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Homework and Spelling



I just want to say a huge thank you to all of you for this year. It has been extremely unusual, especially not being able to have the conversations that would usually take place between parents and teachers. Despite this, I have been lucky enough to get to know most of you to a certain extent and every single one of your children are a complete credit to you.


Have a wonderful Summer break and I will definitely be looking forward to seeing the children return as juniors and talking to them about what they have been up to when I see them around school and on playground duties! I will definitely shed a tear on Wednesday!


Next week we will have some picnic snacks and games on the school field in replacement of our trip to the park. 


Well done everyone, we made it!


See you all soon,

Mrs Charlesworth x


Homework - Keep reading anything, anytime and don't forget the Summer Reading Challenge (see main class page).


Have some fun making memories!



Wow! I cannot believe it is the last full week. I would just like this opportunity to say that your children are all an absolute credit to you. They have faced this year and all it has thrown at them with patience, calmness, determination, enthusiasm and a smile. They have an incredible amount of motivation which has helped them greatly and allowed me to take their learning much further than anticipated with so much learning time disrupted over the last 18 months.


I write this with a tear in my eye as I have been completely blessed to teach this class and have enjoyed every minute of my time with them. I know I have said it so many times this year to you, to staff, in meetings.... I cannot praise them highly enough.


Thank you to you parents.

Thank you for your support.

Thank you to your children.

Thank you, my wonderful Class 2!heart


I am going to do a picnic at school instead of Colwick Park before the end of term. I know that this is disappointing but with positive cases creeping up and many cases in primary schools at the moment, I just think this is a sensible thing to do at this time. We will have lots of fun over the next week and a half anyway!




Mrs Charlesworth



I am not setting any formal homework this week but I would strongly encourage children to keep reading, do a little bit of times tables either on Rockstars or simply counting in multiples and working on time over the holidays. It really does make a difference.


I will be setting the Library Summer Reading Challenge as whole school homework and would be great if Class 2 joined in as they love books so much.


Spellings (I will informally test these on Thursday) – dislike, disagree, disappear, disappoint, disconnect, disobey, disqualify, dishonest, heard, early



Last week was a great week! Family week resulted in some brilliant discussions about gender stereotypes and all of the class are so lovely to have discussions with and share their own opinions. A true reflection of how they are all maturing and growing in confidence. Making popcorn was great fun too!


Apologies for my absence on Thursday, my little boy is having to self-isolate due to the closure of his Year 1 bubble. I will be trying to keep next week as normal as possible while he completes his isolation. He will be climbing the walls by next week. Fingers crossed we can get through the last few weeks without any more such disruptions!


Next week we are going to compare Nottingham with Kenya and will link this through Topic and English. Children will also be doing some creative writing to create some super stories. They will be solving problems in maths and completing work on capacity and mass.


I am aware that some children may watch a slightly important football match on Monday and have planned Monday to take account for a few tired eyes! 




Although we are coming to the end of term, it is important for children's retention of their learning to keep reading, practising times tables and spellings. This is a priority over any other homework tasks and so homework will focus on these over the next few weeks and taking in to account of end of year tiredness.


Reading - Sign up to the Nottinghamshire libraries Summer reading Challenge.

Read reading book/other book including bug club at least 4 times for at least ten minutes.


Times tables - TTRockstars 3x 10 mins (we have won the times tables award a few times so well done!)


Spellings – hear, here, bear, bare, their, there, quiet, quite, journey, area 



How is it July already?


This week we have released our butterflies and done some work on explanations. We will be carrying on with this next week and looking at how popcorn becomes popcorn. Please let me know if you do not want your child to have any. We have been working on time in maths so please keep asking your child what the time is.


Next week is family week where we will have three lessons from the RSE curriculum. The main points of these are differences between boy and girl babies, science names for the body parts, discussing gender stereotypes and to know that creating new life requires a male and a female. If you have any questions about this, please do not hesitate to ask.




Reading/Bug Club - Reading book x3 and Bug Club (at least one book). Children's buzz for reading is fantastic so thank you for helping by listening to your children read.


