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County Hall Visit

County Hall Report

On Thursday the 5th of February 2015, School Council went on an exciting trip to the magnificent County Hall. We travelled in a big blue bus, which isn’t my favourite colour, and got there 12 minutes early. Councillor Brooks led us to our lunchroom. As soon as we sat down, all of us dug into our lunch. While we were waiting for the others to finish, I was having a conversation with the Chairman of Nottinghamshire. Once I finished my chat, we all signed the visitors’ book. Next to that there was a book with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip’s signatures. If you had to flip the page in an emergency you would have to wear special gloves, it was really special.

Just before we were going to the Council Chamber we had a ‘loo trip’! Straight after we silently tiptoed through to the Council Chamber. It was time to question the Chairman. My question was ‘We believe that people are not cleaning up after their dogs. Are there any plans to stop this happening?’

We all got pictures wearing the Chairman’s chain,  that was made out of real gold. Then we had a big group photo. Unfortunately it was time to go. We packed our things and then set off for school. We all had lots of fun.

Reported by Fatimah.