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From Summer 2021

WB 19/7/21



Group A: qualify, squabble, waddle, warrior, quarrel, what, swan, wander, swamp, squash (T3P2U9)

Group B: amphibious, illustrious, industrious, courteous, fastidious, precarious, nauseous, simultaneous, luxurious, notorious (T5P3U25)

Group C: Worcestershire, Xenophobic, yodelling, voracious, volcanology

Homework: Make sure lines are learned before Thursday


WB 12/7/21


Group A: caught, daughter, fraught, haughty, naughty, onslaught, slaughter, taught, draught, laughter (T3P2U8)

Group B: automatically, basically, chaotically, dramatically, ethically, frantically, heroically, specifically, majestically, practically (T5P3U20)

Group C: ventriloquist, velociraptor, vibrations, verification, voluminous

Homework: Learn all the songs and words for the play


WB 5/7/21


Group A: straight, eight, eighth, eighty, neighbour, sleigh, weigh, weight, height, sleight

Group B: abundant, brilliant, defiant, arrogant, elegant, fragrant, hesitant, important, instant, pleasant

Group C: uniformity, uncharacteristic, utilitarianism, umbilical, ubiquitous 

Homework: Learn all lines and songs for the play 


WB 28/6/21


Group A: through, although, doughnut, bough, drought, plough, brought, bought, fought, thought

Group B: activity, authority, anxiety, capacity, charity, certainty, community, curiosity, diversity, electricity

Group C: trebuchet, tracheotomy, tantamount, technologically, therapeutic

Please learn all the show words and look at costume requirements on TEAMs


WB 21/6/21


Group A: whimper, whinge, whip, whirl, whisker, whisper, whistle, white, whither, why (T3P2U5)

Group B: baguette, brunette, cassette, cigarette, etiquette, gazette, launderette, marionette, omelette, palette (T5P3U16)

Group C: Spaghetti, specialist, strangulate, stupendous, synchronise

Homework: Reading X5 X15 minutes Recap X6 tables, play on Times Table Rock Stars


WB 14/6/21



Group A: Whale, what, wheat, wheel, when, where, which, wheeze, while, whirlpool  (T3P2U5)

Group B:  apologise, comprise, compromise, criticise, devise, disguise, empathise, exercise, maximise, organise (T5P3U15)

Group C: skulduggery, sedition, seismographic, seizure, semiprecious

Homework: Learn X8 tables, play on TT Rock Stars, Read X5 X15 minutes


WB 7/6/21


Group A: midwife, shone, microbe, minute, route, tadpole, type, wardrobe, welcome wildlife (T3P2U4)

Group B: advice, entice, device, sacrifice, suffice, concise, paradise, precise, advertise, advise   (T5P3U15)

Group C: sergeant, septuagenarian, sedimentary, scrumptious, scourge  

Homework: Make a model or picture of a Tudor style boat. Reading X5 X15 Minutes, Recap X7 tables, play on TT Rock Stars


WB 24.5.21


Group A: become, blonde, earthquake, engine, envelope, forgive, glove, horde, imagine, meanwhile, 

Group B: Labelled, marvelled, modelled, patrolled, pedalled, quarrelled, repelled, squirrelled, repelled, rivalled 

Group C: reconnaissance, reciprocate, rendezvous, republican, reprehensible

Homework: Lots of reading but have a break other than that!


WB 17.5.21



Group A: Extract, executive, exaggerate, exam, examine, example, exempt, exert, exhaust, exhibit 

Group B: barrelled, channelled, compelled, controlled, counselled, equalled, excelled, fuelled, funnelled, grovelled 

Group C: regeneration, rehydrated, rebelliousness, recommendation, regurgitate

Homework: Learn patterns for X9 tables, play on Times Tables Rock Stars, Research facts about crime and punishment in Tudor Times and put it on Teams




Group A: labour, neighbour, odour, parlour, rigour, rumour, saviour, savour, vapour, vigour (Tier 3 Phase 2, Unit 20)

Group B: conclude, concoct, connect, conform, consider, contact, contain, contest, contract, contribute (Tier 5, Phase 2, Unit 13)

Group C: ridiculous, resignation, reconvene, reconciliatory, reconstitute

Homework: Learning 8 times table, reading X5 X15 minutes, use Times Tables Rock stars at least twice