Times Tables - 3x 10 minutes TTRockstars


ICT - Spreadsheet 2Do following on from last week's ICT lesson. Spreadsheets is tricky for this age group so these activities would really help.


Spellings - ful, less, ly

graceful, powerful, wonderful, careless, breathless, badly, happily, luckily, caught, daughter



Your children have worked incredibly hard this week and I could not be prouder of them.


Next week we are going to do some explanation work around the caterpillars that are now chrysalis's. They grew from 1cm to 3 cm in three days and we are now looking forward to them appearing as butterflies! In maths, we are going to look at time so please encourage your children to tell the time as this is an incredibly hard concept to grasp.


I hope that you all have a restful weekend.


Mrs Charlesworth




Reading/ BUG Club

At least 4 times - reading and re-reading reading book and at least one book on BUG Club with comprehension questions. 



3 x 10 minutes


Spellings - 'tion' saying /shun/

action, motion, description, station, section, portion, friction, fraction, weight, straight



Next week is assessment week so I have not set spellings. I will be assessing children's spelling of the Year 2 common exception words as part of this and re-assessing children's book bands. I have put some past papers if you would like to have a look at these with your children and they are under the 'Information' tab.


Please could I ask that organisers come into school every Thursday even if your child has not finished their book so that I can sign them and see how children are getting on with their reading at home. As children's reading will be being assessed, I really need them in school next Thursday so that this can be recorded. Please also that children re-read reading books to develop confidence and fluency. Thank you!


The hot weather is resulting in hot children whose tolerance to each other is understandably, not as tolerant as it may normally be! There have been a few fall outs this week, which as well as the heat, are common at this point of Year 2. I am aware of most issues from the week but I certainly don't want any children unhappy so if there is anything that you may think I am not aware of, please let me know! Please be re-assured that most of these are small, isolated fall-outs from playtimes.


Have a lovely weekend!




Reading - school book x4 / Bug Club / reading books from home


Times Tables - TTRockstars - 2x 10 mins


Assessmnets - Have a look at past papers


Spellings - have a look at past spelling patterns and common exception words



I hope that you all had a lovely half-term and managed to enjoy the wonderful weather. Please remember to send children with a sun hat or cap and put sun-cream on them in the morning. Please do not worry if children are coming home with their water bottles quite full as they are being filled up at lunch times. Children are drinking plenty of water and as the classroom can get quite warm, are encouraged to take their cardigans and jumpers off.


I have just about finished assessing children's reading of the Year 2 common exception words and will then move on to the spelling of them. These words, as well as the spelling patterns covered this year, will also make up the spelling part of their end of year assessments. For this reason, spellings will be a little bit different over the next few weeks.


This week's spellings involve children reading a short passage and highlighting those words which they think are mis-spelt. Children then need to spell these words correctly and write them in the spaces. I have attached the Year 1 and 2 words but would really like children to have a go at spelling the words without it and just use it to check them. Some children also have a word sorting sheet from Mrs Doel. I am not sending maths homework this week but will be sending home some maths reasoning work next week.


This week we have been working on fractions of numbers (halves and quarters). This can be quite a tricky concept so have a go at asking children some questions on it. Next week will be our money week. This will take place across the school and we will be working on coins, adding amounts, finding change, saving and the difference between things we need and things that we want.


English work is looking at grammar, punctuation, spelling and reading comprehension. I will be covering all aspects of these areas covered and expected to be used at this age ready for our assessment week (week beginning 21.6.21).


Following the assessment week, I will be covering any areas that come out of the assessments that children do not seem to have fully understood or where I feel application could be stronger and covering these along with any other areas that we have not covered fully yet. My aim is that children move into Year 3 with complete coverage of the Year 2 curriculum despite the lockdowns.


I will attach some sample papers for if your child wants to do any of them to help prepare them for assessment week. I will be carrying out these assessments as I usually do for Year 2.


Our topic this half term is a Geography (with a little History) focus, 'Summer in Colwick'. We will be looking at features of Colwick, maps and I am hoping for us to go to Colwick Park for a walk, observing it's features and habitats and have a picnic! I hope that this will be a lovely end to a weird year but will provide more information nearer the time.


