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Rev. Amanda Digman

Term of Office: 03/09/12 - n/a
Category: Foundation
Appointing Body: DBE
Committee Membership: P&SDC
Link Responsibility: RE; Collective Worship; HT appraisal QC
Business Interests: None declared
Personal Relationships: None declared


Hi, I’m Amanda, the vicar at Colwick Church.  I’m automatically a governor as the vicar of a Church of England School, but I’m really glad to have this opportunity to serve you and especially your precious children.  I want to support their learning, not just in any exploration of faith they may wish to follow but as a firm believer that all children are of great value because of who they are.  I believe that God made each one of them (and us) with a unique set of gifts and skills and that’s what I want to make sure we encourage them in.  I want to be part of a school which is outstanding and that’s because we look at the whole of each child, not just the academic side.  I’ve really enjoyed the 7.5 years I’ve already spent here and it’s wonderful to see the children grow in gifts and confidence.  There’s some great parenting going on and it’s a really tough job!   Including my roles above, I am currently vice chair of governors .  If you would like to chat about any of my roles, please get in touch with me.  Remember, my main aim (apart from talking about God!) is for all the children to experience life to the full - to find their gifts and progress as much as they can with our help, and encouragement, so they can have the best life for them and the community they live in.  That will happen as we all work together.  Let's keep up the good work!


Jan Jackson - Chair

Term of Office: 9/1/2017 - 8/1/2021
Category: Foundation
Appointing Body: PCC
Committee Membership: Chair S&DC, F&GP
Link Responsibility: HT Appraisal; Literacy; (Shadow complaints)
Business Interests:None Declared
Personal Relationships:None Declared


Hi I'm Jan, the Chair of Governors. I am a Foundation Governor for the school and i permanently moved to Nottingham from Merseyside in November 2016 to be near my daughter and 2 grandsons (who attend the school). I have attended various school functions since my eldest grandson joined reception class in September 2014.

I was a solicitor until i took early retirement in February 2016 and therefore I have the time to devote to the children and the school.

I firmly believe that the education of our children is vital in all aspects of their life- not just the academic although that is important. Our children and grandchildren are our future and i look forward to helping to mould our children to reach their full potential, whatever that may be and to be useful citizens in our community.



Rev. Deb Moyo

Hi, I’m Debs, I’m a foundation governor for the school and the curate (vicar in training!) at Colwick Church. I am grateful to have to have the opportunity to serve the community in this way. Jesus calls us to life in all its fullness and I truly believe this involves every sphere of life, including our school and the education system. It has been such a joy to be able to work with the wonderful children and staff at St John’s over the last two years. The children’s curiosity and creativity are inspiring. It is a privilege to be able to discuss, explore and listen to their questions around God, life, their worries, and their joys. I feel passionately that children’s education should be holistic and so it is a real pleasure to be a governor for a school who are trying to put this into practice.