WB 3/5/21


Group A: behaviour, armour, clamour, colour, flavour, favour, harbour, honour, humour, glamour Y3 Phase 2 unit 20

Group B: combine, community, commotion, compact, companion, company, compare, compete, compress, compose

Group C: rheumatic, rhubarb, rhesus, rhombus, rhinoceros

Homework: Reading X5 X15 minutes, play on Times Tables Rock Stars and recap X6 tables


WB 26.4/21



Group A: civil, fossil, council, gerbil, pencil, peril, pupil, stencil, tendril, tranquil tier 3 phase 2 unit 19

Group B: collaborate, collapse, colleague, collect, college, collide, collude, colloquialism, collator, collateral tier 5 phase 2 unit 13

Group C: Queue, quintuplet, quotation, quadrilateral, qualification

Homework: Reading X5 X15 minutes (including bug club), using times tables rock stars at least twice, learning X12 tables


WB 19.4.21


Group A: camel, cancel, label, quarrel, towel, tunnel, squirrel, shovel, sequel, sentinel - Tier 3 Phase 2 Unit 19

Group B: abdicate, abolish, abominable, abhor, abrupt, abscond, abundant, absurd, abusive, absorb Tier 5 Phase 2 Unit 12

Group C: Quintessential, qualitative, quantitative, quagmire, questionable

Homework: Reading X5 X15 minutes, Using times tables rock stars at least twice, Learn your 11 times tables up to 11 X 12

Organisers will be used from this week to record reading and to record additional homework (although it will still be posted here and on the app).



Spring 2021 from week 8 (the first week back after lockdown)




Group A: Animal, capital, cathedral, general, festival, natural, original, royal, several, total 

Group B: forebear, foreboding, forecast, forecourt, forefather, foreshadow, foresight, forego, forelock, forethought

Group C: B+ photosynthesis, pseudonym, psychopath, psalmist, pterodactyl

Homework: Reading X5 X15 minutes per week including something on Bug Club, Learn your X8 tables to be able to recall them at speed and play on TTRS at least twice!


WB 22/3/21



Group A: people, rectangle, shuffle, sprinkle, stumble, subtle, triangle, vehicle, trickle, wriggle 

Group B: imagine, infinite, jasmine, justice, malice, medicine, notice, office, opposite, promise tier 

Group C: perseverance, pneumatically, psychology, pneumonia,  polysyllabic

Homework: Reading X5 X15 minutes per week including something on Bug Club, Learn your X6 tables to be able to recall them at speed and play on TTRS at least twice!


WB 15/3/21



Group A: brittle, couple, dawdle, drizzle, gentle, people, huddle, multiple, miracle, particle tier 3 |phase 2|unit 18

Group B: crevice, determine, discipline, hypocrite, heroine, genuine, favourite, definite, famine, engine tier 5|phase 1|unit 9

Group C: oratory, organisationally, oppositional, orangery, optician

Reading X5 X15 Minutes, Reinforce times tables by playing on Times tables Rock Stars at least twice


WB 8/3/21



Group A: knee, knickers, knife, knight, knit, knock, knot, know, knowledge, knuckle

Group B: Bathe, breathe, lathe, clothe, loathe, scathe, seethe, soothe, writhe, lithe

Group C: B+ obstinate, orchestrate, orienteering, ordination, overwhelming

No other homework since getting back to normal will be tough enough.


Autumn 2020

WB 14/12/20

There will be no homework over this week or the Christmas holidays as I believe that children need a rest.  This does not mean that they cannot read, merely that it is not a requirement from me.

Happy Christmas.

WB 7/12/20

I know these spellings look easy but the majority of children are spelling them incorrectly in their independent work so they need learning more robustly.


All Groups: different, dropped, dropping, which, bottom, witch, went, where, what, saw

Homework: Reading X5 X15 minutes including Bug Club Purple mash activity

WB 30/11/20


Group A: about, aloud, cloud, county, mountain, bounce, announce, compound, doubt, fountain

Group B: certainly, definitely, possibly, perhaps, probably, frequently, often, occasionally, rarely, always

Group C: inconsequential, irreplaceable, introversion, interminable, insubordination

Homework: Read on Bug Club at least once this week and read X5 in total this week on any format. Log in to Purple Mash and create an online safety poster using the information from last half term.

