the same size. This will continue as a focus within the class also.


Next week we will be going up to Church on Wednesday afternoon for Ash Wednesday and don't forget World Book Day on Thursday (please see the Newsletter for more details).


Have a lovely weekend,


Mrs C



4 x week reading (recorded in organisers). Again, there is some brilliant reading progress! Keep it up!

TTRockstars - 3x ten minutes

Spellings - soft g - badge, bridge, hedge, edge, giant, change, large, magic, who, whole


Week Beginning 21.2.22


We are officially half way through Year 2!


A few notes for residential - 

-Reminder that children will need to carry or pull their own bag and will need a pillow, sleeping bag and teddy bear.

- As well as the clothes that children are wearing to go in (optional pirate costume over clothes); a set of clothes for the following day and one set of spares should be ample.

-Please ensure that shoes are comfortable and waterproof. It has been known that children have worn brand new converse in the past - these would definitely not return looking brand new or dry!


If you have any other questions please feel free to email or ask.


Spellings for Friday (suffix -ing to words ending in 'e') - smiling, making, baking, writing, waving, shining ,racing, could, should, would

Week Beginning 7.2.22


It has been absolutely lovely to see or speak to most of you this week, thank you for your time.


Due to the inset day, I will carry out next week's spelling test on Thursday.


Thank you for all of the great support that you have given your children with their homework so far in preparation for their statutory assessments in May. This week's homework is due back in after half term so don't panic about there being four pages!


After a little more work on division next week, we will move on to statistics in maths and we will continue with some incredible writing in English.


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs C



Homework Task - Reading comprehension

Reading - 4x week recorded in organiser

Times Tables - TTRockstars - 3x 10 mins

Spellings - adding 'ing' - hopping, running, shopping, dropping, putting, clapping, swimming, flapping,  eye, who


Week Beginning 31.1.22


It has been a hard working week again! The children have produced some absolutely outstanding ideas in English this week. Maths has been tricky. Please see the information attached to this week's homework. Children should have come home with their new homework folders this week. I have told them that they are theirs to look after so that they can keep them at the end of Year 2. I have also reminded children to look after their homework and take pride by using pencil and writing neatly.


I have added sample Year 2 Assessment papers and the end of year expectations in the Information section for your reference. feel free to work on these with your children.


We will be celebrating Chinese New Year by being mixed up with Foundation and Year 1 to take part in different activities on Thursday which we are all looking forward to!


I look forward to speaking to you about your children for parents evening. Please note that as difficult as I will find it, I will have to really stick to time slots to prevent any of you having to wait and to be able to combine the face to face appointments with telephone ones. If there is anything that you wish to discuss further then I will be happy to speak to you another time. Thank you for your understanding. Also, please contact me directly rather than the office if any problems arise with your appointment or you haven't got one and decide that you would like one.


Have a lovely weekend,


Mrs C :-)



Maths - Division sheet

Reading - 4 x per week recorded in organisers (there is a lot of fantastic reading progress!)

Times Tables - 3x 10 minutes TTRockstars

Spellings - ('igh' spelt 'y') - my, dry, cry, fly, why, sky, nearby, butterfly, sure, sugar


Week Beginning 24.1.22


There has been some great writing and maths produced by Class 2 this week. We have been creating leaflets about African Animals which look fantastic and children are beginning to write with greater independence. This will be a focus for this term.


Next week we will be writing a commentary for a short video about Meerkats in English, moving on to division in maths, how Christians feel belonging in RE and dealing with things that make us feel worried, anxious or afraid in People Skills. We will be continuing with pattern in Art, Zumba and Fitness in PE, 2Code in ICT, Landmarks of Africa in topic and experiments in Science.


I am really pleased with how children's reading is coming on and as they become more confident with word reading, the focus will shift to fluency, expression and therefore aid comprehension skills.


Have a lovely weekend, 


Mrs C



Homework Activity - Nouns and noun phrases (Can you write some sentences containing noun phrases?)