Enjoy the sunshine this weekend!




TTRockstars - 3x 10 minutes


Bug Club - at least one book, preferably 2


Reading book - to be read 4x 10 minutes and ideally re-read/own book read


Spellings - Common Exception words -  Mr Whoops activity 1 and 2 (at least number 1)



We made it everyone! Have a great half term!


Next term is your child's last half term in Year 2 and their last half term as Key Stage One! I am so sad that this is the last half term but also so blessed to be able to teach every single one of your wonderful children. They truly are an amazing class and joy to spend the days with.


I will be preparing children for Year 3 next half term and continuing to develop their independence in using the skills that they have been taught with greater confidence.


I have sent home an arithmetic paper to do over half term. This is so that you can see the expectation for the end of year 2 and to continue with giving the children practise in applying the calculation methods when they are combined. Some children will find this easier than others. Some children will need support and some children will be able to do this independently. We will be continuing to work on these methods and application after half term as children are finding this particularly difficult as a result of the lost learning stemming from last year and into this. 


Please keep up with a little reading and times tables over the half term; even just ten minutes here and there. It really does make a difference.


The weather looks great (at the moment) so have a great time and enjoy it!



Arithmetic booklet



3 x 10 minutes (at least)



4x week (at least)

BUG Club




qua as quo/wa as ‘wo’ 

want, watch, wash, swap, quality, squash, squabble, quantity, half, quarter 




One week to go! Children are doing fabulously, despite coughs, colds, tired tears and brains that are worn out!


This week we will be getting ready and performing our class assembly which is on some of the famous people that we have been learning about. In Maths, we will be working on the four calculations that we have been covering over the last four weeks. We will be solving calculations and remembering how to solve each calculation and deciding which operation we need to use to solve word problems.


Children's understanding of Peace has really developed through RE and I hope that children can use this while they relax over half term as well as beyond when recognising peace in themselves and peace in places that they visit.


Children are making some good progress in their times tables and the blocks that support the understanding of times tables can take longer to 'click' together in some children than others. This is ok as all children learn at different rates. Children that find this tricky do receive support with spending time working on them with practical activities. Times Tables Rock stars is up to date for each child. Most children have a combination of times tables so that they can apply their skills rather than learning for a test.


Children are doing really well with applying their spelling more accurately and I am currently in the process of starting assessments for the end of the year. I have started assessing children's reading of the Common Exception Words and will then move on to the spellings of these.


After half term, I will be carrying out more formal assessments in a SAT's style. I normally provide drinks and biscuits during this time and will do this this year too. I will provide more information of this nearer the time but in the mean time, have a lovely half term and a very well-deserved break for the children. They are just a completely AWESOME class!



Division maths sheet.


TTRockstars - 3x 10 minutes per week


Reading - re-reading individual reading books and at least one book on Bug Club. If at any point children run out of the books allocated to them, then reading a book from their library is extremely beneficial for confidence, understanding, fluency and expression.



treasure, measure, pleasure, Asia, usual, unusual, visual, casual, sure, sugar



Wow! Class 2 have been working incredibly hard! Their work on multiplication methods has absolutely astounded Mrs Doel and I. This week's homework may appear a bit tricky but the children have learned the methods needed to solve them and they have done brilliantly with them. If children in my group just start with those questions using the 2 x table, then 10's and 5's if they can do those. Children in Mrs Doel's maths group can start with the multiplications with teens numbers, then any twenty's numbers and so on. Please find a copy of working out the methods above.


I wanted to say a huge thank you with supporting your child's reading. There is massive progress being made and the enthusiasm for reading is brilliant. 


Children are really seeing their own progress in all areas and this is giving them such a drive to try even harder. It is an incredible learning environment and they are absolutely amazing!


We will be working on Division methods in Maths and a bit of Poetry in English as well as preparing for our assembly before half term. 



