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Autumn Term

Forest School - Marshmallows and Hot Chocolate!!

Thursday 9th December - Christmas Dinner Day!!

03.12.21 SCIENCE INVESTIGATION - Today we investigated what would happen to the Gingerbread Man if he was put into different liquids. We measured out the liquids carefully, made predictions, then took photos every ten minutes to record what happened. It turns out that water was the quickest at softening him and oil the slowest. Although by the end all the liquids had turned him into mush! We decided it wasn't quite a fair test though as a fair few fingers had prodded and poked! The poor Gingerbread Man wouldn't have survived no matter what liquid was in the river!

02.12.21 Decorating (and eating!) Gingerbread Men!

Amazing Artists! We followed a tutorial to draw the sly fox from The Gingerbread Man, then we wrote a sentence! If you have a budding artist the webpage is called 'Art for Kids Hub' on YouTube and there are lots of simple drawing tutorials!

Our new Challenge Board! Ask your child about what challenges they have completed independently this week!

Lost Property - we seem to have accrued a large amount of unnamed lost property. If you spot anything that is yours let me know. Thanks!

Making porridge like The Three Bears!

We are doing Gymnastics in PE this half term. Today we learnt some gymnastic shapes. Can your child remember the shape names and teach them to you?

15.10.21 PE - Ball Skills

Our Autumn Hedgehogs

Feelings Monsters - We learnt how to mix colours to paint our feelings monsters. Can your child remember each emotion?

Our Families - The children really enjoyed telling the class all about their family!

Week Beg - 20th September - Dressing up has been our favourite activity this week!

A lovely day for outdoor PE!

What a fantastic first full week! We have really enjoyed getting to know all of your fabulous children. They have been so amazing and have settled in extremely well! They will be exhausted this weekend! See you next week!