Reading - 4x recorded in organisers

Times Tables - 3x ten minutes of TTRockstars

Spellings (gn and kn) - gnome, gnash, gnat, gnaw, knife, knee, knew, knock, prove, improve

Week Beginning 17.1.22


We have had a really good week in Class 2 with some excellent work. The children are really responding well to the 'step up of a gear' and handwriting is already improving.


The children have come up with excellent ideas in preparation in writing about African animals next week and are really enthusiastic about the topic already. We have been continuing with multiplication in maths and have worked through some tricky concepts on multiplication number sentences and children have been keen to extend their learning and challenge themselves with each step.


This term marks the start of preparing the children for their Statutory assessments in May. Expectation will be high but preparing for them will be a gradual progress rather than bombarding them nearer the time. I will be putting the expectations for the areas of Reading, Writing and Maths in the Useful Information section so that you can see how children will be assessed and support at home. I will also add the grid used for times tables for your reference.


Homework this term will move away from the topic menu and will be English and Maths focused although I will provide a few links and ideas based on our class topics for those who would like them. We will be working on '2Code' on Purple Mash which children really enjoyed this week.


There are a few children who have said that they are unable to find their organiser. Please let me know if this is the case as I may be able to find a new one. 


Have a lovely, well deserved weekend and please tell your children how proud I am of their efforts.


Mrs C :-)



Maths - Multiplication methods (to be handed in next Thursday please)

Reading - At least 4x and recorded in organiser.

Times Tables - 3x 10 minutes TTRockstars (log-ins provided)

Spellings (adverbs - ly) - slowly, quickly, sadly, happily, calmly, angrily, nearly, loudly, hour, move

Week Beginning 10.1.22

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope that you all had a wonderful break and wish you all health and happiness for 2022. Many thanks for the lovely and kind messages, cards and gifts. I was extremely grateful.


We have started our topic by watching The Lion King, learning some new vocabulary and looking at patterns.


Next week in English, we will be focusing on writing sentences with greater accuracy. As a class, the children are fantastic at getting their ideas down on paper and actually writing but sentence accuracy and handwriting is a class area for development. If you ever want to do any extra work at home, this would be an area that would be of benefit.


In maths, we are continuing with adding equal groups, using the x notation and moving on to multiplication on a numberline. As of next week, we will begin times tables on Friday mornings. All children will start on 2x table and they have spent a lesson getting used to the grid. Helping your child to learn their times tables will really help them. I will provide more information on the structure of the times tables tests next week.


Please could you ensure that organisers are in school EVERY DAY. Thanks.


See you next week!

Mrs C



Reading - 4x week recorded in organiser

Times Tables - 2xtable on Hit the Button - Quick fire maths practise for 6-11 year olds (topmarks.co.uk)

Spellings - Homophones - see, sea, son, sun, blue, blew, knight, night, path, bath




Week Beginning 20.12.21- 3.1.22


Well done everyone!


I am so incredibly proud of your children, my lovely class! Thinking back to the start of what has been a tough term and the children have matured so much, realised what they can be capable of, become more independent and are taking ownership for their own learning and progress. I feel strongly that this year group are one of, if not the most affected by the last two years. Hopefully this will be the first year of their schooling where they are in school for a whole year. The expectation, difference and formality from Foundation to Year 2 is huge in normal circumstances. This year group have missed out on a lot of play, problem solving, sharing, turn-taking, working with others and routines that Foundation and Year 1 develops. Opportunities have been fitted in wherever possible but, unfortunately, the expectation for Year 2 this year has returned and that means that the children have had to adapt to a more formal learning and high expectation approach quite quickly. This has been pretty tough for us all at times but the children are an absolute credit to you in how they are becoming aware of their learning, resilience, perseverance, enthusiasm and confidence. I couldn't be more proud.


If you are ever worried about any of your children may be struggling mentally or in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me and we can work on ways to support this.


Thank you for your cards, lovely treats, support and for the best gift of all, your little ones!