Maths Multiplication homework



3x 10 minutes



4x reading of school book and at least one book on BUG Club.



enjoyment, payment, excitement, involvement, fairness, sickness, tidiness, happiness, hour, move 





It has been another busy week in Class 2 with some brilliant story writing, space craft designs and great application of maths!


Next week we will be working on instructions, multiplication methods and using them to solve word problems. Please could all children bring their toothbrush and toothpaste in to school on Tuesday in a small, named plastic bag. On Friday we will be enjoying the Book Trust's 'Pyjamarama Day'. Please could children come to school in their pyjamas and shoes/trainers along with their favourite bedtime story to share in the class. There will lots of reading and story related activities, all in the comfort of PJ's!


Please remember to send reading folders with reading books, organisers along with homework on Thursdays.




Maths word problems in homework folders. Children have used column method addition and subtraction this week to apply in to helping them solve word problems.


TTRockstars - 3 x 10 minutes


BUG Club/Reading book - Please read at least 4 times. Shorter books should be repeated for confidence, fluency and understanding.




     war, ward, warm, towards, world, worst, work, worth, prove, improve



Children should have come home with homework today. Homework will go home on a Thursday and could it please be returned the following Thursday. It will predominantly be based around maths that has been covered in the week or Grammar. 


In Science, children are learning about plants. I will send everyone home with some sunflower seeds next week so that we can all have a sunflower growing competition! We will be spending the next few weeks in Maths using the four main calculations to help solve word problems. This is quite tricky for children to learn as they need to be able to read the problem, decide how to solve it by pulling out the key information, solving it and then checking what the question was asking. There will be some homework sent linked to this and children may need support. In English we are going to finish off our own stories based upon Supertato, for which the children have some brilliant characters!


There is some brilliant reading happening at home and it is great to be sending books home again. Thank you for helping your children with their reading!



-Maths sheet on position and direction

-3x 10 minutes of TT Rockstars

-4 x reading of school book and at least 1 BUG Club

-Spellings - contractions


I've, don't, won't, can't, didn't, you'll, couldn't, wouldn't, father, aunt



Class 2 have settled back in to the Summer term superbly and we are beginning to prepare for their assessments.


As the weather improves, please make sure children have a hat for playtimes and a little sun-cream on their cheeks. My children have definitely looked a little 'rosy' after the lovely sunshine last week!


Telling the time is always a mathematical concept which children find tricky due to it's relatively abstract nature. Children have made great progress when we have worked on time but to help that knowledge 'stick', children need constant 'drip' feeding' with it. Please could you encourage your children to tell you the time wherever possible? 




TTRockstars (x3 10 minutes)


Reading and Bug Club - Read reading book at least three times up to Orange books and at least one book on Bug Club.





Spellings – longer, warmer, wetter, hottest, coldest, windy, sunny, funny, four, eight 



Welcome back everyone! This half term we will be learning about famous people, along with plants, athletics and invasion games, Salvation, how to look after and treat each other, searching on the internet, spreadsheets and 3D art. We will be developing confidence in using the four main operations in mathematics and, although formal testing is not taking place this year, I do not want any children at a disadvantage to children of previous years and so, I will be preparing children for Year 3 with SAT's style work. In maths, reading questions is a key part of being able to tackle such questions.


Reading books will be coming home on a Monday and are to be returned on a Thursday if completed. I would ask that these are read approximately three times up to Orange books to support children's understanding. Organisers will also be coming home so please could these stay with the reading books and come back into school with the reading books on a Thursday. All children read at least once in school each week and this is recorded in school.


Thank you for the support that you have given to your children and their learning so far. Hopefully we can begin returning to a more 'normal' over this final term. I can't wait to see you all.















3x week please


BUG Club/ Reading

4x week and recorded in organisers please



Well done everyone! Four days to go. Class 2 are all still trying their very best but are definitely ready for a break! This week will be working on the Easter story and subtraction and on Thursday we will have an 'Easter craft and activity day'. 




BUG Club - read at least two books and answer the questions. 

Read two books or a few chapters if children are reading longer books.


Times Tables Rockstars

Try and spend ten minutes at least twice a week.



