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Hooray! The sun has got his hat on, hip, hip, hip, hooray! This term is the very best in Foundation Class because it means we can use our outdoor area to it's full potential. Our topic this half term is Nature Detectives so we are looking forward to spending lots of time outdoors exploring and investigating. Please take a look at the Half Term Overview below. In Maths, our main focus will be the understanding of numbers 11-20. In Phonics, we are teaching and recapping digraphs and trigraphs (we call them 'special friends') so please keep practising these at home with your phonic flashcards to reinforce the learning at school. We are also learning a little bit of French in class too which the children really enjoy! 

Family Week

7 June – 10 June 2022

As part of our People Skills curriculum, we teach children in each year group a comprehensive and inclusive Relationship and Sex Education Programme, which complements our Christian values. The focus of this learning will take place during our family week, where children in Foundation Class will be taught the following, in line with the statutory guidance released from the department of education 2019:





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Hello and welcome! I am Mrs Haythorn, the Foundation Stage teacher. In Foundation we LOVE learning through play, using lots of imagination and creativity. We always have a "can do" attitude and believe in nurturing children's love for learning along with giving them the perseverance to always try their very best. Everyday in Foundation is very different and busy. Foundation children love going on bear hunts, trips to the library and to the woodland area for our forest schools sessions! If you have any questions about anything at all then please contact me on the Foundation email address shown above.



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Mrs Haythorn's Storytime

Rhymes for Letter Formation from RWI

The Number Bus

Sing-a-long to The Number Bus song to learn your Number Bonds to 10. I love this one!

The Doubling Song

Another favourite!

I Love Maths!!

Maths is cool, that's a fact. First add up, then subtract. Maths is cool, at my school. I love Maths...

If your child is MAD ABOUT MATHS then click on this 

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