Have a lovely, restful, healthy break. You all deserve it!


See you all in 2022,

Mrs C :-)


Homework - Reading, spellings and togetherness.

Spellings (adding -y 2)

bony, breezy, crazy, shiny, simply, cheesy, spiky, wavy, class, grass

Week Beginning 13.12.21


We are nearly there!


The children have produced some excellent writing this week and done absolutely brilliant in maths. The excitement of Christmas is really setting in now and today's Christmas dinner and jumper day was a lovely way to begin to wind down for the end of term. It was lovely to sit with everyone for dinner and have fun! I am going to sit with the children for a day or two each week for dinner next term as there are quite a few children who struggle to hold their cutlery properly so hopefully this will help them. Please encourage children to be able to cut their own food at home too.


I will carry out weekly spellings on Thursday.


I will put all of our photos from the last term on the website over the next week. Apologies that I haven't done this sooner. This term has been crazy!


Next Tuesday is our trip to Brackenhurst for an outdoor Nativity walk and crafts. The weather forecast looks ok at the moment so fingers crossed! Here are a few bits of useful information:


  • We will leave and arrive back at school within the normal school times.
  • Children will need to bring a drink as normal and lunch will be provided unless you have been contacted by the school office.
  • Please send children in comfortable, warm footwear. Part of the day will involve a woodland Nativity walk so if your child is going to wear wellies, please ensure they are comfortable.
  • We will be the only group there so children do not have to wear school uniform. Clothing will need to be warm and comfortable. 
  • Please make sure children have a warm, ideally waterproof coat.
  • Children will not need any money or a bag.
  • Any children with medical needs will have medication in school so you do not need to send children with it.


We can't wait to finally have a trip and know that it will be a lovely day!


Mrs C 



Reading x4 and recorded in organisers

Spellings (-y) – funny, muddy, runny, happy, sunny, yummy, spotty, floppy, after, father 

Week Beginning 6.12.21


Hi everyone,


We had a really lovely week last week!


Children did fantastically with their phonic screening and have produced some really wonderful work. I am incredibly proud of them and the effort, pride, hard work and determination that they are all demonstrating.


As we move in to the last few weeks of the term we will be looking at instructions, the Christmas story, craft activities (Christmas and alternative 'winter' activities), finishing our topic on toys as well as moving on to multiplication in maths. Money has been a hard unit and I would recommend that you continue with counting money, adding amounts and working out change with your children regularly. This can be done practically by encouraging children to buy little things in shops.


I am so sad that our planned Nativity is unable to go ahead, especially for the Year 2's, as both a parent and a teacher, I really feel your disappointment. I have considered ways that this could happen on our own, but with no singing and in fairness to the other KS1 classes, as well as such a short time frame, it could not be given the justice that it deserves. We are planning an alternative production later in the school year to give the children, especially Year 2 before they head into Year 3, the focus and attention that they deserve. The Key Stage One team appreciate your heavy hearted understanding with this.


We have had our first week on the Year 2 spelling programme and the children are enjoying having their own special work book for it as well as picking up the structure really well.


Mrs Bloom has set a Design and Technology competition for the school and it would be fantastic if any children took part in it. We will be making a moving toy in class over the next few weeks anyway in line with the Toys topic but it would be great to see some even more impressive pieces from home!


Have a well deserved weekend!

Mrs C :-)



Reading - 4x recorded in organisers (reading is really beginning to improve so thank you and well done!)

Times tables - Practise counting in 2's, 5's, 10's and 3's when going up and down the stairs

Homework menu - choice of activity

Spellings (soft 'c') - city, cell, exercise, mice, icy, cycle, notice, police, pretty, beautiful

Week Beginning 29.11.21


Everyone worked so hard this week during our assessments so we did some extra art and had some golden time!


Next week we will be writing instructions and letters, finding the difference and change with money and carrying on with some wonderful shading work in art. We will also be moving from Year 1 phonics to the Year 2 spelling programme.


Children are really beginning to become more independent and taking ownership of their learning which is fantastic!


