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Homework and Spelling

Week beginning 1.11.21


Happy Half-Term everyone!


Our last week of the half term has been brilliant. The children have worked so hard and definitely deserve a break ready for a busy second half of the term.


Next half term's topic will be, 'Terrific Toys' but the first week we will be learning about Guy Fawkes and enjoying a KS1 'Festival of Light Day' on Thursday 4.11.21, enjoying activities about Diwali, Fireworks and Guy Fawkes. We will be writing stories in English, Money, multiplication and division in maths as well as reinforcing learning on place value and addition and subtraction. We will be learning about Leaders in RE, Animals and Humans in Science and Looking after ourselves and dangers of medicines in People Skills.


Later on in the half-term, children will take their phonic screening check and preparing for Christmas.


Forest schools will not be taking place, therefore, children will come to school in their PE kits on Fridays. No extra clothing will be required.


Thanks to you all for a great first half term!


Mrs C :-)



Reading - as much as possible, at least 4x each week recorded in organisers

Homework Menu - complete as many as you wish. A new menu will come home after half term.

Spellings - fire, spire, clear, fear, sure, pure, chew, flew, people, once

Week Beginning 11.10.21


This week has been fabulous! The children have responded well to the higher level of expectation of behaviour and it has really improved children's quality of work, effort and pride in what they can do!


We were lucky to have a special visitor this week. Paul Irons is the son of Eric Irons (ask your children who he was!). Paul is my old deputy head from the Secondary school I attended and the children were very keen to find out how I was at school! Paul did a great job and had just unveiled a mural of his dad in Nottingham City Centre. He talked to the children about his father's early live and the struggles that he faced coming over from Jamaica, the efforts that he made for equality and achievements. Class 2 will be sharing what they learnt in a special assembly on Tuesday. Paul had never spoken to six year olds but they were gentle and very entertaining!


This week will be completing any outstanding work, mainly art and technology so it should be a brilliant and productive week.


Mrs C



Reading - 4x week recorded in organisers (school book, own books and BUG Club)

Homework menu - choose your own activity/activities

Spellings - nurse, burger, brown, flower, join, coin, again, rain, we, me 

week beginning 4.10.21


Hi everyone,


How are we in October already?!


This week we are leading the Harvest Service at Church; the first time we have been since the first Lockdown! A few things from last week have had to be moved to this week due to the preparations for this so we will be catching up with them, including English. Last week the children produced some AMAZING writing using their senses to write a diary as if they were witnessing the Great fire. I was incredibly proud! The children are really beginning to see how they can improve their writing and enthusiasm is increasing which is brilliant!


I have assessed just over half of the children's reading now and will record this in children's organisers on Monday.Please could all organisers and reading books be in school every day as we quiet read after lunch each day and this is when I can listen to individual children read. Thank you!


Children will come home with homework books on Monday (sorry about the delay with these due to my absence). Some of the activities are those which have already been set and I have tried to make all others straight-forward. I have also attached these on here. These are recommended rather than compulsory. Reading and spellings are the main expectation. Homework can be recorded in the book, including photographs and pictures. Please could any writing be completed in pencil and presented as wonderfully as children produce in the classroom. These will be a lovely record in the future.


Yellow Day is on Friday the 8th October and children can wear something yellow. This is to promote Mental Well-being and activities to support this will provided.


Have a great weekend!

Mrs C :-)



Reading - x 4 recorded in organisers

Chill time/Homework Menu - Climb a tree or fly a kite

Spellings - phone, home, tune, huge, claw, straw, care, share, they, friend 



Week beginning 27.9.21


It has been so lovely to speak to you all this week and thank you for your time!


Next week we will be writing about the Great Fire of London, painting pictures of the fire and moving from Place value to number bonds and addition and subtraction facts. We will be talking about changes in our lives and the feeling of loss as well as creating posters about the wonderful things in our world.


Thank you for your patience during my absence and I am looking forward to getting back!


Have a lovely weekend!



Reading - 4x week recorded in organisers.

Chill time - the sunsets have been beautiful this week. See if you see the beautiful colours of the sky and the Harvest Moon while it is still bright.












Week Beginning 20.09.21


Hi everyone,


I am so sorry for my absence this week but hear that Class 2 have been super and the true stars that they are so well done everyone!


I have updated Bug Club so children should have plenty books to be working through and, although I haven't had the chance to formally assess children's book bands, I have given many children the next colour to try. If these are too difficult or too easy then do not worry. These assessments will happen as soon as possible but please make sure that children can not only read their books but also answer any questions about what they have read and are understanding the text as they read. At this point, the understanding is crucial.


Keep it up superstars, I will be back with you as soon as I can!


Have a lovely weekend,

Mrs C



Reading- Read at least 4x and record in organisers.

Chill Time - Go for a walk and see if you can start spotting signs of Autumn

ICT - Spend some time on Purple Mash (can you change you Avatar by clicking on the shadow person by your name?)

Spellings - ir, ou, oy (revision)












Week beginning 13.9.21


Well our first full week has been brilliant; incredibly busy but brilliant! Your children are a credit to you all.


We have been working at quite a fast pace with lots of great learning and getting to know each other properly. I am really emphasising children being able to believe in themselves and that it is ok to find things tricky as long as they are trying their best and developing an 'I can do it' attitude.


Children have been working on recounts, identifying features through marking an example recount, planning and writing their own recount and self-marking. Lots of work has been covered in maths, making two digit numbers with Base 10 (tens and ones) to understand the value of each digit and using these to partition numbers up to 20 and then 50. Children have played 'Daily 10' each day and are now absolutely loving this before we start our maths lesson. Your children may have started telling you about The Great Fire of London and there are lots of videos on YouTube about this. We have also looked at activities which are healthy and unhealthy for our mental health.


Please could you ensure that reading books and organisers are in children's bags each day. Children will be reading each day after lunch now that they are settled and I/another adult will be hearing them whenever possible. I will also be beginning to assess children's reading. Please be aware that this is incredibly time consuming and will happen over a number of weeks.


I will be sending children's log-ins home on Monday so please check that children can access these. Let me know any problems. Please encourage children to practise logging in to Purple Mash with these log-ins as this will be needed on Wednesday. We will be doing this as part of ICT on Wednesday.


Have a lovely weekend!



Reading - 4 x week recorded in organisers please.

Chill time - play a game or do a jigsaw together.

Spellings (revision ay, ee, igh, ow, oo (zoo) and oo (look)













Week beginning 6.9.21

Wow! the children have settled in brilliantly and we are very proud of them.


Spellings will start from next Friday. Initially these will be set for the whole class and then gradually become more child specific. I would like children to spend time reading the words as well as spelling them. There will be 8 phonic focus words and 2 common exception words. These words can be found in the front of children's organisers for Year 1 and Year 2. You may want to spend time revising those from Year 1. I will be setting some of the trickier Year 1 words for this half term.



-Reading - 4x school reading book recorded in organisers.

-Chill Time - Watch a film as a reward for being fabulous and trying so hard!

-Spellings - ar, or, air