WB 23.11.20


Group A: chopped, putting, clearing, cleaned, happened, driving, shaving, nagged, poked, switched

Group B: equipment, environment, government, parliament, enjoyment, document, management, movement, replacement and statement

Group C: horrendous, habitual, hypochondriac, hesitation, hydroelectrically   

Homework: Reading X5 X15minutes including Bug Club; See how well you can do on Times tables Rock Stars in one week; find a different mythical Greek creature tutorial on YouTube, follow it  and post a photo of your picture on Teams

WB 16/11/20

Group A: of, off, went, where, were, wear, their, there, here, hear

Group B: wrestle, wrapper, island, debris, mortgage, Christmas, yacht, guarantee, guilty, written

Group C: B+ graduation, gorgonzola, gyroscopic, giganotosaurus, glimpse

Reading X5 X15minutes including Bug Club.

Make Greek armour for yourself, an action toy or teddy (depending upon the time and resources that you have available) and send me a photo of it on "Teams".


WB 9/11/20


Group A: happily sadly, grumpily, sleepily, angrily, slowly, quickly, suddenly, heavily, badly

Group B: doubt, lamb, debt, thumb, solemn, autumn, column, knight, knuckle, knot

Group C: Fragility, fraternity, fictitiously, frivolousness, fructification  

Homework: Look on Purple Mash for this week’s work and Reading X5 X15 minutes



A: greatest, greater, slower slowest, happier, happiest, nicer, nicest, sillier, silliest

B: past, passed, proceed, precede, aisle, isle, aloud, allowed, affect, effect

C: B+ elephantine, escapology, entomology, endorphins, epidermis

Reading X 5 X15  minutes including something on Bug Club

Doing the writing that was set on Purple Mash over half term. If you've done it already, there is nothing else to do!


WB 12/10/20


A: cries, flies, babies, bodies, keys, monkeys, boys, trays, donkeys, mummies

B: apply, supply, identify, occupy, multiply, rhyme, cycle, python, hygiene, hyphen

C: B+ disingenuous, diphthong, delinquent, duodecimal, dyslexia

Homework:  Check out and read the rest of the books I allocate on Bug Club by the end of half term

WB 5/10/20


Group A: shopped, clapped, hopped, setting, wetting, nagged, jogged, topping, humming, rubbing

Group B: symbol, mystery, lyrics, oxygen, symptom, physical, system, typical, crystal, rhythm 

Group C: B+ conscientious, condescension, constabulary, consignment, consecutive

Create decorated copies of each word from your spellings and display them round your room to help you to learn them.

Log in to Bug Club as soon as passwords and user names come home.



Just to let you know, Bug Club reading website is now available for your child to read from.  I have allocated them one book to read by half term.

To log in please go to:


Your child's user name is the first 4 letters of his or her first name (or 3 if there  are only 3 letters in the first name) then the first 4 letters of the second name with no spaces and no capitals.  Everyone has the same password. It is "class5" no capitals or spaces.

I would ask that you don't change this as this tends to cause problems with children forgetting their passwords.

The school code for logging in is : 7rph

Kind regards

Mr Collins


WB 28/9/20


Group A: kit, kite, bit, bite, not, note, tap, tape, rip, ripe

Group B: ambitious, cautious, fictitious, infectious, nutritious, contentious, superstitious, pretentious, anxious, obnoxious

Group C: B+ begrudge, belligerent, bivouac, bizarre, biometric

Homework: Research an invention of the ancient Greeks, find a picture of it, describe how it worked and how it changed society / civilisation and email it to me at class5@st-johns-pri.notts.sch.uk

Thought for the week: How do I show off what I’m good at without showing off?


WB 21/9/20


Group A: : accident, actual, address, answer, appear, arrive, believe, bicycle, breathe, build

Group B:Vicious, gracious, spacious, malicious, precious, conscious, delicious, suspicious, atrocious, ferocious

Group C: As A+ adjournment, affiliation, albumen, anemometer, argumentative

Homework: Please read 5X15 minutes (books may be returned on Thursday and new ones taken on the following Monday)

WB 14/9/20

Spellings for everyone with Greek roots:

chronological, chronic, photograph, photocopy, hydrant, dehydrate, telescope, television, antibacterial, antidote.

Please read 5 X 15 min.