I will be putting children's TTRockstars in their organisers this week in preparation for after the holidays. We use this for children to practise their times tables.


This half term we have been doing yoga in one of our PE lessons. Part of yoga is the ability to relax and focus on 'switching off'. At the start of the half term, children found this quite hard with it not being something that we do naturally, especially not children. However, this week, most of the class were able to really relax. Some children even looked like they had been asleep they were so relaxed by the end! I thought that it was lovely that the children could do this.


Have a lovely, restful weekend,


Mrs C



Read 4x week and record in organisers.

Activity from the homework menu.

Spellings - ball, small, walk, talk, always, almost, already, altogether, great, break

Week beginning 22.11.21


Next week is assessment week which takes place at the end of each term. Children will complete a Reading comprehension booklet, maths booklet and Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar booklet. These will support my teacher assessments. 


Children seem to be getting very excitable as we begin to get ready for our Christmas performance! I am trying to keep them in as normal a routine as possible and will be trying to balance the excitement and changes in normal routines with calm activities! 


Some children will have come home with an extra book on Tuesday. These books are those which I have read in a group with them and can be kept and re-read until the following Tuesday. Many of the books also have activities in the back which children can do if they like. These books are from our Guided Reading library and are not from the school book selection that children choose from normally. Any children who come home with one of these books will need to return them on the Tuesday after they bring them home please, no later as other classes in the school use them too. Thank you.


I will try to read with each child in this way on a fortnightly rota so do not worry if your child did not come home with one of these books this week. 


I will be carrying out children's Phonic Screening within the following two weeks so please keep practising the past phonic screening papers in Curriculum>Phonics>Phonic screening materials. Many of the children seem more than ready for moving on to the Year 2 Spelling programme following the screening so I am looking forward to cracking on with this!


Have a lovely weekend!



Phonic Screening revision

Money games - Playing shops with real money. Online money games - Fun Learning Games for Children about UK Money (topmarks.co.uk)

Spellings - children, most, only, both, old, cold, gold, told, hold, everyone

Week beginning 15.11.21


It's been a super busy and brilliant week for Class 2 this week.


Today we did our class assembly to the school. I am so incredibly proud of our class and how brave they all were as this is the first time that they have been in front of the school properly since they started in Foundation. 


We also walked down to Church to pay our respects and join in with Remembrance.


Please ask your children what an Onomatopoeia is. They produced some lovely examples which will be displayed in the classroom. We have also done some work on Proper nouns and verbs.


Next week the children will be learning about money. If you have any opportunity for your children to be able to count amounts of money or even choose coins to buy something in a shop then that would be great. Money is quite a tricky concept for young children to grasp, made even harder with the lack of cash around in recent times, so any opportunity to count money is really beneficial.


It is anti-bullying week next week. Children can wear odd socks to school on Monday and they will be taking part in related activities throughout the week, including making a kindness calendar together with little challenges to complete each day. 


Thanks to those children who have been reading the phonic words in the Information section. This will really help support preparing children for their phonic screening in a few weeks. I will be having a big push on reading once we have completed the screening.


Another reminder that children are not doing Forest schools this half term. We will return to it in the Summer term.


Have a lovely weekend!

Mrs C


Homework - 

Activity Menu

3x Daily 10 (10 mins each)

4 x read (school reading book and choice books)

Spellings: door, floor, poor, because, kind, mind, behind, wild, climb, child

( these are the first ten words on the Year 2 Common exception words list which children are expected to be able to read and spell by the end of the year. Please remind your children that if they can spell on of the words with a similar sound; they can apply it to be able to spell others).

Hi everyone and welcome back to the second half of the Autumn Term!


We had a brilliant day on Thursday 4th November for our Festival of light day. The children really enjoyed being able to be mixed with the other KS1 classes, moving around to the other classes and taking part in activities to do with Goose Fair, Bonfire Night and Diwali. Happy Diwali to those who celebrate!


