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Homework will be set on this page every week on Monday.

Spellings will be tested the following Monday.

Any homework to hand in should be done on a Monday.

There will be a menu here in due course.  The idea is that you can pick one item each week when it suits you best and bring it in on a Monday.  You do not have to do them all and you do not have to do them in order.

Summer Term

Homework Menu - Try to pick one thing each week to have a go at:

Make a model of a Tudor house (no taller than 15cm)

Research Tudor medicine and make a "Doctor's Guide"

Find out about Tudor food, design a menu for a poor and a rich person

Research a famous Tudor Explorer and make an information sheet to tell others about him.

Draw a picture of Queen Elizabeth I and write a list of facts about her around it.

Research crime and punishments from Tudor times and decide if any of them should still be used today and if so, what for.

Make a model of a boat from Tudor times which might have been used in the defeat of the Spanish Armada

Research how potatoes came to Europe


WB 16/5/22


Group A: channelled, compelled, controlled, equalled, excelled, fuelled, squirrelled, grovelled, quarrelled, signalled T5P3U14

Group B:  because, bruise, browse, cleanse, disease, exercise, lose, pause, praise, surprise T3P2U15

Group C : the, that, there, then, this, them, when, what, where, with 100 HFW

Anything else you fancy from the menu.  We've only got one boat and two houses so far, in case you wanted to add to the Tudor town or British fleet sent to beat the Spanish Armada. 


WB 9/5/22


Group A+ B :Monkeys, mummies, dreams, brushes, foxes, buses, churches, volcanoes, scarves, armies (various plural rules)

Group C : house, people, their, about, said, what, went, came, come, little (100 HF words)

Try to do something from the homework menu above

Do your tables test at home and see how long it takes you to complete all of it correctly.


WB 2/5/22


Group A+B: dropping, dragged, hoping, coping, shedding, cutting, parachuting, parachuted, shipped, clapped

Group C: of, this, looked, old, I, out, see, house, from, what

Please try to improve your tables by playing Times Tables Rock Stars

Also try and complete one of the items on the homework menu


WB 25/4/22


Group A: conclusion, concoct, connect, conform, consider, contact, contain, contest, contract, contributeT5P2U13

Group B:  collapse, course, false, glimpse, immense, loose, suspense, tortoise, universe, worse T3P2U14

Group C : what, there, out, this, have, went, looked, very, don’t, come 100 HF words

Please try and complete one of the above topic tasks.

Also have a go at rehearsing some skills for our weekly tables test (Times Tables Rock Stars will help)


18/4/22 (This is the date these are set not when they are being tested)

Group A: commotion, community, compact, companion, company, compare, compete, compress, compose, complete T5P2U13

Group B:  advance, announce, crevice, glance, menace, once, Piece, peace, pounce, surface, T3P2U14

Group C : we, can, are, up, her, my, had, what, there, out 100HF words


Spring Term

Homework Menu Linked to Rainforests and Space

1. Create a moon diary (what the moon looks like each night for one month)

2. Research Galileo and collect 10 facts about him

3. Make a poster about the "Space Race"

4. Design your own space ship and make it out of recycled items (nothing too heavy as I'd like to suspend these from the class ceiling)

5. Make Space Top Trump Cards

6. Research an animal from the Amazon rain forest and create an information sheet about it.

7. Make Rainforest Top Trump Cards

8. Make a bar chart showing the top 10 most polluting cities in North and South America and how much damage they do to the rainforests

9. Make a poster to campaign against deforestation in the Amazon and why it should stop

10. Make a model of a rainforest creature

11. Create a diorama of a rainforests (a 3D model in a shoe box)

12. Make a crossword or word search about Space or the Rainforests 

I am not setting any homework or spellings for the Easter Holiday.  I believe that the children should have a break.  Read when you want, write what you want but please relax.

Have a good break.

Mr C.

WB 21/3/22 (This is the date that these are set to be learned  ready for the following week.  It is not the date on which these words are being tested)


Group A: collaborate, collapse, colleague, collect, college, collide, collude, commotion, community, combine T5P2U13

Group B:  circus, city, cyclone, cylinder, decide, fancy, juicy, pencil, princess T3P2U13

Group C : the, that, not, look, put, and, with, then, don’t, could, 100HFW

Go on I bet some of you could try to make a diorama there are 6 great ones in class already and we're nearly at the end of the topic!