These spellings may seem quite tricky for some children but don't worry. We spend time breaking the words down all week so children do really well having a go at their spellings and it is important that they access the Year 2 coverage. Children that need extra support receive it during 1:1 and small group interventions throughout the week.














We are all back in a 'normal' school routine now and children are continuing to amaze me! We will now be recording children's times tables and children will progress to their next times table when their times table grid is correct. Children are doing well in their spellings and are picking up the strategies that they are being taught to help them to spell in their work, rather than just for a spelling test. The class are also spotting their spelling words in their reading books! All children have had their reading assessed and are reading with an adult each week.


A polite reminder that children really need to be in school uniform for school days and PE days. Please discuss with me any problems that you may have with this.


BUG Club - Please read at least one book each week. Children are keen to receive a gold card on a Monday for doing so. Please also listen to children read physical books 4 times each week.


TTRockstars - Encourage children to spend at least 15 minutes throughout the week to help them with their times tables. Children are expected to know their times tables up to the 12 times table by Year 4.


Spellings - 

adding -ing and -ed when the consonant is doubled














We are looking forward to another week of normality! I'm sure that the children were all ready for the weekend after a busy week. There were some tired looking little faces! It is fabulous having everyone back together again and everyone has managed the change superbly. I am really noticing a difference in children's spellings and breaking them down in to sounds and syllables is really helping children to think about the sounds in words. Thank you for your support with helping children  to learn their spellings. Please help children to learn their times tables with TTRockstars. 'Hit the button' is another great website for times tables too.


We are going to be re-visiting calculations over the next few weeks in Maths and writing letters in English using the story 'The Day the Crayons Quit'.


Here are next week's spellings:

'al' as in 'or'














This week's spellings:














What a way to start the year! This week has been extremely challenging to say the least and I just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for incredible support and hard-work with home schooling. I am trying to make it as manageable and workable for all of us so let me know if you would prefer one input at the start of the day or a few little ones across the morning and I'll see what I can do.


Spellings - adding -er and -est













We made it! Well done everyone. The children have been incredible this term, absolutely amazing. Enjoy the Christmas break and spending time together, relaxing, watching films and just resting. 


After Christmas I will be teaching Monday to Thursday and Miss Thrower will be teaching on a Friday. Miss Jackson will be in the class full-time and Mrs Doel will be doing some catch-up work. Miss Thrower is really looking forward to getting to know the class and says that Year 2 is her favourite!


Thank you so much for our cards, gifts, smiles and support - we are truly grateful.

See you in 2021,

Mrs Charlesworth and Miss Jackson


Tasks - 

1) Watch at least two Christmas films.

2) Read on Bug club or any new books that you get for Christmas (record in organisers).

3) Go on 2paint on Purple Mash, TTRockstars if you feel your brain needs a little wake up.

4) If you want to do some work then do as much of the CGP Reading Comprehension Book 1 as you like.5

5) Play, be kind, rest, relax and get some fresh air.

6) Spellings for 8.1.20


bubble                  If they are tricky: of, said, says, are, were, was

middle                  If you want a challenge - Yr 3/4 words











One more week to go! I know the children will be very excited about Christmas Jumper and Christmas dinner so today we will be writing a little bit of our fabulous Christmas stories and enjoying the excitement with Christmas activities! A lot of children are looking quite tired this week and there are a few minor playground 'disagreements'. This is normal for the time of year and for Year 2 but if there ever is anything that may be a little bit more than general falling out, please let me know.


Children are continuing to be the best people to be around, it is such a lovely environment in the classroom. I'm not sure if they are doing this at home, but they are really starting to spot word patterns and things we have learnt in places such as their reading books!


Next Wednesday will be our party. Children will come home with a paper plate which will need to be returned on Wednesday with a little party food on it, named and securely sealed. It is a shame that we can't do our normal 'sharing' but we will still make it special and lovely! Children are more than welcome to come in their own clothes that can be everyday/party/Christmassy!


Homework Tasks

1) Array worksheet to build on some of the work covered in class this week. We have also looked at the numberline method for multiplication. Have a go on TTRockstars to get used to it for January.