Next week we will be getting ready for our class assembly so please practise children's lines with them. I am only setting 8 spellings this week as they are tricky sounds. I would also like children to read through the phonic screening materials (under 'Information') as much as they can to prepare for their phonic screening in a few weeks. I will be doing this on a one to one basis. Some spellings are those sounds already covered but those that children are finding a little trickier.


I have not renewed the Bug Club subscription this year as it is a lot of money and think the money would be better spent on books. Therefore, I will be monitoring organisers more closely. Please ensure you record your child's reading in their organiser and send them to school each day as we now have a little bit more support so children will be being asked to read. Those children who are reading regularly are really making a lot of progress and just a few minutes each night really makes the difference.


I have attached the new homework menu for this term and will continue to share children's homework on Tuesdays.


Have a great week!




Reading - at least 4x week

Daily 10 - 3 x 10 minutes

Homework activity


care, share, station, fiction, author, autumn, every, everybody

Week beginning 1.11.21


Happy Half-Term everyone!


Our last week of the half term has been brilliant. The children have worked so hard and definitely deserve a break ready for a busy second half of the term.


Next half term's topic will be, 'Terrific Toys' but the first week we will be learning about Guy Fawkes and enjoying a KS1 'Festival of Light Day' on Thursday 4.11.21, enjoying activities about Diwali, Fireworks and Guy Fawkes. We will be writing stories in English, Money, multiplication and division in maths as well as reinforcing learning on place value and addition and subtraction. We will be learning about Leaders in RE, Animals and Humans in Science and Looking after ourselves and dangers of medicines in People Skills.


Later on in the half-term, children will take their phonic screening check and preparing for Christmas.


Forest schools will not be taking place, therefore, children will come to school in their PE kits on Fridays. No extra clothing will be required.


Thanks to you all for a great first half term!


Mrs C :-)



Reading - as much as possible, at least 4x each week recorded in organisers

Homework Menu - complete as many as you wish. A new menu will come home after half term.

Spellings - fire, spire, clear, fear, sure, pure, chew, flew, people, once

Week Beginning 11.10.21


This week has been fabulous! The children have responded well to the higher level of expectation of behaviour and it has really improved children's quality of work, effort and pride in what they can do!


We were lucky to have a special visitor this week. Paul Irons is the son of Eric Irons (ask your children who he was!). Paul is my old deputy head from the Secondary school I attended and the children were very keen to find out how I was at school! Paul did a great job and had just unveiled a mural of his dad in Nottingham City Centre. He talked to the children about his father's early live and the struggles that he faced coming over from Jamaica, the efforts that he made for equality and achievements. Class 2 will be sharing what they learnt in a special assembly on Tuesday. Paul had never spoken to six year olds but they were gentle and very entertaining!


This week will be completing any outstanding work, mainly art and technology so it should be a brilliant and productive week.


Mrs C



Reading - 4x week recorded in organisers (school book, own books and BUG Club)

Homework menu - choose your own activity/activities

Spellings - nurse, burger, brown, flower, join, coin, again, rain, we, me 

week beginning 4.10.21


Hi everyone,


How are we in October already?!


This week we are leading the Harvest Service at Church; the first time we have been since the first Lockdown! A few things from last week have had to be moved to this week due to the preparations for this so we will be catching up with them, including English. Last week the children produced some AMAZING writing using their senses to write a diary as if they were witnessing the Great fire. I was incredibly proud! The children are really beginning to see how they can improve their writing and enthusiasm is increasing which is brilliant!


I have assessed just over half of the children's reading now and will record this in children's organisers on Monday.Please could all organisers and reading books be in school every day as we quiet read after lunch each day and this is when I can listen to individual children read. Thank you!


Children will come home with homework books on Monday (sorry about the delay with these due to my absence). Some of the activities are those which have already been set and I have tried to make all others straight-forward. I have also attached these on here. These are recommended rather than compulsory. Reading and spellings are the main expectation. Homework can be recorded in the book, including photographs and pictures. Please could any writing be completed in pencil and presented as wonderfully as children produce in the classroom. These will be a lovely record in the future.