Group A: absorb, abstain, abscond, absolute, absolve, abstract, abundant, absurd, abusive, aboriginal T5P2U12

Group B:  bicycle, cancel, celebrate, celery, centre, centipede, cellar, century, certain, circle T3P2U13

Group C : what, there, have, went, out, this, be, like, some, so 100HF words    

If you've not made a rainforest diorama, why not try that or an Amazon rain forest creature                                                  




Group A:  abdicate, abduct, abhor, abject, abnormal, abolish, abominable, abort, abrupt, absent T5P2U12

Group B: cage, bulge, change, charge, gouge, huge, large, emerge, orange, revenge T3P2U12

Group C : very, looked, see, it’s, when, big, dad, down, me, do

Please also rehearse your tables knowledge by playing a game at home to help you remember them.  Try writing them down on individual cards with the answers on the back and timing yourself to see how quickly you can do them.

Please do something from the menu.



Group A: foremost, foresee, foresight, foreshadow, forestall, foretell, forethought, forewarn, foreword, forward T5P2U11

Group B: allergy, angel, Egypt, energy, fragile, gentle, germ, giant, ginger, legend T3P2U12

Group C : look, don’t will, into, back, from, children, him, Mr, get

Please also learn more of the tables that you know you need to work on and you might want to enter this competition to do with the new "Fish Gate" on the Trent.  There is a file at the top of the page with all the details on.





Group A: forebear, foreboding, forecast, forecourt, forefather, forefront, forego, foregone, foreground, forelock T5P2U11

Group B: badge, dodge, edge, hedge, lodge, smudge, porridge, nudge, trudge, wedge T3P2U12

Group C : an, make, saw, asked, off, here, called, Mrs, help, if 100HFwords

Some people have been bringing in lots of homework from the menu but some have brought in very little.  It would be lovely to see some homework from the menu from everyone this week.


WB 7/2/22


Group A: pristine, quarantine, ravine, routine, sardine, submarine, tangerine, trampoline, tambourine, vaccine T5P1U10

Group B: cage, bulge, change, charge, gouge, huge, large, emerge, orange, revenge T3P2U12

Group C : house, old, too, by, day, made, time, I’m, if, help, 100HFW

Reading and times tables as usual                                                     




Group A: Cuisine, chlorine, figurine, guillotine, limousine, magazine, marine, machine, plasticine, fanzine  T5P1U10

Group B:allergy, angel, germ giant, Egypt, energy, ginger, legend, fragile, gentle T3P2U12

Group C :  got, just, now, came, about, their people your put, could 100HF words

Reading X4 X5 minutes                                           



Group A: genuine, granite, heroine, hypocrite, imagine, infinite, jasmine, justice, malice, medicine T5P1U9

Group B: early, earn, earth, heard, learn, pearl, rehearse, research, search, yearn T3P2U11

Group C : shopping, chopping, cooking, jumping, doing, tapping, hopping, dragging, dropping, dripping 

Please continue with your moon diaries and try to complete one item from the homework menu and reading of course.                                                  



Group A: Chalice, clandestine, crevice, determine, discipline, engine, examine, definite, famine, favourite T5P1U9

Group B: country, couple, courage, cousin, double, enough, encourage, flourish, nourish, rough T3P2U10

Group C: Pay, say, tray, play, may, stay, way, pray, clay, day

Carry on with your moon diary

Read X4 X5mins this week



Group A: bathe, breathe, clothe, lathe, lithe, loathe, scathe, scythe, seethe, soothe T5P1U8

Group B: qualify, quality, quantity, quarrel, quarry, squabble, squalid, squash, swamp, swan T3P2U9

Group C : moon, soon, school, spoon, cartoon, food, roof, tool, foot, blood  

Reading X 5 mins X4

Start a moon diary (draw what it looks like every night)

Show a grown up the method we are learning for multiplication                                                  



Autumn Term

13/12/21 and over Christmas

There will be no homework or spellings set over Christmas because I am not Scrooge!  Have a lovely break and time with your families.  Happy Christmas! Mr C.


WB 6/12/21

Reading X4 X10 minutes

Recap which tables you find hard, write them down and stick them up round your room.

