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Homework will be set on this page every week on Monday.

Spellings will be tested the following Monday.

Any homework to hand in should be done on a Monday.

There will be a menu here in due course.  The idea is that you can pick one item each week when it suits you best and bring it in on a Monday.  You do not have to do them all and you do not have to do them in order.

Homework menu

  1. Design a maze for a Minotaur
  2. Make a board game for Theseus and the Minotaur
  3. Make a model of a Greek god / goddess or monster no bigger than 15cm tall
  4. Research and prepare a Greek meal; bring in a photo and a menu
  5. Investigate a Greek invention and write a fact sheet about it
  6. Research, design and make an ancient Greek shield on a paper plate
  7. Write a fact sheet about the ancient Greeks
  8. Write a fact sheet about the ancient Olympics
  9. Have a philosophical debate with several people about what they and you think is the meaning of life.  Write down the key points from everyone you speak to.  Then make up your own mind.
  10. Draw a picture of your own made up mythical creature and write 2-3 sentences about how they were created.
  11. Make “Top Trumps Cards” for Greek gods / goddesses / monsters
  12. Make a word search for your favourite Greek topic words
  13. Make a crossword about the ancient Greeks
  14. Make a set of Greek armour for an action figure / doll

WB 1/11/21 (not to be learned until we come back after half term!)

Reading X4 X10 minutes

Play on times tables rock stars or fill in a 10 X 10 grid with your times tables as quickly as you can 

Colour in a mindfulness colouring as carefully as you can

Learn your spellings:

Group A: rhapsody, rhea, rhesus, rhetorical, rhinestone, rhinoceros, rhombus, rhubarb, rhyme, rhythm T5P1U4

Group B: whale, what, wheat, wheel, wheeze, when, where, which, while, whirlpool  T3P2U5                  

Group C: Fish, wish, wash, dish, dash, dust, must, mast, past, pest                                        

WB 11/10/21

Reading X4 X 10 minutes

Make a game with a set of answer cards to your times tables (someone shouts out a question and the first person to touch the answer wins it - person with the most cards wins)

Learn your spellings

Group A: anguish, bilingual, equator, eloquent, guacamole, iguana, dissuade, extinguish, aquarium, frequent 

Group B: become, blonde, earthquake, forgive, glove, midwife, minute, shone, type, welcome                                                              


WB 4/10/21

Reading X4 X10 minutes

Fill in one of this week's times tables sheets in your own time, not in 3 minutes

Learn your spellings

Group A: Retrieve, reprieve, shield, relief, mischief, diesel, believe, piece, priest, grief

Group B: exact, exam, extreme, exit, example, exist, exhaust, exotic, excuse, exhibit


WB 27/9/21

Reading X4 X10 minutes

Play on Times Tables Rock Stars

Learn any spoken parts for Thursday's assembly

Learn your spellings

Group A

merciful, beautiful, nastiness, angrily, ceremonies,   supplies, emptiness, loneliness, prettiest, happily

Group B

amount, another, annoyed, appear, around, attack, attempt, avoid, award, away



Reading X 4 X 10 minutes

Write a grid 10 X 10 and fill in the times table facts.  Ask someone to give you a number and you have to say which table it belongs to e.g.15 is from 3 X 5

Learn you spellings

Group A: caffeine, ceiling, conceive, deceit, deceive,  either, neither, perceive, receive, receipt

Group B: above, about, achieve, across, address, afraid, ahead, allowed, along, among



Reading X4 X10 minutes

Try to work out which tables you don't know so well and display some round your room to help you learn them e.g. 7X8=56

Learn your spellings

Group A:

Deuce, eucalyptus, euphoria, Europe, feud, neuron, pneumatic, neutral, euphonium, pneumonia 

Group B:

 I’ve, they’ve, we’ve, you’ve, he’d, I’d, they’d, she’d, we’d, you'd


WB 6/9/21

Make sure that you can chant and recall all your times tables up to 5X12 really quickly.

Please read 4 times a week for at least 10 minutes.

Learn this week’s spellings: 

accommodate, accompany, according, achieve, aggressive amateur, ancient, apparent, appreciate, attached    

Next week they will set by ability (all will be clear by then).