Yellow Day is on Friday the 8th October and children can wear something yellow. This is to promote Mental Well-being and activities to support this will provided.


Have a great weekend!

Mrs C :-)



Reading - x 4 recorded in organisers

Chill time/Homework Menu - Climb a tree or fly a kite

Spellings - phone, home, tune, huge, claw, straw, care, share, they, friend 



Week beginning 27.9.21


It has been so lovely to speak to you all this week and thank you for your time!


Next week we will be writing about the Great Fire of London, painting pictures of the fire and moving from Place value to number bonds and addition and subtraction facts. We will be talking about changes in our lives and the feeling of loss as well as creating posters about the wonderful things in our world.


Thank you for your patience during my absence and I am looking forward to getting back!


Have a lovely weekend!



Reading - 4x week recorded in organisers.

Chill time - the sunsets have been beautiful this week. See if you see the beautiful colours of the sky and the Harvest Moon while it is still bright.












Week Beginning 20.09.21


Hi everyone,


I am so sorry for my absence this week but hear that Class 2 have been super and the true stars that they are so well done everyone!


I have updated Bug Club so children should have plenty books to be working through and, although I haven't had the chance to formally assess children's book bands, I have given many children the next colour to try. If these are too difficult or too easy then do not worry. These assessments will happen as soon as possible but please make sure that children can not only read their books but also answer any questions about what they have read and are understanding the text as they read. At this point, the understanding is crucial.


Keep it up superstars, I will be back with you as soon as I can!


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs C



Reading- Read at least 4x and record in organisers.

Chill Time - Go for a walk and see if you can start spotting signs of Autumn

ICT - Spend some time on Purple Mash (can you change you Avatar by clicking on the shadow person by your name?)

Spellings - ir, ou, oy (revision)












Week beginning 13.9.21


Well our first full week has been brilliant; incredibly busy but brilliant! Your children are a credit to you all.


We have been working at quite a fast pace with lots of great learning and getting to know each other properly. I am really emphasising children being able to believe in themselves and that it is ok to find things tricky as long as they are trying their best and developing an 'I can do it' attitude.


Children have been working on recounts, identifying features through marking an example recount, planning and writing their own recount and self-marking. Lots of work has been covered in maths, making two digit numbers with Base 10 (tens and ones) to understand the value of each digit and using these to partition numbers up to 20 and then 50. Children have played 'Daily 10' each day and are now absolutely loving this before we start our maths lesson. Your children may have started telling you about The Great Fire of London and there are lots of videos on YouTube about this. We have also looked at activities which are healthy and unhealthy for our mental health.


Please could you ensure that reading books and organisers are in children's bags each day. Children will be reading each day after lunch now that they are settled and I/another adult will be hearing them whenever possible. I will also be beginning to assess children's reading. Please be aware that this is incredibly time consuming and will happen over a number of weeks.


I will be sending children's log-ins home on Monday so please check that children can access these. Let me know any problems. Please encourage children to practise logging in to Purple Mash with these log-ins as this will be needed on Wednesday. We will be doing this as part of ICT on Wednesday.


Have a lovely weekend!



Reading - 4 x week recorded in organisers please.

Chill time - play a game or do a jigsaw together.

Spellings (revision ay, ee, igh, ow, oo (zoo) and oo (look)













Week beginning 6.9.21

Wow! the children have settled in brilliantly and we are very proud of them.


Spellings will start from next Friday. Initially these will be set for the whole class and then gradually become more child specific. I would like children to spend time reading the words as well as spelling them. There will be 8 phonic focus words and 2 common exception words. These words can be found in the front of children's organisers for Year 1 and Year 2. You may want to spend time revising those from Year 1. I will be setting some of the trickier Year 1 words for this half term.



-Reading - 4x school reading book recorded in organisers.

-Chill Time - Watch a film as a reward for being fabulous and trying so hard!

-Spellings - ar, or, air