Learn your spellings:

Group A: acre, calibre, centre, fibre, litre, manoeuvre, massacre, mediocre, metre, theatre 

Group B: caught, daughter, fraught, haughty, naughty, onslaught, slaughter, taught, draught, laughter

Group C : slow, sleep, slip, slim, slime, slug, slap, slat, sling, slope                                                


WB 29/11/21

Reading X4 X10 minutes

Improve your performance on TT Rock Stars

Learn your spellings

Group A: design, ensign, feign, foreign, malign, reign, resign, sign, sovereign, impugn

Group B: straight, eight, eighth, eighty, neighbour, sleigh, weigh, weight, height, sleight 

Group C: tool, tooth, foot, hook, boot, wood, wool, book, moon, cook



Reading X4 X10 minutes

Play on times tables rock stars as much as possible

Learn spellings

Group A: Excellent, exceed, excerpt, excess, excited, align, assign, benign, campaign, consign 

Group B: sought, thought, wrought, thorough, cough, trough, enough, rough, tough, clough

Group C :cry, creep, crawl, cream, cross, crook, crew, crib, craft, crack


Reading X 4 X 10 minutes

Fill in square numbers sheet

Spellings – Group A: accelerate, accept, accent, access, accident, eccentric, succeed, succinct, vaccine, successfully 

Group B: through, although, doughnut, bough, drought, plough, bought, brought, fought, ought 

Group C:  trip, trap, tree, trim, tram, tray, trio, trot, true, try                                              

WB 8/11/21

Reading X4 X10 minutes

Write down the factors of the numbers 64, 24, 18, 36 and 108 . Remember that they come in pairs (usually) and write each number down and all the factors coming off them round the sides.


Group A: Awry, wracked, wreath, wreckage, wretched,  wrinkle, writhe, wrought, wrist, wrestle T5P1U4

Group B:whimper, whinge, whip, whirr, whisper, whisker, whistle, white, why, whither T3P2U5

 Group C: drag, drop, drink, dream, dragon, still, stop, star, stand, step,                   

WB 1/11/21 (not to be learned until we come back after half term!)

Reading X4 X10 minutes

Play on times tables rock stars or fill in a 10 X 10 grid with your times tables as quickly as you can 

Colour in a mindfulness colouring as carefully as you can

Learn your spellings:

Group A: rhapsody, rhea, rhesus, rhetorical, rhinestone, rhinoceros, rhombus, rhubarb, rhyme, rhythm T5P1U4

Group B: whale, what, wheat, wheel, wheeze, when, where, which, while, whirlpool  T3P2U5                  

Group C: Fish, wish, wash, dish, dash, dust, must, mast, past, pest                                        

WB 11/10/21

Reading X4 X 10 minutes

Make a game with a set of answer cards to your times tables (someone shouts out a question and the first person to touch the answer wins it - person with the most cards wins)

Learn your spellings

Group A: anguish, bilingual, equator, eloquent, guacamole, iguana, dissuade, extinguish, aquarium, frequent 

Group B: become, blonde, earthquake, forgive, glove, midwife, minute, shone, type, welcome                                                              


WB 4/10/21

Reading X4 X10 minutes

Fill in one of this week's times tables sheets in your own time, not in 3 minutes

Learn your spellings

Group A: Retrieve, reprieve, shield, relief, mischief, diesel, believe, piece, priest, grief

Group B: exact, exam, extreme, exit, example, exist, exhaust, exotic, excuse, exhibit


WB 27/9/21

Reading X4 X10 minutes

Play on Times Tables Rock Stars

Learn any spoken parts for Thursday's assembly

Learn your spellings

Group A

merciful, beautiful, nastiness, angrily, ceremonies,   supplies, emptiness, loneliness, prettiest, happily

Group B

amount, another, annoyed, appear, around, attack, attempt, avoid, award, away



Reading X 4 X 10 minutes

Write a grid 10 X 10 and fill in the times table facts.  Ask someone to give you a number and you have to say which table it belongs to e.g.15 is from 3 X 5

Learn you spellings

Group A: caffeine, ceiling, conceive, deceit, deceive,  either, neither, perceive, receive, receipt

Group B: above, about, achieve, across, address, afraid, ahead, allowed, along, among



Reading X4 X10 minutes

Try to work out which tables you don't know so well and display some round your room to help you learn them e.g. 7X8=56

Learn your spellings

Group A:

Deuce, eucalyptus, euphoria, Europe, feud, neuron, pneumatic, neutral, euphonium, pneumonia 

Group B:

 I’ve, they’ve, we’ve, you’ve, he’d, I’d, they’d, she’d, we’d, you'd


WB 6/9/21

Make sure that you can chant and recall all your times tables up to 5X12 really quickly.

Please read 4 times a week for at least 10 minutes.

Learn this week’s spellings: 

accommodate, accompany, according, achieve, aggressive amateur, ancient, apparent, appreciate, attached    

Next week they will set by ability (all will be clear by then).