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Wk 6 - Christmas Nativity, Monoprinting our Christmas cards, decorating the classroom and Christmas computing. Lots of fun!

Wk 6 - Making our Egyptian clay cartouches!

Wk 5 - Egyptian Neckbands, Frankie's Fantastic Pyramid & Xmas Bauble House Meetings

Wk 4 - Gymnastics - travelling using wide and narrow movements on the apparatus. Lots of fun!

Wk 6 - A brilliant week to round off our Africa topic! Yellow Hunt on Monday, African sunset paintings and Food Chains in Science! We have had a brilliant start to Class 2 - I hope all the children are enjoying it so far (I know I am!). Enjoy half term everyone!

Wk 5 - We learnt how to play the maths game Shut the Box - a great one to play at home to improve mental maths skills. We learnt our number bonds to 100 (in tens), made patterns on the computer and African patterns in Art. Followed by the Self-Discipline doughnut challenge and some Golden Time photos. A fab week!

Wk 4 - Fantastic fun today designing and making African masks!

Wk 3 - Micro-habitats - In science we carried out an investigation to find out which conditions woodlice like best for their habitat! First we had to collect the woodlice - this was a challenge in itself because they are speedy little creatures!

Wk 1 - What a fantastic first week of learning in Class 2! We have been revising partitioning into tens and ones in maths, using a globe in Geography to locate continents and oceans, exploring Purple Mash in ICT, making African animal riddles in English and drawing chalk pastel lions in Art. The kids have all been AMAZING!