2) Aim for three books on BUG Club and own reading book. Record in organisers please.

3) Purple Mash - Free choice!

4) Spellings - wr


wreck             *Challenge - Yr3/4 words           If they are tricky..... enjoy, boy, foil, coin, pie, fried, beans, seaside, was, were











We have had another busy but extremely productive in Class 2 this week. The whole class have a fantastic attitude to their learning and make teaching and learning a joy! Thank you so much for absolutely brilliant support and efforts with reading and homework.



1) Read at least 4 times (reading book and BUG Club) and record in organiser.


2) Purple Mash - Create a musical sequence. Can you make a sequence for 'Jingle Bells'?

3) TTRockstars - Try and spend ten minutes three times this week please. 

4) Spellings - adding ed/ing to words ending in /y/.

copying                         Challenge - Year 3/4 words          If the spellings are too hard:

copied                                                                            rain    pain                       

worrying                                                                         green    screen        

worried                                                                           fright     bright        

studying                                                                         float       coat

studied                                                                           one       two







Thank you everyone who has recorded reading in your child's organiser. We are really pleased that we can now have this form of communication. Please make sure that organisers are returned every Thursday, even if reading books have not been completed. 


We are approaching that busy and exciting time of year and I cannot wait to start doing Christmassy activities that the class so definitely deserve! On Tuesday, children are welcome to come in 'sparkly' clothes, a Christmas jumper or bring a little tinsel to add to their beautiful singing voices for filming our KS1 Christmas performance.


We have been learning about money over the last few weeks. It is a tricky concept to grasp and therefore this week's homework is linked to this.



1) Read at least three books on Bug Club as well as the school book. Record in organisers and return on Thursday.

2) Children and parents to sign the Home/School agreement in the front of organisers.

3) Complete the money task on Purple Mash.

**** Play with money at home. Set up a shop and spend time selecting the correct money to 'buy' items. 

4) Spellings - challenge Year 3 and 4 statutory words












Thank you to all of those children that are regularly completing work and parents for your incredible support. It really does make a huge difference and I am extremely proud of all of those children who are working fantastically hard and have such a positive attitude to their learning both in and out of school. The progress in the class is astounding!


This week's homework:

1) Complete at least three books on BUG Club and answer the questions.


2) Complete the tasks set on Purple Mash. Have a go on TTRockstars. You could even show your grown ups how Daily 10 works!


3) Spellings


gnome                    Challenge - Year 3/4 statutory words











1) Read at least 3 books on Bug Club and answer the questions for each bug.


2) Complete the science quiz on Purple Mash about Animal Habitats. 

 Log in to Microsoft Teams and send me a message.


3) Spellings: adding 'es' to words ending in 'y'.


flies                           Challenge - Yr 3 and 4 statutory words












6. 11. 20


1) Complete tasks set on Purple Mash. Well done to all who have been going on there regularly!


2) Read 3 books on Bug Club.


3) Spellings - 


edge                                 Year 3/4 words










Half-Term Homework


Read between 3 and 5 books (at least) on Bug Club.


Spend some time on Purple Mash - can you complete the '2do's' that I've set?













I can't wait to see you all next week!


1) Read at least one book on BUG Club. Email me at class2@st-johns-pri.notts.sch.uk  if you have any problems but it would be great if a few more children were accessing it, at least once a week.


2) Log in to Purple Mash and complete one of the 2do's.


3) Spellings








or these...









Well done to everyone who has been using Bug Club!


1) Read two books from Bug Club and answer the questions.


2) Complete the Great Fire of London activity on Purple Mash.


3) Spellings











1) Phonics - read the words and tick the ones that you can read. Can you read them faster? Without sounding out? These can be kept at home to help prepare for the phonics screening that will be carried out at the end of term.


2) Spend time logging on and off to Purple Mash. 


Read at least one book on Bug Cub.


4) Spellings - 











1 - Make sure that you can log on to BUG Club.

Class password - class2018


2. - Read two books on BUG Club and answer the questions.


3. Learn the first set of words from the Year 2 common exception words. These will be informally tested on Friday.

Spellings -